Baby Girl Owl Onesie Baby Shower Gift

I know it’s probably not weird for you that this post involves an owl, or is it? LOL. You know how much I love owls and I don’t see that changing any time soon. My excuse today {as if I needed one LOL} is that one of my hubby’s cousin is pregnant with a baby girl and I got so excited about planning a special gift for her. I thought that a cute baby girl owl onesie would be a great baby shower gift for her.

Baby Girl Owl Onesie Baby Shower Gift

Baby Girl Owl Onesie Baby Shower Gift #babyshowerideas #owlonesie #onesiedecoration #silhouetteprojects

I must confess I didn’t do this alone with my lack of cool English idioms or phrases I asked my awesome friends from the Silhouette group to help me with a nice and fun sentiment that involves owls. THANK YOU GIRLS!!!! I loved right away “Look Hoots Here” Yayyyy! I started my project at once! Of course a big part of my inspiration I owe it to Lauren from The Thinking Closet, she has the sweetest onesies ever!

I also wanted to add somehow the baby’s name and a fun twist, so I decided to use one of the hollow hearts from the owl and place it in the onesie butt LOL. I think all babies look so cute with the diapers and with something that pups up in their little butt hahaha! And I added EMMA inside the heart! I got so excited that her baby will be called same as my girl!

So I could go on on this babbling because I’m so excited about the new girl in the family! Sad that she’ll be so far but still a new baby girl Yayyyy!!!.

So, onto the craft, right?

What you need:

  • A Onesie
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Cute shapes cut files {I used one from silhouette store}
  • Cutting Machine {I have Silhouette Cameo}
  • Love and creativity!
  • Optional if you don’t have cut machines, there are tons of places that could cut it for you you just have to google it!


First I created my design for the front and back of the onesie on my Silhouette studio. Then I flipped the image And send it to the silhouette machine. I prefer using my mat because I cut the necessary HTV and I waste less material.


Once cut, using my hook I removed all the unwanted pieces. Including all the surrounding HTV.


There you have the mirrored image. I cut it into two pieces the heart and the owl.


I decided the position of the owl on the onesie and laid a t-shirt piece of fabric on top the design, I ironed in cotton settings Pressing down firmly for about 40-60 seconds {it might vary between irons} until I made sure the image was really stuck to the onesie. If you peel away the plastic and the vinyl is not set, continue ironing for a few more seconds.



I let it cool for a few seconds and started peeling away the plastic very carefully.


Then did the same process for the heart in the butt area… Nit sure if I got it right but I tried, right ? LOL


To wash it you can just machine wash and dry inside out {the lower the heat the better}.

There you go!


Baby Girl Owl Onesie Baby Shower Gift-01

Baby Girl Owl Onesie Baby Shower Gift-02

Baby Girl Owl Onesie Baby Shower Gift-04

Baby Girl Owl Onesie Baby Shower Gift-05

Isn’t it super cute??? Now I need to come up with a cute idea for the gift packing and send it to the US!!! So excited!!!

Any ideas for a gift-wrapping you want to share??? I would love to hear them all in the comments!

Baby Girl Owl Onesie Baby Shower Gift-07

Baby Girl Owl Onesie Baby Shower Gift-08

Baby Girl Owl Onesie Baby Shower Gift-06

Love y’all and hope you liked my quick craft today!!!

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Till Next time!