DIY Decorative Vinyl Christmas Gift Jar

I can’t believe Christmas is approaching and I’m already thinking about gifts and decoration! Christmas is my favorite holiday. It’s absolutely special and full of hope, faith, best wishes, happiness and love all around. There is so many ways in which I can think of Christmas and all of them make me smile. This year I decided to start with gift ideas and I so love how this decorative vinyl Christmas gift jar turned out.

DIY Decorative Vinyl Christmas Gift Jar

Awesome DIY Decorative Vinyl Christmas Gift Jar #christmasgifts #Christmaspresents #silhouettecameo #diychristmas

This project is part of a team challenge called Silhouette Challenge and this month’s one was projects under $5. The thing is that this one didn’t actually cost me a penny since I already had everything at home. I recycled a jar used scraps of vinyl, paper, twine and washi tape.

I filled this Christmas gift jar with bath salts. I could have filled it with anything but some friends suggested bath salts and I thought, what a GREAT idea. I love giving something that people can actually enjoy for a long time and I thought it was perfect! You can always fill the jar with cookies, chocolates, anything you want, creativity is the limit! LOL.

I recently shared a post on how to make roses bath salts and man, let me tell you, It’s SO GOOD! The scent, the skin, everything is awesome. So I used the same recipe but didn’t color it because I wanted it white so de jar decoration would pop up more! Everyone that has seen it, says looks like snow and I so love it.

This project is simple to make, doesn’t take too long and you can make so many different designs!

I need to confess something to you. This project started a little different. I wanted to use double sided adhesive so all the decoration would be filled with glitter {part of the challenge of this project} but it turned out that it didn’t look good on glass. In paper or other materials probably would look so pretty, but in glass it didn’t. So I got a new jar and started all over again with vinyl.

I’m glad I did because it turned out so pretty, don’t you agree?


So, here is how to make one of these:


  • Recycled Jar
  • Vinyl in 3 colors {I used White, Gold and red Vinyl}
  • Transfer paper
  • Twine strip
  • Washi tape or duct tape {I used a yellow one to go with the gold}
  • Bath salts, candies, cookies or whatever you want to fill the jar with.
  • Labels for the lid {You can download my free Christmas Bath Salts labels HERE}
  • Cutting file of your choice {I used one from Silhouette Store}*

*You can actually use ANY vinyl shape if you don’t have a cutter machine. There are many places where you can buy some designs and not too expensive.

Wash well and dry well your jar and lid.

First I decided the design and size of my decoration. Placed it in my silhouette Studio.


I used 2 colors, I wanted the Merry Christmas in Red and the Snowflake in Gold and another one in the opposite scheme. So I duplicated my design and in the mat I placed 2 pieces one red and another in the right place to cut. Set knife to the suggested settings and hit Cut.


Once the design was cut, using the hook tool peel away the negative space, so all that remains on the vinyl backing is the design.


As I mentioned I wanted the snowflake in the other color. So what I did was making a delicate cut on each snowflake end, where it connects with the Merry Christmas part.


Then using a transfer paper I extracted it from one design and placed it in the other one and vice-versa.


Then I cut bigger pieces of transfer paper and applied them to each design and smooth it down using a scraper tool.


Time to apply my designs to the jar. Make sure is really dry and without dust.


Lift the transfer paper off the liner and arrange the design where you want it and carefully use the scraper to transfer the vinyl to the jar.


Then carefully lift the transfer paper and make sure that all the vinyl is stuck down on the jar. If something is coming back, place it back and rub again the vinyl firmly and try lifting it again.


Do the same with the other side of the jar or on another jar.


That’s It! There you have your decorated Jar.

But we are not done yet! Now we will work on the lid! Yay!

Ok, let’s continue with the Lid

Cut a piece of white vinyl bigger than the lid so you can cover the side of the lid.


Remove the backing and place it centered on the lid. Make cuts all around the vinyl that will be on the sides.


Start sticking each strip.


Add your washi tape {duct tape, ribbon} along the side. Press well so the washi tape gets even and well stuck.


Cut remains.


There you go! Now you have a white base to decorate it as you like.


I decided to use some cute labels I designed and that you can download HERE too.


Apply it to the center of the lid. And now we have a super cute lid!


I used some cute Christmas tags that I had gotten from a Cards Magazine. I cut it and made a hole to insert my twine and place it around the jar.


My Jar is ready to ROCK!!!!

Next step was filling the Jar. I used my Homemade Roses Bath Salts recipe to fill it. You can check it out if you want to make it too. The only thing I changed is that I didn’t use food coloring because I wanted it white.



My first Christmas gift is officially ready, what do you think???

DIY Decorative Vinyl Christmas Gift Jar #christmasgifts #Christmaspresents #silhouettecameo #diychristmas

Would this be a gift you would love to get??? What else? Tell me all about your favorite gifts in comments!

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Til' next time...

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  1. This turned out SO great! Even better than glitter would have looked, I think. Now the bath salts can add that bit of sparkle :-) The design on the lid is so cute, too! Love the whole thing. Thanks for the inspiration, Cami!

    1. Thank you so much Meredith!!! I do think so too1 Loved how it turned out with vinyl! I guess I’ll have to try the glitter somewhere else LOL. I just love glitter this time of the year LOL

  2. For me too Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love so much gifts in a jar, I think they’re so cute and useful! I like so much your vinyl design. I also have Silhouette, and I’m crazy about it, and so this year I think I will personalize every gift with vinyl! Have a great day! Kisses and hugs!