DIY Flower Button Decorated Onesie for Babies.

Just 2 supplies, a huge amount of love, and one cute little baby girl it’s all you need to create this beautiful and fun Flower Button Decorated Onesie for Babies. This project will look so cute on your little girl and also makes a perfect baby shower gift!

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Flower Button Decorated Onesie for Babies Tutorial

I love buttons and I have to say it. It’s all because of a lovely friend I had when I was working in Advertising back in Venezuela. I always remember her with love and I can’t help thinking of her when I see buttons or things that can be made with buttons.

For that reason, I decided to start a Series of button projects and my first one is this cute Buttons Flower Onesie I made for my little girl.

Fun Flower Button Decorated Onesie for Babies

I got really inspired when I went to Walmart during a visit to the US and saw all those cute buttons they have. It’s not difficult to imagine how cute our kids would look like with something we make with so much love.

This project is incredibly easy and fun to make, you just need 2 basic supplies.

Button Decorated Onesie supplies:

  • Buttons
  • Onesie
  • Of course, needle, and threads.
Flower Button Decorated Onesie for Babies supplies

How to Make This Button Decorated Onesie:

Firstly, I composed the flower on the onesie to decide how I liked it better.

placing the buttons to visualize the design on the onesie

Once it was like I wanted I took a pic with my phone so I could remember exactly how and where I wanted it. I also used a fabric marker to make tiny dots where I wanted to sew each button.

closeup of the design made with buttons on the onesie

Started sewing each button in place, one by one. I sewed them very tight so they won’t come out when I put the onesie on the washer machine.

close up image of some buttons already sewn to the onesie
perspective view of the button design already sewn to the oniese

Then I place one cute little button on each shoulder so it would match the flower. But just on one layer. If you sew both the baby head might not go through.

close up of little button on shoulder

That’s it!

general top view Button Flower Onesie

Time to wear it!

Cute Flower Button Decorated Onesie for Babies

Look how my baby girl looks!!! So cute isn’t she???

Easy Flower Button Decorated Onesie for Babies
Lovely and Easy Flower Button Decorated Onesie for Babies Tutorial

Mom and Daughter Matching Hair Clips

Right after I made this cute onesie for my baby girl, I also created the cutest matching hair clips ever. Using the same buttons I create a hair clip for her and another one for me.

general view of folded onesie

We still have it and use it so you will see she has grown up when I updated the photos!

DIY Button Hair Clips mom girl

Here are some of my favorite button Projects from my favorite bloggers:

What do you think??? Do you like creating cute things with buttons????

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Floral Button Decorated Onesie for Babies
DIY Floral Button Decorated Onesie for Babies
Floral Button Decorated Onesie for Babies Tutorial

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Til' next time...

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    1. Yayyyy Thanks so much for the visit and the pin! I’m very happy that you like it!!! Have a grrreat Sunday!


  1. Hi Camila love the blog. The button project is fabulous! Following you from the wondering brain blog hop.

  2. Hi Camila, what a cute project. Love it. I have a few adorable buttons around here somewhere. Now I know what to do with them. Thanks so much for sharing. Your new follower, Darlene

  3. Love this! I’m going to have to make one for my daughter : ) Stopping by from link up.
    Katherine @ Jag Style Blog

  4. aww adorable! The onesie too :) Love this idea, will add it to my list of to dos! Thanks for linking up to Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  5. She doesn’t try to take the adorable buttons off?? What a girly girl! :)

    Again, thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

    1. LOL yes she does try but I don’t let her and soon enough she forgets the buttons are there LOL. Thanks so much for your sweet comment!


  6. Thank you for sharing this cute project! I want to make one for my newest granddaughter! So pretty and easy! Thanks again!

  7. This is amazing, Camila! Your daughter looks cute in anything she wears, but she is especially cute with that button flower you whipped up. I’m lovin’ it! I especially love the button details on the shoulders. Well done.

    1. Thanks so much Lauren!… I love buttons and I love Emma, That’s a good and perhaps dangerous combination LOL!!!!


  8. Not that I’ll ever make anything like that but that is so darn adorable and so is Emma. She’s just too precious Cami and I do love the shirt. So creative you are.


    1. Yayyyy Thanks so much Adrienne you are so sweet!!!! There is no way I could not be inspired by my little girl!!!


  9. Camila, that is adorable. We just found out last week that my daughter is going to have a baby girl and I can’t wait to make decorate cute little onesies like this!