Buttons & Bows Embellished Shoes. A Buttons Series Project.

Buttons & Bows Embellished Shoes. Inexpensive shoes don’t mean it has to be boring. with just a few supplies, a little creativity and lots of love, you can transform them into a unique masterpiece.

I just have a thing for buttons and shoes. Well, if you are a woman, you would agree that shoes are our feminine weak spot. In my case, even kids shoes are my weakness.

Buttons & Bows Embellished Shoes. A Buttons Series Project.

Buttons & Bows Embellished Shoes. A Buttons Series Project.

Buttons are fun, aren’t they?. I love making things with buttons and of course, if you have seen my handmade cards I love bows too.

Not long ago I made an embellished shoes that I loooved and I really wanted to make another pair. So, since I’m having this button series project, I thought it would be nice to revamp a little bit Emma’s cute shoes.

This is another super quick project. It takes about 10 minutes and at the end you have a new pair of shoes LOL and kids love this kind of crafts.

I bought these cute felt flowers at Walmart {when I was in the USA} with no clue what to do with them. Deep down, I just knew I could use in some cute project and here it is LOL.

Also, I already had some butterflies left from the previews shoes, ribbons and of course, cute buttons =P.

Embellished Shoes Supplies:

  • Basic fabric shoes
  • Embellishments
  • Mixed buttons
  • Ribbons
  • Needle and thread

Firstly, I gave some thought and decided on the composition. Choose the place where you want the flowers and buttons or any embellishment you want to use.

Then I started sewing each piece.

What I did was just giving a few stitches to each piece. When using a button over a flower, I just used the same stitch for both.

Since not all shoes are the same, test the needle first to make sure your shoes will be flexible enough for you to stitch on them.

I also randomly stitched a few tiny buttons here and there. It’s just a decoration thing so it doesn’t really matter where. You just play around and will see the wonders you can make.

The last touch was the ribbon bow at the back of the shoes. It completely optional as any decor but I think it looks so cute

Lastly, make a cute ribbon bow and stitch it carefully to the higher edge of the back of the shoes.


Here you have it!

What do you think??? Are these Buttons & Bows Embellished Shoes Cute or what???

Make yourself some Buttons & Bows Embellished Shoes. A Buttons Series Project.Cute and easy Buttons & Bows Embellished Shoes.

How does Emma look with them on???

Cute Buttons & Bows Embellished Shoes.Easy Buttons & Bows Embellished Shoes. A Buttons Series Project.

Have you decorated shoes like this? How was it, what did you do?

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Till Next time!

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