DIY Easter Bunny Onesie Heat Transfer Vinyl Tutorial

This cute heat transfer vinyl DIY Easter Bunny Onesie is the easiest craft and the perfect gift for a new mom and baby! you have to try it, it’s super cute!

Babies make me so excited! Maybe it’s because I’m a mom myself but making things for babies and kids is so much fun and also so gratifying! I get great pleasure when I make cute things for them.

This time I’m making this cute DIY Pom-pom Bunny Tail Easter Bunny Onesie as a gift for a friend’s baby girl that was born recently. Right in time actually for Easter and what can be cuter than a pompom bunny tail, right????

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Using Heat Transfer Vinyl for a DIY Easter Bunny Onesie

I used heat transfer vinyl for the simple bunny silhouette and also for a couple of paws in the onesie’s booty. I always find so cute baby booties when using diapers so I love making something cute for that area on onesies or pants.

There have been lots of new baby girls in the family. I must confess it get easier for me to get inspired since I have a girl myself. Actually, she couldn’t be more girly in her ways!

This project is a really simple one if you have a cutting machine, and if not I think there might be places that offer vinyl cutting services!!!

But let’s start with some basics first.

What is Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)?

Heat transfer vinyl, also called HTV is a special type of vinyl material, a type of permanent vinyl that can only be applied with high heat.

When properly applied to a surface with heat and pressure, it is a permanent transfer and can withstand washing and drying.

What can you apply HTV to?

Heat Transfer Vinyl is usually used on soft items (like fabric shirts, pillowcases, blankets, overall textil things) that can withstand high heat but is sometimes also found on some pretty unexpected projects. Here are some things you can apply HTV to:

  • Textile: Tee shirts, onesies, tote bags, shoes, throw pillows
  • Paper: Books, gift tags…
  • Wood
  • Polyester: backpacks, etc.
  • Dishware: mugs, canisters…
  • Acrylic Blanks: keychains, sheets, Christmas ornaments…
  • Art Canvas
  • Some types of nylon

How do you use Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Heat transfer vinyl comes with a clear plastic carrier sheet on top (very similar to transfer tape) that can withstand high heat from an iron or heat press. Whenever you cut heat transfer vinyl the carrier sheet (shiny side) will be facedown on your mat and the mate side up.

In most cases, especially if you have texts on the design, you have to mirror the design before you hit cut otherwise, your design will be backward when you go to place it on your surface.  

What tools do you need to cut and apply HTV to a project?

  • Cutting machine: There’s a wide range of machines from Cricut (cricut maker, cricut explore), Silhouette Inc (Silhouette Cameo, Portrait, Pro), and Brother.
  • Cutting Mat: More often than not when using HTV you will need to use your cutting machine’s cutting mat. But depending on the design you can go matless.
  • Weeding Tools: These are the little hooks in a pen-like format that helps you weed out the unwanted pieces of htv.
  • Heat Transfer Tools: You can use from your household iron to a more professional heat press machines. These come in a variety of formats but the investment will depend on how often you are planning on making htv projects. For example Cricut has different size for different purposes such as cricut easypress.
  • Protective Top Sheet (cover sheet): I usually use a piece of fabric or unfolded towel but I’ve heard that teflon sheet and parchment paper work great too.

What types of heat transfer vinyl I can find?

There are many types of htv but the most popular can be found at Siser Easyweed htv, Cricut Everyday Iron On, and Silhouette. Most of the popular brands can be found on Amazon, Expressions Vinyl and on each brands’ store.

  • Solid Color
  • Holographic
  • Blackboard
  • Flocked
  • Glitter htv
  • Glow-in-the-Dark
  • Metallic
  • Patterned
  • Stretch

What cutting software do I need to work with HTV?

Each cutting machine usually comes with its own software. For example, Silhouette has its Silhouette Studio software which comes with free, designer, and business edition plans. You need to purchase Designer and Business edition separately from the machine itself as it comes with only the free one.

Cricut has its Cricut design space and Brother has its Canvas Space.

Most cutting software uses SVG file extensions while Silhouette has its own called .studio. However, you can use other types of files such as PNG, JPEG, or DXF.

How to make a HTV DIY Easter Bunny Onesie with cute Pompom Tail

This tutorial is super basic which is great for beginners. If you have never used heat transfer vinyl before this project can be the perfect one to get you started.

Here we go!


  • 1 onesie {or more depending on how many you plan on making}
  • Heat transfer vinyl, the color of your choice.
  • Yarn, the color of your choice
  • Thread and needle


  • Cutting machine like Cricut or Silhouette Cameo
  • A household Iron or a heat press


The design

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Firstly, I made my design within the silhouette studio, you can snag the simple bunny silhouette template if you’d like HERE.

