DIY Braided T-Shirt Scarf – Scarf Week Day 1

Cool and easy tutorial to repurpose those old and ugly t-shirts: DIY Braided T-Shirt Scarf. Have an awesome scarf in less than 20 minutes!

How many times have you given away old t-shirts? If you ask me, I would answer, “I lost my count LOL”. And do you how many things you can make repurposing T-shirts? Ooooh that’s the real question, isn’t it?

You wouldn’t believe how many. If only I had known all this years ago. And guess what? Scarf is one of them… Yup and there are tons of ways to make them so today I’m sharing my DIY braided t-shirt scarf Woot!!!!

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DIY Braided T-Shirt Scarf – Scarf Week Day 1

I’ve been having a blast from Scarf ideas. I love scarves, you know?. You wouldn’t believe how many I have and you can add these 5 new ones you will be seeing in the next days LOL. I saw this cool scarf idea over at Put up Your Dukes and I LOVED it with all my heart and I knew I had just the T-Shirts to make it buried in my closet haha!!!


I’m so happy to be part of the 2nd annual Scarf week which I must say it’s been so much fun! Just to give you a hint, I even learned to crochet for this challenge LOL. So you will find so many awesome ideas to inspire you and many of these are so easy to make, you don’t need to be a crafter to make it but for others, if I could learn, I’m sure you can too!


For the scarf week Day 1, we and to make a scarf using {duh} T-shit, so here is how I made mine. It’s more like a cowl than a scarf since I’m size S, the scarf is right the size to fit my head and give a nice touch around my neck to what I’m wearing.

What you need:

  • 2 old T-shirts {preferably in different colors}
  • Thread and needle {sewing machine optional}


I measured my available usable t-shirt fabric and it turned out I had just the enough fabric by cutting right under the arm whole and the bottom hem.

Cut in a straight line both.


You will get this:


The cut the seam on one side to have 2 long strips of fabric

Folding both in half and overlap them one on top of the other like this:


Insert your hand under the crook of the bottom loop and grab the ends of the top loop.


Pull the ends of the top loop through the crook of the bottom and lay them on top of the bottom crook.


Repeat this process. I could do it just twice, but if your T-shirts are longer you can do it 3 times or mores as you like it.


If you feel this too complicated, you can check out Keight’s Video on her posts which makes this process so much easier!!!

Take one end of each color from one side of the braid.


Straighten them up and place them matching up the raw long edge and keeping right sides together.


Stitch along the raw edge of both ends, you can do it manually or with a sewing machine. Repeat on the other two ends.


Roll raw sides towards inside the scarf to create kind of a tube. Put both together.


And that’s it!!! You have a pretty scarf in less than 20 minutes! How cool is that???



Isn’t that awesome! I’m SO loving it and love how it looks with gray!!!