Red and White Christmas Plaid Decor Home Tour 2018

Come and join us for a special tour of our Red and White Christmas Plaid Decor. Get inspired by the happy holiday vibe and see cozy, bright, beautiful decorations that are guaranteed to make you smile. So grab a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy!

Welcome to my crazy-obsessed love for Red and White Plaid Home! I am so excited to show you around our holiday home this year.

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Red and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour 2018

Woohoo! It’s my favorite time of year – Christmas Home Tour time!!! Isn’t Christmas the BEST??? This is the best week of the year in the blogland (at least for me anyway). There are so many gorgeous home tours everywhere you look.

This year I knew right away what I wanted to go for in terms of a theme and I love that I was able to make it happen. I was crazy in love with Buffalo check Plaid and decided to go for Red and white.

view of Red and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour living room

Welcome to our Red and White Christmas Plaid Decor Home Tour

It’s not a secret for anyone that Christmas is my favorite season and makes me so happy. In fact, I love it so darn much that I always decorate in November… way before Thanksgiving (almost right after Halloween lol).

Yes, I know what you are thinking – I’m one of “those” But truth to be told, I don’t have any Thanksgiving decoration and just want to enjoy the Christmas decor for as long as I possibly can.

So many fond memories come to mind when I think of the holiday. It’s a month of family traditions, service, celebrating the birth of our Jesus and enjoying so much the weather, scents, colors, and love all around!!

Today, I wanted to share with you some of the Christmas decor that we put up in our home, in hopes that it inspires you for your own decorating.

This year’s Christmas Home Tour will show that I love the holiday so much and that I don’t need to spend that much money to make it beautiful, cozy, and expensive-looking. I use a variety of adornments, textures, and colors to make it bright and happy. I hope you like it…

detal of sofa with cushions

So, Welcome…

The Entryway

To me, it’s important to welcome people to my home, especially during the Holidays. I love creating warm entryway decor even though natural light is inexistent in that space of my apartment.

I always make a new Christmas Wreath for our front door and this is this year’s one.

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath on door

As soon as I open the door you can see our Entryway table. This year I tried something new. I got a chalkboard and draw some pines and stars/snow (it depends on the point of view LOL)

general view of Entryway table decoration

I never miss putting up my Welcome wood sign and decorating with ornaments, greenery, garlands, and trees placed on some candle Holders.

close up of Welcome wood sign decorated with ornaments, greenery, garlands,
detal view of Entryway table decoration
some view of Entryway table decorations
view of some pine tree of Entryway table decoration

One new thing I tried this year in this space is a fresh pine tree. It’s actually a huge branch. My Uncle has lots of these type of pine trees in his backyard so I stole it from him LOL.

view of a small pine tree decorated in the entryway

I put it in a container with water (covered it with plaid fabric) so it would last until January and added some light, bows, and baubles. Simple yet cute!

The whole space looks so lovely at night!

dark image of the entrance and with the decoration with lights on
other dark image of the entrance and with the decoration with lights on

Let’s move on to our living room also known as our family room.

Right there from the hallway, you can start feeling the magic. All that bright light coming from it. The first thing you will spot is our big gorgeous Christmas Tree.

image entrance to the living room

Living Room Christmas Decor

Here is where most of our Christmas decoration is in place.

Here is where I start the magic and the whole family joins along to make it even more special.

I’ve mentioned a few times or many… LOL, that our apartment is really small. However, that never stopped me from doing my best to make it look pretty, cozy, and homey. Christmas is no exception and actually is the most inspiring time of the year when it comes to home decor.

As you can see in this space there’s the dining table and living room and when there’s no Christmas tree, there’s my desk/office space right there.

general view of living room

So, once you enter the living room right on the left you will see our TV console and what I like to call my “Mantel”.

view of Christmas tree with red and White Buffalo Plaid decoration

I know I’m crazy but in my defense, since I don’t have a fireplace I kind of created my own version of a mantel by placing a shelf above the TV console and there is where I decorate for each season. So yes, that’s my mantel and I’ll show the details in a bit.

