Buttons Flower Onesie. A Buttons Series Project.

Just 2 supplies, a huge amount of love and one cute little girl it’s all you need to create this beautiful and fun Buttons Flower Onesie. This project will make a perfect baby shower gift!

Buttons Flower Onesie. A Buttons Series Project.

DIY Buttons Flower Onesie

I love buttons and I have to say it. It’s all because of a lovely friend I had when I was working in Advertising back in Venezuela. I always remember her with love and I can’t help thinking of her when I see buttons or things that can be made with buttons.

For that reason, I decided to start a Series of button projects and my first one is this cute Buttons Flower Onesie I made for my little girl.

I got really inspired when I went to Walmart during a visit to the US and saw all those cute buttons they have. It’s not difficult to imagine how cute our kids would look like with something we make with so much love.

This project is incredibly easy and fun to make, you just need 2 basic supplies.

Flower Onesie supplies:

  • Buttons
  • Onesie
  • Of course, needle, and threads.


How to Make This Buttons Flower Onesie:

Firstly, I composed the flower on the onesie to decide how I liked it better.


Once it was like I wanted I took a pic with my phone so I could remember exactly how and where I wanted it. I also used a fabric marker to make tiny dots where I wanted to sew each button.


Started sewing each button in place, one by one. I sewed them very tight so they won’t come out when I put the onesie on the washer machine.



Then I place one cute little button on each shoulder so it would match the flower. But just on one layer. If you sew both the baby head might not go through.


That’s it!


Look how my baby girl looks!!! So cute isn’t she???




Buttons Flower Onesie. A Buttons Series Project.

Here are some of my favorite button Projects from my favorite bloggers:

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Cute as a Button Shoes by Joann (not a blogger but still I love this tutorial)

What do you think??? Do you like creating cute things with buttons????

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