DIY Embellished Shoes with Daisy and Butterfly Buttons.

How cute can turn out some simple and plain shoes when you decorate them. I made this cute Daisy and Butterfly Embellished Shoes for my little girl in a few minutes and I love it.

Daisy and Butterfly Embellished Shoes

DIY Daisy and Butterfly Embellished Shoes

I was shopping the other day with mom looking for some shoes for Em and she showed me these simple black shoes. At first, I said noooo! that is so for boys! I’m so girly LOL.

She looked at me with a very serious face and asked me, aren’t you crafty, girl?

How was I supposed to answer to that?

LOL, my only reaction was “… ooooh yeah… crafty” We end up buying two pair of those and immediately thought about another pair converse-style I had at home LOL.

Now all plain shoes are in danger hahaha!


Her embellished shoes turned out super cute and everybody asks where I got them from LOL, and they are so easy to make too.

Embellished Shoes Supplies:

  • Plain canvas shoes
  • Cute buttons
  • Thread and needle
  • White fabric paint {in this case that can be used on dark fabrics}

I chose some super cute daisies and butterfly buttons.


With the thread and needle, I sewed the daisy buttons and the butterfly buttons to the shoes.

Make sure the thread knot is placed on the outside of the shoes so it doesn’t hurt the feet. The button will cover the knot.


Then with a very thin brush, I made some dashed lines as the trail of the butterflies all over the shoes.


With a Sharpie, I wrote Emma’s name and tadaaaaaa…

Here you have it!

Easy, easy!!!


Aren’t they cute?

DIY Daisy and Butterfly Embellished Shoes
Daisy and Butterfly Embellished Shoes tutorial
Cute Daisy and Butterfly Embellished Shoes tutorial

Doesn’t she look so pretty??? She loved her embellished shoes too! And every time we are going out she runs to the room and gets them!!! =D

What do you think? How would you decorate shoes like these?

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DIY Daisy and Butterfly Embellished Shoes

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Til' next time...

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  2. Oh my goodness are these the cutest or what? I’m letting my followers know for sure. Thanks so much for sharing this at Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!

    1. Thanks so much Sinea! I do love these and guess what? I made some more LOL and are even cuter! I’ll share it soon!

    1. You can make so many things with a plain pair of shoes! Your granddaughter can help you make them!

  3. Truly amazing and totally adorable shoes!! Your little girl is so cute and the shoes are the finishing touch.

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  4. Did you see? You’re highlighted on my Friday Flash Blog party! Thanks for visiting and being a party of The Jenny Evolution Community.

    1. Awwwwwwww LOL Thanks SO much Paula. I have to confess I’m so gratefull God gave me this little princess I enjoy so much making things for her!!!


  5. Adorable shoes! I have some of those butterfly buttons. They are too cute! And I love the dashed lines you painted. Great shoe makeover. I’m pinning these to my Shoe Redo board!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

    1. Yayyyyy my friend Lauren! Thanks so much, I was super surprised to be feature without even having link it up yet LOL. I’m happy you like it!


  6. How cute!! I love turning some plain into something cute! We’ll be featuring these over at Someday Crafts tomorrow :)

    1. Yayyyy how exciting thanks so much Miranda I’m supper happy you liked that much!!!


    1. Thanks so much Helen. It was so fun making them and I even have a couple of extra pairs to make more!!! LOL