Are you a blogger or want to be One? How to: Grow your Blog e-Book

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I got here having no idea of what it meant to have a blog I literally knew nothing. I thought that a blog was like having a website, just upload some basic information and that is it. OH Wow How mistaken I was… But this was the best adventure ever and I’ve learned so much. My blog even generates income Yayyyy. When Shauna from The Best Blog Recipe offered me the opportunity to participate as a contributor among other 30+ successful bloggers on her instant downloadable eBook: How To: Grow Your Blog, I thought it would be amazing and finally here it is!!! {This post contains affiliate links}.

Are you a blogger or want to be One? How to: Grow your Blog e-Book

Are you a blogger or want to be one? This 3Book is for you: How to: Grow your Blog #blogging101


Ok, I’m going to be honest, it hasn’t been easy… AT ALL.  I’ve been making crafts, feeding my blog and learning how to make it at the same time and on the go, following my instincts and making so many discoveries every day that are such a big deal for me and perhaps something basic for many of you.

Since I’m a graphic designer with experience in both Advertising and We-Design, Shauna asked me to talk about the importance of the design when starting a blog, also tips and tricks and source of designs. So that’s what you are going to find from me on the e-Book.

After reading all the parts of this eBook I really wish I had this kind of information when I was starting. I made so many mistakes on my way and I’m really lucky and thankful for all the awesome blogger friends I made that helped me so much. The good part is that even now I’m learning and discovering new tips and tricks I didn’t know of that can make me better.


This eBook is for anyone, either if you are planning on starting a blog or you are already a veteran. We never stop learning new thing when blogging! You can find tips, tricks and tutorials from 30+ top bloggers. Contributors include these amazing bloggers:

The Best Blog RecipesBuns In My OvenSix Sisters StuffYour Homebased MomYour Modern FamilySay Not Sweet AnneLiving Better TogetherPlay.Party.Pin.Just Us FourThis Silly Girl’s LifeThe {Sweet} Tooth LifeDeliciously SprinkledCreme de la CrumbBakerette, Seven Thirty ThreeThe Stitchin’ MommyBeauty Through ImperfectionPint-sized TreasuresLife With The Crust Cut OffLove Bakes Good CakesDesignedByBHMother’s NicheI Dig PinterestThe Whole SmithsTitiCrafty by CamilaFood Faith FitnessFood Folks and FunLife CurrentsI’m Topsy Turvy, and Mommy is coocoo!  


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My name is Camila Rojas but everyone call me Cami. I'm a mommy, blogger, baker, do it yourselfer, crafter and graphic designer. Owner and founder of The Crafting Nook {formerly TitiCrafty} and TCN Design Studio: web design for bloggers. Join me on my crazy adventures!

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  1. Camila

    Hi, My name is Patty. I am so glad I found your site today, and I was trying to buy your ebook but it wouldnt lead me to the page to buy it. It wasn’t your site but the site you buy it from. Your site lead me to another blog and when I clicked on the buy it button it told me it didn’t exist. So I am very confused. I hope you or the other blog page can help me to purchase it. I am really looking forward to learning how to blog and start my own. I believe your ebook could really be valuable to my learning disability of this subject. I have been on the look out for anything that I could use to help me and this looks like the first thing that actually goes through the steps of what you need to accomplish to have a successful blog. And by the looks of your page I will be learning from the best. I want to say thank you in advance for your help in this matter. God Bless and have a blessed day

  2. Camila

    Thanks for this helpful tip. Timely help as I’m trying to establish readership on my site too.

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