Ok, then when you look at your right you will find our actual living room space and at the end of the room is our dining room space.

general view of living room sofa and dining table

Let’s do this organized.

Let’s start with the living room space.

There are 2 things I love the most about winter.

Can you guess what those are?

Yup, pillows, and cozy blankets!

general view of living room sofa and decorations

So those are my main features in our living room.

I threw my 2 favorite blankets and lots of pillows on the sofa, the cute Plaid reindeer Pillow covers among them. All bright red and white.

general view of living room sofa cushions

On the table behind the sofa, I made a couple of pine arrangements in jars. LOL. Yes, I did a lot of things with those stolen pines, right?

some decorations behind the sofa

That cute lantern in the center was a bargain. Found it for less than $1 because the handle was broken. I didn’t even thought it twice to take it.

Then decorated around the lantern with cute tiny trees and our frames.

On the shelves next to the sofa I mixed Christmas decorations with regular decoration. Those wood boards you see there will be wood signs that I haven’t had the chance to make them yet so please don’t mind that part. LOL.

Red and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas  decoration on sofa

Right at the top, I put my XMAS Letters with 2 cute small pines. I actually Love how those shelves look. They are so bright and happy.

general view of  sofa and coffe table

On our coffee table, I used a plaid scarf as a table runner and made the centerpiece inspired by Kimberlee from The Fancy Shack. I got a few features similar and decided to try my own version. I still think hers is way prettier but I’m pretty happy with my results.

view of caffe table and sofa with a lot of decorations
closer view of center piece

Right next to the sofa, I have our cute crate with some extra pillows including our grain sack-inspired Pillow. I also created a setup with a lantern and a blanket ladder.

Red and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour
Red and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas ladder with christmas blankets

This year I decided to put the stockings hung on the ladder and I love how it looks.

From the sofa, I so enjoy my view of the Christmas tree. You guys, I LOVE how our Christmas tree turned out.

Christmas tree with Red and White Buffalo Plaid

At night is even more magical.

Christmas tree with Red and White Buffalo Plaid lights on
living room lights on

If you case my blog post about the Red and white Buffalo Plaid Christmas tree, you might know how much in love I am with my new gnomes here! I can’t get enough of them.

I used mostly handmade Christmas ornaments, plaid ornaments with whiteribbons and red ribbons, white and red plaid ribbons, red ornaments. and lots of led light strings.

closer view of christmas tree bottom

I’m actually super happy with how the whole Christmas Tree base setup turned out using a real fruit crate and lanterns to surround the nativity and add style to the tree.

Red and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas tree

I just feel so excited and happy with the whole space.

Red and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas living room

our Christmas mantel.

I don’t have an actual fireplace to make a mantel but I love the concept so much that I use my shelf above my tv as my mantel.

Red and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas tv zone

As you can see, I kept a more rustic style than in the rest of the home with spots of red here and there. It was not entirely intentional. I realized it after I was done but I liked it as it was so I didn’t want to change anything.

front view of tv zone decorations

I kept my pallet board from Fall decor up there but change what I had around it. I also used this cure swirly frame with a star in the center hung from it.

close up of some decorations on pallete board

I used a greenery garland with lights and mixed fake with real greenery. I love how it looks.

close up of garland decoration

Then I just balanced candle holders, lanterns, and reindeer figures on both ends of the shelf. And finished with my SNOW letters in the center.

Red and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour

The TV console table got some love too.

closeup of The TV console table corner  decor
other closeup of The TV console table corner  decor
bowls with pine branches and pinecones

I especially love the bowls with pine branches and pinecones! So cute!

Now, I left for the last, one new adventure. This year I included in our Christmas decorating, our BEDROOM!!!!

Plaid Christmas Bedroom Decor

Red and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas bedroom
Red and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas bedroom detail

Ha ha I know, you might think, what else is new? BUT it’s the first time ever I decorate a bedroom for Christmas or any Holiday for that matter. So, you might understand I’m frikin’ excited LOL.

