DIY Gold Polka Dots Scarf – Scarf Week Day 2

DIY Gold Polka Dots Scarf, mom and daughter matching and having lots of fun together. Full tutorial so you can make some for you & your kids!

How silly can you get when you are with your kids? Don’t you find yourself at times doing really silly things and you know that if you didn’t have kids you would never be doing those things?

Hahaha, I think when we become parents, our mind change so much that silly things become the normal and even fun, right? Because there is nothing in this world that fills us with joy than seeing them smile!!!

In my girl’s case wearing same things as mommy, makes her so happy so for today’s scarf project I made us these fun gold polka dots scarfs.

DIY Gold Polka Dots Scarf Tutorial #ScarfWeek2015 #scarfideas #diyscarf

DIY Gold Polka Dots Scarf – Scarf Week Day 2

I know I’m totally silly sometimes when it come to my daughter. I love doing silly things with and for her and I have to say I enjoy it so much, sometimes we spend over 20 minutes doing funny faces and we laugh so much.

One of her favorite things is matching clothes and I don’t care how silly it might look I love it too. We have matching shoes and it’s so much fun when we go out with them!

How cute are these?


And if you have following for a while you might remember my Mommy  and Em’s Coordinated Aprons… If not, check it out!

Where I live is mostly cold weather. We have beautiful clear sunny days but when it’s rainy, gosh, It’s so rainy. So here we actually use scarfs often and I thought it would be so cute to have matching warm scarves my girl and I.


I bought this polar fabric, same as the one used for sweaters and Pjs, so soft and warm.

This is a super simple, quick and easy crafty scarf! It took me about 30 minutes to finish both and about other 30 minutes to dry.

What you need:

  • Fabric of your choice {1/2 yard}
  • Gold fabric paint {water base} I bought oil base by mistake Eeek! But thankfully it worked.
  • Rounded foam brushes in different sizes.
  • Plastic or paper plate
  • Latex gloves.

If you are going to do matching scarves measure about 60%-40%, so the smaller is for your kid. Cut it lengthwise.


Fold each trip of fabric making sure both ends meet at the middle.


Protect the back of each scarf with a payer of plastic. {Don’t you love my Hello Kitty nails??? LOL wink!}


And let’s have some fun!!!!


Pour a bit of paint in the plate and tap the bigger brush to make it absorb paint.


Start where both ends meet, this way you make sure both sides will look similar.


There is no perfect way to do it and in my opinion imperfection makes uniqueness!

Alternate spots to stamp the dots.