DIY Duck Tape Wires. Decorated, Protected and Easily Recognizable

Hello everyone! I’m SO happy you are here today because I’m sharing this cute and super useful project with you. Let’s see, I have a problem… EVERYONE (except for Emma) has apple devices at home. YES everyone! Mom, dad, brother, me… That is A LOT of wires. So when I need mine there is a huge problem, “Which is mine?” “No, that’s mine!”. My easy and fashion solution? I duck tape them ALL. Now they are decorated, super cute, protected on the ends and I can easily recognize them Yayyyyy =D

DIY Duck Tape Wires. Decorated, Protected and Easily Recognizable

DIY Duck Tape Wires. Decorated, Protected and Easily Recognizable

Cables Forrados con Duck Tape. Decorados, Protegidos y Facilmente Reconocibles
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I saw this idea long time ago over at Shaken Together but it didn’t make much sense until now {apart from being SO cute but I didn’t have apple devices then}. I have to say this: I hate cords and wires. I would much happier if everything were wireless LOL. But since it’s not happening right now I prefer keeping mine organized.

So, now I’m so happy to have seen that post because I could put it in practice now {on my own way of course}.

As any duck tape/washi tape project, this is SUPER easy and fun!

I got my wires {except my mac book one}, earbuds and chargers. Then I wrap around the wires like 1 inch from the ends to the center with different duck tape patterns.

I also add some duck tape to the chargers so they would match their wires.

That’s it! Now when they are all plugged in I can easily recognize mine, see? There is another set of chargers on another one of those. Can you imagine that?


What do you think??? Isn’t it awesome to have wires organized????

Hope you enjoyed today’s post. See you next month!
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Til’ next time…


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