Christmas Ornament Storage: How to Organize Christmas Ornaments and Decor

Christmas decor is so pretty and plentiful during the holidays, but, after the holidays are over, they can be a lot to deal with. Learn some Christmas ornament storage ideas and how to organize Christmas ornaments and decor here. 

So, it’s that time again, isn’t it? Christmas decor storage and organization, really?

We have to store our Christmas stuff after all the efforts to decorate our homes the prettiest way possible.

And now? Everything goes to boxes and bins…

Yup, feeling it too. I’m with ya.

The worse part? We bought quite a few new stuff, handmade another bunch of holiday decorations, and now where are we going to store all that, am I right? Right there with ya too.

I’m sharing my best tips and tricks to have an efficient Christmas storage and organization that won’t feel so overwhelming and will make next year a lot easier too.

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Clever Ways to Efficiently Organize and Store Christmas Decorations {an easy way}

During the holidays, all the lights, ornaments, garlands, wreaths, garlands, trees, and other decorations make our homes feel festive, cozy, and inviting. BUT after the holidays, they can be a nightmare to deal with.

I began taking down our Christmas decorations the other day, and while I will keep out some neutral winter elements, the majority will be removed and stored right after New Year’s Eve. It’s Our tradition to take down Christmas after Jan 6th because we celebrate the day the Three King Wizzards found baby Jesus.


I’m telling you, this doesn’t have to be a pain and it doesn’t have to take a lot of your space either. I’ve been working on these tricks for a couple of years now and I’ll share with you my Christmas Ornament Storage methods.

These Christmas storage solutions will make your organization easier this year and then super easy to put up your Christmas next year {ehem this year LOL}.

First, let’s sit on the couch for a minute with a cup of coffee (or tea). Take a sip, relax and take a look at all your decorations.

Enjoy the moment for a few minutes…

Then come back to reality and while you are enjoying your coffee make a mental inventory of what you have to store and organize, especially the Christmas ornaments. Analyze a bit what you got new and how much space it would take and take notes if you think you might need extra container units. I was lucky I didn’t.

Finished your coffee?



Let’s start!

Christmas Ornament Storage Prep Work

Before starting dismantling your decorations, take a look at your storing boxes and let’s do some decluttering:

Christmas Ornament Storage prepwork. Decluttering
  • If you have decorations in not-so-good conditions, or that you haven’t used in quite a few years, think about donating them so you free up some space.
  • If you have broken or in really bad shape ornaments or decorations, then just throw them away.
  • Those with some sentimental meaning, try putting them in a more special place.

Now, If you think you still might need some extra containers, make your shopping list and include there small, medium and large bags. The kind of freezing bags or the super awesome zip-lock bags? Those, yes LOL. Also bubble wrap plastic, tissue paper labels, etc.

So, got everything?


Ok, Where to start?

Christmas Ornament Organization

First, go to your kitchen and collect as many large bowls or similar containers as you can, also shoe boxes or any kind of containers {not huge tho}.

If possible free up a large space in your living room or dining table.

Then start collecting your ornaments by kind on those containers. We are going to do like an inventory before storing them.

For example, if you have Cristal ball ornaments, then put them all in one bowl/container and put them aside. Then if you have glittered stars, put them all in another bowl and so on.

If you have some random ornaments or just a few don’t use a bowl just put them together on the table.

Clasifying your ornaments for an efficient Christmas Ornament Storage

When you are done with all the ornaments go for the decorations but for now forget about the tree, spring garlands, and lights.

Go for the decoration objects, like Santas, snowmen, Frames, Candles, Christmas pillowcases, table runners, anything Christmas.

Put them all on your table, floor or where you are organizing everything.

Before Christmas Ornament Storage, start by classifying all your items by kind.

When you get everything there then we go for the ribbons and lights.

All the decor items classified and ready for storage.

And finally the tree and garlands.


Christmas Ornament Storage Tips and Tricks

Before starting, I wanted to get something clear. Not every home or Christmas home has the same amount of decorations and ornaments. My tips are of course based on limited space, what I have and what I use but it doesn’t mean it has to be exactly as I say.

You may need larger bags or boxes, even different materials (fabric instead of plastic), more boxes, more space, etc. What I share with you are strategies and ideas that I use and work for me that might end up being cheap, easy and stress-free to accomplish.

These tips work wonderfully for me each year so I hope it helps you too.

1. ALWAYS keep the original ornament storage boxes.

It might not apply to everyone but I found that it’s a huge help when we have original packaging. It makes it easier to store them back after the holidays are over. And of course, this applies if they are in good condition.

It might sound obvious but I’ve seen many people throwing away original packages and then having no proper place to store their ornaments.

But it’s a good practice because you can put them back in their original package and store them properly, especially the fragile ornaments. If the package is of no use, then we can find creative alternatives.

2. When is the case, start by storing ornaments that have original packaging.

I like to start by putting all the ornaments in their original ornament boxes or packages because it gives an idea of the space I need to reserve.

It also helps better protect them, especially the fragile ornaments.

Using original packaging when possible for my Christmas Ornament Storage
Ornament stored in their original boxes

3. Use plastic bags or containers for Handmade ornaments and ornaments without original packaging.

Seriously, plastic bags, plastic containers, shoebox, plastic bin, bubble wrap, tissue paper, paper towels, all help store ornaments and decorations keeping them away from humidity, safe from breaking and dust-free.

This helps to not just to protect them but also protect other decorations from damaging each other.

I don’t use boxes for everything because depending on the shapes I might be wasting space.

In my case space is a huge issue so I need to use it wisely.

For very small ornaments you can also use plastic cups or egg cartons to keep them safe.

