Baby Girl Owl Onesie Baby Shower Gift

I know it’s probably not weird for you that this post involves an owl, or is it? LOL. You know how much I love owls and I don’t see that changing any time soon. My excuse today {as if I needed one LOL} is that one of my hubby’s cousin is pregnant with a baby girl and I got so excited about planning a special gift for her. I thought that a cute baby girl owl onesie would be a great baby shower gift for her.

Baby Girl Owl Onesie Baby Shower Gift

Baby Girl Owl Onesie Baby Shower Gift #babyshowerideas #owlonesie #onesiedecoration #silhouetteprojects

I must confess I didn’t do this alone with my lack of cool English idioms or phrases I asked my awesome friends from the Silhouette group to help me with a nice and fun sentiment that involves owls. THANK YOU GIRLS!!!! I loved right away “Look Hoots Here” Yayyyy! I started my project at once! Of course a big part of my inspiration I owe it to Lauren from The Thinking Closet, she has the sweetest onesies ever!

I also wanted to add somehow the baby’s name and a fun twist, so I decided to use one of the hollow hearts from the owl and place it in the onesie butt LOL. I think all babies look so cute with the diapers and with something that pups up in their little butt hahaha! And I added EMMA inside the heart! I got so excited that her baby will be called same as my girl!

So I could go on on this babbling because I’m so excited about the new girl in the family! Sad that she’ll be so far but still a new baby girl Yayyyy!!!.

So, onto the craft, right?

What you need:

  • A Onesie
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Cute shapes cut files {I used one from silhouette store}
  • Cutting Machine {I have Silhouette Cameo}
  • Love and creativity!
  • Optional if you don’t have cut machines, there are tons of places that could cut it for you you just have to google it!


First I created my design for the front and back of the onesie on my Silhouette studio. Then I flipped the image And send it to the silhouette machine. I prefer using my mat because I cut the necessary HTV and I waste less material.


Once cut, using my hook I removed all the unwanted pieces. Including all the surrounding HTV.


There you have the mirrored image. I cut it into two pieces the heart and the owl.


I decided the position of the owl on the onesie and laid a t-shirt piece of fabric on top the design, I ironed in cotton settings Pressing down firmly for about 40-60 seconds {it might vary between irons} until I made sure the image was really stuck to the onesie. If you peel away the plastic and the vinyl is not set, continue ironing for a few more seconds.



I let it cool for a few seconds and started peeling away the plastic very carefully.


Then did the same process for the heart in the butt area… Nit sure if I got it right but I tried, right ? LOL


To wash it you can just machine wash and dry inside out {the lower the heat the better}.

There you go!


Baby Girl Owl Onesie Baby Shower Gift-01

Baby Girl Owl Onesie Baby Shower Gift-02

Baby Girl Owl Onesie Baby Shower Gift-04

Baby Girl Owl Onesie Baby Shower Gift-05

Isn’t it super cute??? Now I need to come up with a cute idea for the gift packing and send it to the US!!! So excited!!!

Any ideas for a gift-wrapping you want to share??? I would love to hear them all in the comments!

Baby Girl Owl Onesie Baby Shower Gift-07

Baby Girl Owl Onesie Baby Shower Gift-08

Baby Girl Owl Onesie Baby Shower Gift-06

Love y’all and hope you liked my quick craft today!!!

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Til' next time...

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  1. I think the student has surpassed the master where onesies are concerned. This is SO adorable! And I love the pun. Off to pin and of course planning to feature you next week in my Reader’s Showcase. Gotta show off this gem to the whole world wide web!

    1. You are too sweet, thanks for giving me such a lovely motivation. SO glad you like this one! I can’t wait to see the new Emma in it!!! I’m so honored that you want to feature my onesie on your showcase!!! WOOT WOOT can’t wait!… Love being over your blog! =D Hope you are having a wonderful weekend my friend.
      XOXO lots!

        1. WOOHOO so excited my friend!!!! I’m super honored top be showcased among such creative ladies! Love all the ideas!!! Checking them out!!!!

  2. What a super cute onesie! Love the owl design! I really need to get with the program and make one of these before our little newborn gets to be “too old”! Have a great weekend!

    1. Oooh you will love to make onesies, it gets a little addictive. babies look so cute in them so I make them all the time!
      Thanks so much for your visit, glad you liked my project.