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Free Room Makeover Planner Printable

Struggling with all the details needed to plan a room redo? This FREE Room Makeover Planner Printable will help you get everything organized

Free Room Makeover Planner Printable

Free Room Makeover Planner Printable

Doesn’t it get hard sometimes to start redecorating a room? We get so many different ideas and we just don’t know where to start. Does it happen to you?

If you have been around long enough, you probably know that I recently moved and I’m all about decorating.

I plan on starting off with my girl’s bedroom so as I was trying to organize my ideas I realized I needed a planner. More specifically a FREE Room Makeover Planner Printable.

I was all over the place thinking of doing something this minute and another 10 minutes later.

It’s too hard.

I started taking notes here and there and in the end, I was all overwhelmed not really knowing what I wanted to do.

After I collected some really cute girly’s bedroom ideas and then made another collection with more girl’s Bedroom Decoration ideas, things started to make more sense but still needed help keeping the focus on where to start and how to stay on track.

In consequence, I design my own planner. After all, I plan to redesign and decorate more room in the house! I figured out the details I should have in mind and take in considerations, like existing furniture, what can be redone, what has to go, accents, special items, budget, etc.


I have the feeling that this planner will have a part 2.


Because I’m reaching the stage of basic plans and details and I think it would be fantastic to have a sheet when I can stick samples and pictures of things I want added to the room.

Isn’t it exciting?

My plan is to start redecorating next month so I need to get this all organized by then and know for sure what my actual budget will be. So far my goal is to not spend more than 200 Euros. But since I’m new here, it could be more or less. I’ll know once I’m all done with the planning.


The best part?

I get to put all this room makeover in motion and not having to interrupt or get too many unexpected expenses in the process.

I’m loving this planner so much. Hope you like it too because it’s free for you to download*.

*Please this printable is for personal use only. You can print as many as you need but if you want someone else to have this, please send the link so they download it from here! THANK YOU!

Get your Free Room Makeover Planner Printable Now!


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