DIY 3D Snowman Framed Christmas Art

I’m so super excited about Christmas this year. Maybe it’s because I’m getting on it early so I get to share with you my creations and I get to enjoy Christmas decorations longer hahaha. Not sure if you might remember but I made back when I was starting blogging some cute layered Christmas cards that I truly adored and I thought it would be fun to make one of them as a 3D Snowman Framed Christmas Art with Some “real snow” in it! I must confess I’m so excited about how it turned out!

DIY 3D Snowman Framed Christmas Art

DIY 3D Snowman Framed Christmas Art cover

This is a super cute and easy craft to make and kids love it. My girl always ask me to shake it and she always laughs about it LOL. Not sure what she finds so amusing but if she loves it and is happy I’m happy!

This project is another step closer to having my Christmas Mantel ready! I’m really close!!! So stay tuned to see how it turned out!

So, wanna know how to make this cute framed Christmas Art?


DIY 3D Snowman Framed Christmas Art supplies
  • A 3D frame {this one is from Ikea}
  • This fun Printable
  • Styrofoam balls {really tiny ones like for pillow filling}
  • Thick heavy duty double sided tape
  • Scisors
  • Lots of love!

First start by printing the Art. What I did was roughly crop the image 3 times making the image smaller as it would pile up in the art. You can do the same, or just print it 3 or 4 times {depending on how many layers you want} and then just cut each layer. You need it from more details to less details. Like in this case, I cut the whole snowman and snow layer, then just the head with the scarf and then just the hat. You can make more layers!

ScreenShot of Snowman Christmas design
Cut snowman christmas design

If you have a cutting machine, you can always use the print and cut feature, I didn’t do it to show that anyone can make this kind of craft and still have lots of fun!

Then cut pieces of the double-sided tape. Since I wanted more separation between layers I doubled each piece of the tape.

by placing a double-sided tape on the back of a one frame

Stick the layer as precise as possible on top of the first layer.

view of placing one of the layers on the background

Then add the second and third layer {or more if it’ the case} again as precise as possible so it looks like only one layer when looking at it from the front. It doesn’t have to be perfect just so you can’t see parts of the previous layer.

closer view of three layers on the background

Then add a little of the Styrofoam in the frame. Not too much, it would take a bit of trial and error to see how much you need depending on the size of your frame.

adding the Styrofoam into the frame

Then place your Art facing the glass and Styrofoam. I added a passe-partout right before the art. This is optional.

closer view of placing the Art facing the glass and Styrofoam

Close the frame.

closing the frame

And TADAAAAA!!!! The your go!!!

view of DIY 3D Snowman Framed Christmas Art finished
other view of DIY 3D Snowman Framed Christmas Art finished

Your cool and fun 3D snowman framed Christmas art is ready to rock!!!

DIY 3D Snowman Framed Christmas Art decoration with candles
DIY 3D Snowman Framed Christmas Art Styrofoam closer view

What do you think???? Have you made layered crafty arts before? Do you like this one? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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Til' next time...

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