DIY Decorated Swell Shell Crochet Cowl – Scarf Week Day 4

I have a confession to make… I’ve tried to learn crochet so many times in the past. For some reason it felt so complicated, like it all were in Chinese LOL. I think I know now what was my problem. I was trying to learning crochet with an owl amigurumi, can you believe that??? hahahaha… It would have been a miracle if had done it! Then with this Swell Shell Crochet Cowl and the help of my mom I finally understand it. I’m crazy right???

DIY Decorated Swell Shell Crochet Cowl – Scarf Week Day 4

DIY Decorated Swell Shell Crochet Cowl cover

The thing is that I need a purpose to learn something. I don’t like just making stitches, like “this is chain, go ahead and make it, – until when? – just do lots!” and there is no goal, no finish line, no final product. That is really so not motivating.

Gladly, my mom got this Swell Shell Crochet Cowl pattern from Michaels like a year ago, she even got the yarn for it and she had told me back then that she thought this would be a great project for me to learn, and then we never did it. The scarf week gave me the perfect excuse to make it happen yayyy!!!! Mom explained to me the stitches, and then walked me through the first row and I could do it ALL by myself!

This is a free pattern Michaels offers, you just have to buy the suggested yarn and hook {if you don’t have it yet} and you are ready to go. Not sure if you can still find it so I’m sharing it here in case you want to make one for yourself!

Snell Shell Cowl Crochet Pattern by Michels

What you need:

  • I used Country Loom yarn from Loops & Threads. It’s a fluffy and very soft yarn.
  • Crochet hook 9MM
  • Cute chevron flowers {these are from Hairbows Supplies ETC}
  • Brooch pins
  • Hot glue gun

As I mentioned above, with the instruction and explanations from my mom, is started the process. The first step was creating a Chain.

image of Crochet hook and loom yarn making a chain

Followed by the firs row of cute shells. At first, I thought it was kind of small circle but then it fit perfectly.

closer view circle shape knitted progress

I had my really desperate moments in which I wanted to drop it!!!! I had to undo a whole row a couple times hahahaha.

desperate circle shape knitted progress
me biting the crochet fabric

I pretty much felt like I was tangled in yarn…

I'm losing control knitting

But then I was almost halfway done! SO EXCITING!!!!!!

closer view of rochet Cowl almost ready

I kept going and I kind of got the hang of it and started doing the rows quicker and screwing up less frequently LOL.

Less than expected I was done!!!! I can’t explain how excited I was for this accomplishment!

rochet Cowl ready
Hey This is not a sponsored post. But I used that pattern and that yarn and it’s fair to say where it came from!

It took me about 1 and 1/2 hour for 3 nights to finish it. Probably someone with experience would have finished it in a couple hours the same night! But I’m pretty happy with my timing hahaha!

I was so excited and proud of myself; I even made this video also for the fist time LOL.

Since I felt it was too plain, in need of something, maybe color, I decided to go for some appliques! And I chose something that I do best…. CRAFTS!!!!! hahahaha

For the flowers appliques I used these cute chevron flowers I got from Hairbow Supplies ETC.

general view of Swell Shell Crochet Cowl and some decorations

With hot glue I glued the brooch pins to the back of each flower.

applying hot glue to the clips

I pressed hard so the glue would pass through the brooch pins little holes and stick better.

attaching clips to decorations

I apply the brooch or brooches through the strongest stitches of the cowl more or less in the place I wanted it!

Decorated Swell Shell Crochet Cowl ready

And TADAAAAA!!!!!!

I have a super pretty Swell Shell Crochet Cowl and I can change brooches according to my outfit! ¡¡¡LOVE IT!!!

modeling decorated Swell Shell Crochet Cowl image one
modeling decorated Swell Shell Crochet Cowl image two
modeling decorated Swell Shell Crochet Cowl image three
modeling decorated Swell Shell Crochet Cowl image four
modeling decorated Swell Shell Crochet Cowl image five

Here you have a list of the Rest of the Scarves I made for the Scarf Week!!!





What do you think? Not bad for my first time right??? I can’t wait to try crocheting something new!!!

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And the Grand Finale….

It’s hard to believe, but tomorrow will be the grand finale of Scarf Week.  And the theme?  Scarf Refashions.  You don’t want to miss it!

ScarfWeek 2015 image

To access all 5 days of Scarf Week, visit our co-coordinators, Lauren from The Thinking Closet and Vanessa from Tried & True.  This week, they have been updating their posts with the clickable collages as they go live.  And you can also explore all of the creative projects we’ve been sharing on social media with our hashtag, #ScarfWeek2015.

This week has just been wave after wave of amazing inspiration, no fish-bones about it!

 And be sure to stop back here tomorrow to check out my scarf refashion project.

Stay scarfy,

Til' next time...

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  1. lovely!! that’s one thing that takes awhile to get used to – getting tangled in your yarn!

  2. I am so proud of you, Camila, for all the NEW triumphs you experienced – – completing your first crochet project is a HUGE win. I also loved getting to “meet” you on video – – you are so adorable and your gentle way of explaining things is so endearing. I hope this is the first of many video tutorials for you, my dear! I subscribed to your channel so I can stay in the loop. I, too, loved your cute in-process photos (I’ve SO been there before with frustration…but the fact that you powered through and made it to the finish line is so inspiring). Then, you went above and beyond with the added flower pin embellishments. Pulled out all the stops with this one. Pinning!

    1. haha Thanks Alexis, That’s the feeling during process but it’ felt so good when I finished!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

  3. This is awesome! I love seeing new people trying crochet! Your pics are awesome! It can be frustrating but I glad you stuck with it! It looks great. :)

    1. Oh yeah! I’m stubborn LOL… When I fishiness I was so proud! Thank you so much for the happy support! I’ll try crochet something new soon!!

  4. Congrats on learning a new skill! You shall never be cold again! I certainly understand the sentiment about getting frustrated and feeling tangled up in yarn. I made my daughter a knitted baby blanket as simple as it was IT TOOK THE WHOLE PREGNANCY TO DO! I didn’t get to make her anything else which was disappointing. Your cowl scarf looks great!

    1. hahahaha, I hear ya! you were brave starting with a whole blanket! I’m glad you like my work!!! I’m super happy even though I wanted to throw it out the window at a times haha!
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

    1. haha I’m so glad I’m not alone! It was a huge deal for me learning and having it in time LOL
      Thanks so much for the sweet visit and support!