Screen-Shot of the easter bunny art

I apply the suggested settings for the heat transfer vinyl and cut. In this case, I didn’t mirror the image because it was the same either way. But if your design is different especially if it has something written, you need to mirror or flip the image before sending it to cut.

Screen-Shot of bunny art details on the silhouette studio app

For better use of heat transfer, I usually cut the necessary material and use the silhouette cutting mat to send to cut but you can always use the heat transfer directly on your cutting machine as they recommend.

Next you need to load the blades (with the recommended setting) and cutting mat into the machine

image of cuting machine cutting the DIY Easter Bunny Onesie design

Cleaning the HTV design

Then carefully, using the weeding tool (hook) weed out excess vinyl and all the unwanted pieces. Including all the surrounding HTV.

detailed view of the vinyl being peeled off
detailed view of the heat transfer vinyl being peeled off with a hook tool

I cut it in two pieces the bunny and the paws.

view of the heat transfer vinyl already peeled off

Transfering the design to the onesie

I decided the position of the bunny on the onesie and laid a t-shirt piece of fabric on top of the design, I ironed in cotton settings Pressing down firmly for about 40-60 seconds {it might vary between irons} until I made sure the image was really stuck to the onesie. If you peel away the plastic and the vinyl is not set, continue ironing for a few more seconds.

putting the htv bunny silhouette on the onesie
placing a piece of fabric on top of the vinyl
ironing the heat transfer on top of the fabric

I let it cool for a few seconds and started peeling away the plastic backing very carefully. I also laid the t-shirt fabric on top of the bunny again and ironed it for a few more seconds.

Heat transfer backing being removed

Then did the same process for the paws in the booty area… Not sure if I got it right but I tried the best I could, right? LOL

putting the second vinyl with the two paws on the onesie back

To wash it you can just machine wash and dry inside out {the lower the heat the better}.

There you go!

Easter Bunny Onesie finished with the heat transfer vinyl

A super cute and lovely Pompom Bunny Tail Onesie for a gift of your own kid!

Now the finishing touch is the Pompom tail. If you don’t know how to make a pompom you can follow this tutorial.

Then using a long thin needle stitch the pompom to the onesie. I made sure I made long stitches so I would grab as many yarn threads as possible to make sure it won’t come off.

Also, do many stitches just to make sure.

view of stitching the pompom to the onesie
view final stitching the pompom to the onesie
closer view of Pompom Bunny Tail Onesie is ready

Now you cute Pompom Bunny Tail Onesie is ready to rock!!!!

general view of Pompom Bunny Tail Onesie

As a side note, I wanted to let you know that since this onesie was meant as a gift I don’t know for sure how it went after washing it. I think that if you hand wash it carefully it will do ok.

view of PomPom Bunny Tail Onesie ready both sides
front view of Pompom Bunny Tail Onesie
rear view of Pompom Bunny Tail Onesie
front closer view of Pompom Bunny Tail Onesie
both sides of Pompom Bunny Tail Onesie view

Isn’t it super cute???

If you found this project fun and cute, don’t forget to PIN and share.

DIY Easter Bunny Onesie Heat Transfer Vinyl Tutorial pinterest image with title overlay

Since this is a gift, I would love to hear ideas for gift wrapping! Want to share some??? I would love to hear them all in the comments!

Love y’all and hope you liked my quick craft today!!!

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Til' next time...

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  1. Camila this is sooo cute! What a great idea for a homemade baby shower gift! I love using my Cricut to make cute personalized clothing. The paw prints on the bottom are too adorable! Love it!

    1. Thank you so much Kelly, I don’t have a cricut but I do have my Cameo and I enjoy so much cutting things and creating! So much fun! one of my favorite things is Onesies. LOVE decorating them! I’m so glad you like this project!

  2. Oh Cami, this is way tooo damn cute and those paw prints on the pom – perfect!!! You could easily alter the animal too, but I do love that shiny transfer material that you used! Might need to make one of these for my bub’s first easter next year :)

  3. think I would just sew a small piece of velcro on the onesie and then attach the other part to the pompom. Then it is easy to wash!

    1. I think that’s a wonderful and perfect idea! I should have thought of that! When I make another one I’ll do just that! THANK YOU for sharing your ideas!

    1. Oh my! Jessica, you are completely right! I never explained that and I didn’t even noticed, you are the first who pointed it out. I’ll update this post ASAP. Thank you so much. It’s crazy I even had pictures of that part of the tutorial.

      I just stitched it to the onesie. I used a thin but long needle and regular white thread. I made sure I stitched big amount of pompom threads so it wouldn’t come off. Many stitches for sure.

      Again thank you for letting me know!

  4. This is probably the cutest onesie I have EVER seen! That little pom pom is just adorable..