Glittered Twine Star Christmas OrnamentGlittered Twine Star Christmas Ornament

I don’t know about you, but for me this is getting better and better and so much excitement!!! Love Christmas so much and I’m so happy creating our ornaments. My girl is so excited too, we can’t wait to actually start putting everything on the new tree. Today I’m super happy to share with you this cute and rustic Glittered Twine Star Christmas Ornament, hope you love it as much as we do!

Glittered Twine Star Christmas Ornament

Glittered Twine Star Christmas Ornament

Like our Twine Ball Christmas Ornaments, these stars are easy to make but it takes time to have them done. Not like days but I made 8 of these 4 medium and 4 larger and they took me a whole afternoon to have stars done and then let them dry overnight. I finished the details next day in the afternoon. It’s su much fun to make them though. In my opinion crafting is relaxing and even therapeutic.

The first couple stars I was a bit stressed because I was taking photos and stuff but then the rest was fun and the process much more fluid.

What I love the most about this type of crafts is that it’s all about imperfection. That precisely the beauty of them. None of them are the same. The twine is imperfect and the pattern is imperfect. Making the stars with wire is so imperfect but when you finish them you will most definitely fall in love!

So, Wanna learn how to make this cute Glittered Twine Star Christmas Ornament???


  • Galvanized wire 10 gauge {here says 10 but each country might have different numbers but make sure has a good diameter but that you still can bend it with a plier.}
  • Jute twine
  • White yarn {optional but recommended}
  • Flat Nose Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Stars printed on a page {this is as a guide to make the stars}
  • White Felt
  • White {snow} and gold glitter.
  • Tiny gold stars {optional}
  • Glue gun + silicon sticks.
  • Christmas bells silver and gold
  • White glue or mod podge.


I started with the wire stars. For that I decided what sizes of stars I wanted to make. Since I wasn’t sure I printed different sizes on the same page. Once decided the size I started working with my wire.

I made my first bend with my nose pliers about 1 inch {2.5 cm} from the end.


This will be the start and finish point and it should belong to and internal corner of the star like follows:


Next would be make the first point of the star. Place you bent corner on top of your printed star and mark where you should bend your wire. Using your nose pliers, bend your wire trying to keep the same direction from your first corner.


Mark again on the internal corner and bend again.


Following the star design make your 5 points.

When your wire meets the end, bend the wire one last time so it would overlap your first internal corner and cut about 1 inch {2.5 cm} from the corner. {Please bear with me as I try to explain this process I’m showing you each step with photos in case I get you all confused}



Finally you have three options here. You can use hot glue gun to stick both ends together, use a thiner wire to keep both ends together or like I did just make loops with both ends.


This is a bit hard since the wire is strong for only fingers so I used the nose pliers, I would put both end and pint side inside the pliers and turn the pliers around so the end would overlap and create a loop. You can play around with your first star and see what works best for you.

Make as many stars you want before moving on.



Now the really fun part! 

Let’s start wrapping up our Glittered Twine Star Christmas Ornament

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