Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour (Red and White for 2018)

Welcome to my crazy obsessed love for Red and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour! I am so excited to show you around our holiday home this year. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, some cookies, and get comfy.

Woohoo! It’s my favorite time of year – Christmas Home Tour time!!! Isn’t Christmas is the BEST??? This is the best week of the year in the blogland (at least for me anyway). There are so many gorgeous home tours everywhere you look.

Red and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour 2018

Red and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour 2018

This year I knew right away what I wanted to go for in terms of a theme and I love that I was able to make it happen. I was crazy in love with Buffalo check Plaid and decided to go for Red and white.

Red and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to my 2018 Red and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour with lots of classic reds and rustic plaids!

It’s not a secret for anyone that Christmas is my favorite season and makes me so happy. In fact, I love it so darn much that I always decorate in November… way before Thanksgiving (almost right after Halloween lol).

Yes, I know what you are thinking – I’m one of “those” But truth to be told, I don’t have any Thanksgiving decoration and just want to enjoy the Christmas decor for as long as I possibly can.

So many fond memories come to mind when I think of the holiday. It’s a month of family traditions, service, celebrating the birth of our Jesus and enjoying so much the weather, scents, colors, and love all around!!

Today, I wanted to share with you some of the Christmas decor that we put up in our home, in hopes that it inspires you for your own decorating.

This year’s Christmas Home Tour will show that I love the holiday so much and that I don’t need to spend that much money to make it beautiful, cozy, and expensive-looking. I use a variety of adornments, textures, and colors to make it bright and happy. I hope you like it…

Red and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour

So, Welcome…

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour 2018

Our Entryway

To me, it’s important to welcome people to my home, especially during the Holidays. I love creating a warm entryway decor even though natural light is inexistent in that space of my apartment.

I always make a new Christmas Wreath for our door and this is this year’s one.

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath Tutorial

As soon as I open the door you can see our Entryway table. This year I tried something new. I got a chalkboard and draw some pines and stars/snow (it depends on the point of view LOL)