20 Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas20 Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas


Isn’t this under sink AWESOMELY beautiful????? I WANNA!

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Using those small drawers inside the cabinet is clever. Specially for sponges and towels! LOVE IT

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No words needed. I’m in LOVE!

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This is what I’m definitely and surely doing somehow mixed with the other ideas above! This is brilliant, cute, and clever!

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Clever!!!! My mom created something like this and works perfectly!

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6 Comments on 20 Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas

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    March 14, 2017

    I am going to tell my sister about you. she needs to clean .

    • avatar
      Shelly says:
      July 8, 2017

      I tried the tension bar too,00 it will not stay put!!

      • avatar
        Camila says:
        July 8, 2017

        You know I got a tension bar to try it and then it was too short and I never try it again. Maybe I’ll go for a curtain kit better! Thanks for your input!


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    Chanda says:
    January 29, 2017

    Are those shower curtain rods holding the baskets?

  3. avatar
    August 19, 2016

    Great ideas – thanks for putting it all together! Blessings, Janet

  4. avatar
    August 3, 2016

    Like the cutting board idea so I’ll have to try it out as I am getting tired of looking at them behind the kitchen sink faucet.

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