Free Weekly Cleaning Planner Printable (Available in Size Letter and A4)

Moving out from parents house lead to many, many changes and responsibilities. One of them is the cleaning. In my pinion one of the most important ones especially when you have kids. My parents have a cleaning lady so cleaning was not something I had to worry about until now. I had to in the past before living with them but I had kind of a long vacation LOL. One thing that I used to do and I’m doing it now again is to keep schedules for each chore, which helps me to stay organized and have time for everything {almost everything LOL}. Because I like organization I made this Weekly cleaning planner printable and I thought you might find it useful! The best part? It’s free!

Free Weekly Cleaning Planner Printable

Free Weekly Cleaning Planner Printable

What I like about this cleaning planner printable, is that if you like me, stick to a schedule, you don’t need to print this every week. I haven’t ever since I started. Unless you make changes to your cleaning schedule, you can keep using it forever.

I started writing it directly to the paper. But then it occurred to me that I could use and acetate sheet on top of it and write with a permanent pen so I could change without printing it again. I think it could work wonderfully. I guess I’m about to find out LOL.


Anyway, by using this weekly cleaning planer printable I avoid distracting and I know exactly what I have to do each day. Of course it always happens that something comes up and I deviate from schedule but I easily go back on track. Staying organized is always a time saver.

I’m not that freak when it comes to organization but I do like the feel of knowing what I have to do and that also allows me to plan a lot of things ahead. Sometimes I’m faster than others and I get to make more things in one day, so I get some free time where a specific chore got done and I get to go out or spend time with my girl. Organization is always a win-win situation.

How about you? Do you like to plan ahead and stay organized? Or are you the kind “we see as they come”? What’s your strategy when it comes to cleaning? I would love to hear your approach on this in comments.

So, wanna download this free printable?

Guess what??? It’s available for Letter size and A4 size!

Here you have it!



Hope you found this helpful and that you want to use it as often as I do!



Fun Free Weekly Cleaning Planner Printable

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