DIY Newspaper Basket

Are you ecological?… at all?. I try to be. Have you ever wonder how much paper {and trash for that matter} is thrown away per day? It’s hard to imagine! Back when I was living in Spain, we got used to having 3 different kinds of trash; one for organic stuff like food and non-recyclable items, another one for paper and plastic and then another one for glass. It felt good being at least a little green. And when I saw this idea for a newspaper basket, I was hooked! I finally knew what to do with all that newspaper!

DIY Newspaper Basket

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Seriously, ever since I saw this newspaper basket at How About Orange, I wanted to make it. I found it not only beautiful and decorative but also useful! It’s a great idea to reuse paper from old newspapers, magazines, cardboard and any other type of paper whose only destination is the trash!

Sometimes there is no perfect place to keep magazines, video cases or small books or things. It often happens that we can’t find them or we have them piled up in a corner and let’s face it, we would love a place where we can easily find those things and where they will not get in our way. This is where I think this basket plays a perfect role!

I can’t say I am 100% ecological although I would love to be. I add my two cents whenever I can though. I love reusing and recycling. I think there are many things that can have a fun aesthetic purpose or utility anywhere and can be found in any product or object.

I enjoyed making this basket, although I must confess that at times I thought I wouldn’t make it HA! … Something so simple and yet when the strips didn’t match well or seemed never to end, I was tempted to quit {I know I’m lazy}. But being stubborn enough, I thought “I really want to see it finished and on my living room furniture!” So I was persistent and finished it in a couple of nights. LOL

general view of Newspaper Basket Reuse Recycle

At the end, it wasn’t so hard, I just needed patience. I decorated it with decorative grosgrain ribbons and put some origami paper flowers and voila! … I was ready to use it and loved it!… I actually end up making 2 more baskets LOL.

close up of Newspaper Basket Paper-Flowers in the corner of basket
general view of DIY Newspaper basket on a piece of furniture

The instructions to make this fun and pretty newspaper basket step by step (DIY) are here. In matters of crafts, this blog is absolutely great.

I’m planning on making more soon to decorate the new home {when I finally have one} with other shapes, sizes, and decorations. Hopefully, I’ll share a tutorial with my special touch! But for now, I hope you like this one that is my first attempt!!!

What do you think??? Have you done paper baskets before? I love working with paper and if I’m recycling even better, how about you?

Til' next time...

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    1. I know, right? and it’s so decorative… I’m so making more LOL!!!
      XOXO Thank you for stopping by!

  1. I love recycle and upcycle crafts! The basket is a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing your ideas and recipes with us at Brag About it! Have a great week!