Mini Jam Jars Valentine’s Day Gift Box

Valentine’s day is getting closer. Time is flying and January is almost over. Can you believe it??? At home we use this jam that comes in mini jars because it’s practical each of us can have the one we prefer and we don’t have to stick with only a couple of flavors until each jar one over. The thing is that we throw away so many I thought that those little jars could make a cute Valentine’s Day gift box for any small detail such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Mini Jam Jars Valentine’s Day Gift Box

Mini Jam Jars Valentine’s Day Gift Box DIY #Tutorial #ValentinesDayGifts #freeprintable

This craft took me about 30 minutes once I had the labels ready. I made 3 gift box and took photos so let’s say that it should take maybe 20 minutes LOL.

I love how they turned out. Super cute and will last longer than regular cardstock boxes.

You will need:

  • Mini Jam Jars.
  • Ribbon
  • Gold/silver thread
  • Washi tape {or similar}
  • Labels and tags
  • Hot glue gun
  • Regular glue
  • Cotton

First of all, make sure that jars are clean and dry. Apply one strip of washi tape to the jar. I place it at the bottom of the jar.

Then since most of washi tapes are kind if wide, cut it in half length wise and wrap the edges of the lid {I did this because I didn’t want the expiring date to be visible}

With hot glue, apply a strip of ribbon around the jar just below the lid place.

Make a cute ribbon bow and glue it to the jar ribbon.

I made this cute 4U tag. I glued both parts together.

If you don’t have a silhouette you can just put any tag you love there using a gold/silver {or any color} thread.

 Place the tag around the ribbon so the tag is right next to the bow. 

Cut it and glue it with hot glue. Then place some cotton inside the jars and put your special gift there.

 That’s it!

 A cute, inexpensive and full of love little detail for the loved one.

What do you think??? Do you like upcycling things like this to make wonderful gifts???

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