When I finished and finally could take all the photos with everything tidied up and clean, organized, and decorated I had this feeling so deep. I felt at home like never before. I actually slept so well that night.

angled view of Red and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas bedroom

I usually don’t sleep too well, no matter what I do. That’s been my normal for as long as I can remember so the next morning when I woke up with the thin morning light coming from the window, I had this joy and happiness bursting out of my chest.

It’s hard to explain but it was one of my best mornings ever. I was rested, I was happy and I was absolutely thankful.

Red and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour
detailed view of one side of the bed and nightstand

Thankfully it was Saturday and my girl had stayed at my mom’s so I could just stay there all snuggled and cuddling under my duvet for almost 2 hours!!!! LOL, I couldn’t believe it!

So now you can understand why our bedroom decor got a special place in my heart.

frontal image of the headboard of the bed

Hopefully, with each year that we celebrate here, I might be able to expand the decoration to more rooms and make it a whole bright holiday home.

close-up image of the headboard

I even got to use one of my own Hand lettering Practices for the main Frame above the headboard. I absolutely adore how it looks!!!!

Side close-up image of the headboard of the bed

Christmas Decor Tips

  • Make your own red and white plaid pillows, table runners, and blankets using scrap pieces of fabric.
  • Choose small Christmas trees to use as centerpieces and place them in different spots in your apartment. This will create a nice holiday vibe without taking up too much space.
  • Hang twinkling lights around the room to make it look bigger and create a magical feeling for your Red & White Christmas decorations.
  • Transform empty mason jars into cute candle holders or fill them with fairy lights to make your home look cozy and inviting.
  • Make a plaid paper chain garland using your hands. Hang it on walls or stair railings to make the place look nostalgic and festive.
  • Use cinnamon sticks to make your home smell nice and look pretty. Tie them with red and white ribbons and put them in different places around your house.
  • Make a boring doormat look better by painting a plaid pattern on it using fabric paint. This will make your guests feel welcome.
bed side image with red buffalo plaid cushions on it

Well, That’s it for this year!

Hope you enjoyed this Red and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour and that I gave you a little bit of inspiration and ideas. It was all made with lots of love!

mirror image of bed in standing mirror

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a stunning Christmas Decor on a budget?

You can make your holiday decorations look beautiful by using handmade decorations, doing DIY projects, and using things you already have in new ways. Use inexpensive fabric to make plaid-themed textiles and ornaments, reuse jars and cans, and find creative ways to make things festive without spending too much money.

I have a small apartment; how can I make the most of the space for my holiday decor?

Choose smaller Christmas trees and decorations that will fit in your space. Use wall-mounted displays to save space and put festive decorations in corners and on surfaces in a thoughtful way. Embrace simplicity and allow important items to stand out to avoid having too much stuff.

Can you suggest some space-saving storage ideas for my holiday decorations?

Use clear plastic containers to store and arrange decorations and seasonal items to make the most of your space. You could use storage under your bed or reuse pretty boxes to keep your things organized and easy to get to.

What are some tips for making my apartment feel warm and inviting during the holiday season?

Use soft, red and white blankets, pillows with a unique texture, and gentle rugs to make the room feel warm and comfortable. Play cheerful music in the background and think about adding smells like cinnamon and pine to create a cozy feeling of holiday memories.

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I wish from the bottom of my heart that your Christmas is Merry and Bright. As blessed as mine is so far and most of all, hope Santa and our beloved baby Jesus bring joy and help you achieve all your dreams and goals for the next year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friends!

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  1. Red is my favorite color, so your entire post is an absolute delight. Couple the red with all things red checked ~ small and large ~ and you’ve created a beautiful, cute and welcoming home. LOVE IT!

    Truly enjoyed ~ Merry Christmas to you Too!

    1. Thank you so so much, Melinda. Your words made my day today as I was having a really hard one (here is afternoon already). Knowing that sharing a bit of my home made it feel like you felt just makes my heart so happy!
      Hope you have a wonderful and Merry Christmas and that all your dreams and big goals for the next year come true!
      hugs and Kisses