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DIY No Sew Table Runner (Easy Tutorial)

This no-sew table runner is the perfect DIY crafty project to get a start on your home decorating. I’ll show you how easy and simple it is to make that anyone can make one within minutes!

My mom loves table runners… I like them but mom LOVES them LOL. She wanted a simple and easy one to give some life to her dining table over her vacation house in Miami. Since we don’t have a sewing machine over there, I made this cute no-sew table runner =D for her.  You won’t believe how awesomely easy LOL.

DIY No-Sew Table Runner cover

How to Make a No Sew Table Runner

I really love how it looks on the table and the orchids give just the right touch to make the place so warm and homey!

general view of Table

I agree with my mom and table runners do dress up a table, they look a lot more elegant even when they are rustic. Since this house is a vacation one, I decided to go for summer color.

This project can be done in minutes, I literally with photos and all finished it in less than an hour and I love how it turned out.h

What is the purpose of a table runner?

Well, to put it in a simple way, table runners give your table settings color, texture and provide a feeling of elegance, style, and tradition. Also can bring seasons to your table. They’re a great way to dress up your kitchen or dining room table and keep things clean. In my opinion, it’s more like a decoration thing than having a specific purpose.

Can a table runner be shorter than the table?

Usually, a table runner should hang over each side of the table where the ends fall. This is a lot more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes than a runner that stops where the table ends or is slightly shorter than the table. The amount of hang should be the same on both sides and can vary, just like the drop length of a tablecloth. But, at the end of the day, there are no strict rules, it’s all about how it looks and how you style it. I’ve used shorter ones and they look pretty too.

Supplies needed: 

  • Fabric of your choice (at least 15 Inches longer than your table and 24 inches wide)
  • double-sided iron-on fabric adhesive
  • Scissors
  • 2 safety pins
  • Measuring tape
  • and of course an iron LOL.

Here is how I made this no-sew table runner:

view of supplies

I cut 60 inches (1,5 m.) long by 24 inches (60 cm.) wide piece of fabric and folded in half wide, yours should meet your table’s length. Wrong side of the fabric facing me.

view of fabric

I ironed it and drew a triangle on both ends.

ruler, pen and bric image

I cut along the lines leaving a margin of 0,4 Inches (1 cm.).

view of scissor and fabric cut

I ironed the borders of the fabric to the inside.

image of fabric edge ironing
view of fabric edge folded

I folded it again but with right side out.

image of the fabric on another

Then I applied the iron-on adhesive following its instructions. First placed it on one the back side of the fabric and iron it for 2 seconds. Waited to cool

image of the iron-on adhesive being ironed onto the folded fabric

Then I peeled off the paper liner.

image of peeling off the paper liner

Placed the other side on top, pressed and hold the iron for 8 seconds on each section until the entire piece was bonded.

And The main piece was done!!!

view of the finished piece

Then I cut many strips of the same fabric (you can make it with another fabric) and made 2 bunches.

view of scissor,  safety pins and fabric strip

I knotted one by one to the safety pins until it looked like pom-poms.

view of safety pins and fabric strip
image of safety pins with some fabric strips
image of safety pins ready with fabric strips

Then I applied the safety pins to both ends of the table runner.

view of applied the safety pins to both ends of the table runner

Here you go!… A simple and cute no-sew table runner. =D You can also add some more details!!!

Table Runner view
close up of No-Sew Table Runner

If you liked this fun and easy tutorial, don’t forget to share with friends and save for later!

No-Sew Table Runner pinterest image

What do you think? Do you like table runners as much as mi mom??? How do you like them?

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About sewing I also made this hand-made sewed Wall Diaper Bag for Emma’s bedroom that you might like as well. It’s so cute and not difficult if you have a sewing machine LOL.

Til' next time...

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  1. What a beautiful table runner. Will be pinning this. Thanks for sharing at Let’s Get Real Friday Party.

  2. Fantastic tutorial. I love that it’s double sided and that the fringe is put on with a safety pin. Anyone can do this!

    If you’re interested, I’d love to invite you over to Show Me Saturday. It’s a new link party collaboration a few of us gals started. Have a great weekend!

  3. I Love it!! Thanks for Sharing and I’m visiting from the DIY Sunday Showcase..Thrilled to have a new friend..Smiles.Cindy

  4. awesome tutorial on how to make a no sew table runner! love the cloth you choose as well. Great idea to pin on the pom pom, easily removed or replaced with something else if desired. Love it!

    1. Yayy Thanks Kristi! So glad you like it! It was fun too make and my mom loved it! Thanks so much for your sweet visit!

  5. This is so cute! I was looking for an idea for a baby shower I am throwing. I am not very crafty and definitely cannot sew but I am hoping I can pull this off. THanks!

  6. Great pattern and tutorial Cami! Since I don’t sew this is perfect for me. I can’t wait to see what great fall patterns they have at the craft store now. Thanks so much for sharing at the Krafty Inspiration Thursday party. I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to this week, the party is live at 6 am est.
    Happy Thursday
    Maria @ Krafty Cards etc.

  7. How cool and easy is this?! Thanks for sharing at this week’s All My Bloggy Friends! Enjoy your weekend! :)

  8. Love this no-sew idea, but I”ve never used iron-on tape. Did you place it between the back side of the fabric and the folded-over edge, like double-sided tape? Thanks, Cute runner. Love the easy pom-poms!

  9. This is so cute! I have been meaning to try a no-sew project forever now… probably since Pinterest first started!

  10. Miss Cami, you had me at “no-sew”! I love it! And I love that I can make it without a sewing machine! Thanks so much for the tut!

    ~Abby =)

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