DIY Candy Favor Box for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming and it’s never too early to wow your loved ones. Make a special homemade gift with this free printable candy favor box. Learn how right here!

Sometimes the simplest details say much more since we put a lot of love into making them ourselves.

What do you think about a Valentine’s Day Candy Favor Box full of lovely surprises for this coming V-Day?

This is a cute craft from the past that I love so much I wanted to update it and share it again.

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Candy Favor Box for Valentine’s Day Tutorial

This Candy Favor Box is super easy to make and does not need many supplies. It’s also perfect to make with kids.

I love, love, love giving gifts made with my hands, but even when you buy something you can put a little of yourself wrapping it. So a favor box makes the trick and the possibilities are endless.

These cute little candy boxes are perfect for any kind of celebrations although I’m sharing them for Valentine’s day.

What type of material is required to make this DIY valentine’s day gift?

Here’s the cool part, you can use scrapbooking paper/cardstock if you have some around or you can just print a pretty digital paper on cardstock and there you go. You can also just use simple plain cardstock. Maybe in two different colors or all the same and put the accent on the ribbon. Imagination is the limit.

My recommendation is that you use cardstock or heavy paper so it doesn’t get damaged too easily.

This kind of material is usually not expensive and can be found in craft stores or in the papercrafting department of big stores.

What do you put in Valentine’s candy boxes?

Pretty much whatever you want that will fit in. You can put any type of treats and candies, chocolate candies like Hershey’s kisses, Snickers, maybe hide a pretty little jewelry piece, a love note, confetti to hide a special gift. I mean, you name it, if it makes you happy and it fits inside, you are good to go.

What type of ribbon should I use?

Here again any type of ribbon works, for this kind of gift, I love grosgrain or satin but there are so many types out there that why limit. If you like it and lit looks well with the color combination you chose, then why not?

Now, the width is another story, I like them to be narrow when I work with small boxes like this one. but then again, it’s completely up to you. It’s a handmade gift, so there’s no right and wrong.

Super cute candy favor box  with heart-patterned bottom and red lid with white ribbon.

How to make this Candy Favor Box for Valentine’s Day

Candy Box Supplies:

  • Cardstock {plain or patterned depends on each person}.
  • Scissors or Cutter knife.
  • Hot Glue
  • Ribbon, laces, or anything you like to decorate.
  • Decorative items such as hearts, notes, embellishments, etc.
  • Lots of candies!


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Prep work

I made a printable template of the box and the lid that can be snagged HERE if you want but it is so easy that you can sure do without the template. It comes in Letter and A4 sizes. I’m also sharing the digital paper used in this tutorial.

screenshot of the box guide templates

Please keep in mind that these free printable templates are for personal use only. No commercial use is allowed.

Firstly print the template directly on the back of the cardstock you want to use.

The lid can be printed in different or plain cardboard to add some contrast.

Showing the types of paper and where they should be printed the templates

Once everything is printed, cut out the template.

cutting the guides from the box

Assembling the Candy Favor Box

Fold along the dashed line to give the main box shape.

folding one side of the paper

Then the corners should be folded towards inside the box.

folding one corner of the paper

Push all folded corners to the inside bring all 4 sides of the box together like follows:

empty box assembled

The lid is made the same way we made the box but here we apply a dab of hot glue on the corners because the cover is what keeps the box together.

assembling the lid
applying hot glue to the folded corner

Then decorate them with white grosgrain ribbon to make a cool contrast.

measuring the robbon on the lid

Glue everything with hot glue and add a cute ribbon bow to make it cute.

placing the ribbow bow on the lid on top of the crossing ribbons

Once it’s ready, decorate the inside {I used some flowers and hearts cutouts and I wrote some loving messages}, you can add any decorative papers, or silhouettes as you like.

pieces of decorative paper hearts and flowers on the inner side of the open box

Finishing up the gift box

When both, box and lid are ready put some candies, and/or gifts, whatever you would like to give to your loving one.

box assembled with sweets inside

Put the lid back in place to close the candy box and voila!

view of box fully assembled and closed

Done! A simple but cute little gift and full of love!

view of the box assembled in the hand

I hope you liked it! What do you think??? This Valentine’s Day Favor Box is Cute or what???

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