Christmas Ornament Storage tip: Use plastic bags for ornaments without original package
Ornaments store in plastic bags
Delicate ornaments stored in separate bags
Delicate ornaments stored in separate bags closed

4. Those really delicate ornaments store them in separate storage bins or boxes.

I avoid mixing delicate ornaments with other decorations. Try your best to use the right size so you don’t waste precious space. For example, for my flocked pinecones I used a shoebox. Flocked pinecones or anything flocked can break easily and also spread glitter all over so a box or bin comes perfect.

Pinecones stored in separate boxes for better protection

Also, ornaments that might deform like stuffed ones, you might want to store them in bags with air inside and also in boxes so they don’t get squished and look pretty next Christmas. If the box you find is bigger than necessary then put some other delicate ornaments in there too.

Delicate ornaments stored in separate bags inside a box

5. Remove the batteries from all battery-powered decorations.

This is so IMPORTANT because Batteries can get sulfated and damage the decoration.

Removing batteries from decorations before storing
Removing batteries from led strip lights before storing

6. Be careful when handling candles or crystal/clay items

As obvious as it sounds sometimes it’s easy to rush on things and then these items fall and break.

You don’t want this to happen to you :(

broken candle on the ground

7. Storing your Christmas lights.

Save yourself frustration next year by keeping strands of lights neatly organized.

Keep original boxes when possible.

Use a piece of cardboard (if you have boxes make sure the piece of cardboard is at least 1 inch smaller than the box).

showing a piece of cardboard

Make 2 cuts on each end and fold back the middle piece like this:

showing the 2 cuts at each end and fold back the middle

Wrap your light string between cuts.

starting to fold the lights on the cardboard
first set of lights already folded in the cardboard
repeating the folding of the second set of lights
second set of lights already folded in the cardboard

Put them in bags or in the original boxes or plastic bags.

There you go, no more tangles!

Storing lights in Ziplock bags
showing a lights in Ziplock bags
some Storing lights in original box

8.  Store Ribbons and garlands in plastic zip-lock bags.

Fabric ribbons or banners are the easiest. Just wrap them around your fingers and then put them in zip-lock bags.

Fabric ribbons or banners on Ziplock bag

Garlands with strings you can put each element together and put them in a bag. It will all depend on the type of garland you have.

more ornaments in bags

If you put strings of beads on your tree or use them for other decor, Tip Junkie has a great trick. She suggests using an empty water bottle to keep them in check until next year. Since each bottle holds about two strands, and you can easily pour them back out when you need them again.

9. Organize all your Christmas decor and Ornaments in big plastic bins.

Time to get your big containers or boxes ready.

Try to start and finish with fabric or soft stuff like pillowcases, blankets, Christmas tree skirts to protect everything.

Lay one on the bottom and start by putting things that need to be laid straight.

Placing ornaments on the bottom of the large plastic box

Play with your packs like it’s a puzzle. Put them together making them fit one next to the other.

continuing Placing ornaments on the bottom of the large plastic box

Make your way up to the top. Make sure you don’t force anything. Just fit things as they are possible.

fill the  large plastic box with ornaments

Finish with another soft layer.

Placing fabrics on the bottom of the large plastic box

Close the container and move on to the next! Tadaaaa!!!

ornaments on the large plastic box done

Use some container for delicate stuff. If you have Spring garlands use them as protection putting them around the container. Then put the delicate things in the middle. Layer them with soft things and make your way to the to as well.

delicate ornaments in the middle of artificial pine branches inside a plastic box

Use one container for your boxes. It’s easier to play like a puzzle with boxes so put there your string light boxes, decoration boxes, and everything in boxes there. Once you are done fill any empty space with other decorations that might fit.

10. Use Original Christmas Tree box or artificial tree storage bags.

Yes, here too I suggest keeping the original box when possible but there are always other really good solutions when the original box is screaming for retirement. Christmas tree storage bag, large plastic bin and even saw someone keeping the tree up in their garage with a huge plastic cover.

I don’t have that kind of space so I go for the original box while it lasts or the tree storage bag. I also like to use garbage bags or garment bags to protect the box from deteriorating too fast.

For those artificial Christmas trees that have separate individual branches, collect each row of the tree separately.

Use a cord for each row and tie it slightly tight.

If your tree doesn’t come with numbers or color scheme to set row order then you might want to add a tag or label to state what row each one belongs to. Mine has colors so I don’t need to do anything extra.

tying the branches of the artificial pine with a cord

Put them in the box playing like a puzzle too. Start with the largest branch bunches and fill spaces with smaller ones.

placing the parts of the artificial pine inside its cardboard box in an orderly manner

Quick Tip: If you have natural pinecones that you want to keep, put them in the Christmas tree box. At the bottom of the box or in between. This helps to keep them safe.

Once the box is filled, close and store it.

Other Tips I love Christmas Decor Organization?

Well, that’s it. You got everything stored and organized now. Put them in your preferred storing place and let’s wait for next Christmas. At this point, I’m not sure if YAYYY or Cray LOL.

Hope these christmas ornament storage tips and tricks are helpful. Remember that each Christmas home is different and the number of containers may vary.

This post is only a reference, strategies and things I do to organize my stuff. You may need more or fewer boxes and bags or even different kinds of boxes and bags.

Happy Storing!!!!

Do you have any other Tip or trick that might help the christmas ornament storage even more? I would definitely want to know and I might try them next year. Leave them in comments.

If you found my christmas ornament storage tips helpful, don’t forget to share with friends!

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  1. Guilty! My Christmas tree is still up in my apartment! There is one present still under it for a friend of mine I haven’t seen yet, so that’s my excuse.
    This will definitely come in handy when I finally decide to get with the program and take it down! I just love the little lights so much. I’m a sucker for the holidays. Some really great ideas in here — will be stacking my containers with the soft things to pad it!