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How to Make Poppy Troll Costume (with video)

This Poppy Troll Costume Tutorial will make your little troll the hit of the party.  You can have this Poppy Troll costume done in about 2 to 3 hours and you don’t need to be a pro to make it. Also, you don’t need a pattern, and will fit any size. Cool right?

My girl went crazy about Trolls this year, how about your kids? My girl went from Frozen obsession to Poppy craziness.

She asked me so many times to be Poppy Troll and after looking everywhere for the costume without luck I said, what the heck, I’m making it.

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How to Make Troll’s Poppy Costume Tutorial

The thing was that many moms from my girl’s school asked me to help to make the costume for them as well. Most of them were Poppy’s and some were Branch’s but the thing with Branch trolls costume I didn’t have time to make video and take photos sadly.

So after 5 costumes, I said to myself, how about making a video of the sixth costume {my girl’s} and share how to make the Poppy Troll Costume with my lovely readers? Yup, let’s do this!

DIY Princess Poppy Troll Costume

The trolls movie caused such a buzz and there was no kid who didn’t want to use a costume with their favorite character. My girl was no exception.

This Poppy costume is crazy easy to make. Even if you are not a professional sewer, you can pull this off in a couple of hours or so for the dress and about 30 minutes for the wig.

I included in this tutorial a video and step-by-step photos for the outfit and then only video for the wig.

Confession time:

I was going nuts between video and photos at the same time! LOL.

I loved Fleece Fun’s Costume super cute, but Angel used a pattern for it, and even though it was super easy to make, I wanted something super easy to make and that would fit any size.

Then I got hooked with Color the Moon Wig Idea, here again, I hit the wall because those tulle rolls here are super expensive. So I kept digging and looking for alternatives!

There is no pattern for this since every girl might have different sizes so what you need is a sleeveless dress, like the type I used here that you might already have in your girl’s closet, and some other supplies.

A happy girl wearing her Poppy Troll costume

Some supplies are a bit expensive here like the tulle, so for the pink wig, I bought a cheap {really cheap} tulle skirt from the party department on cheap stores. All the other supplies are common and easy to find.

You can add or remove details, it’s always about what you like and your imagination.

I was short on time so I did it as easily and quickly as I could. Hope this helps you too.

What other fabrics can be used for this Poppy Troll Costume?

You can use numerous types of fabric. I used Felt because is cheap and warm. By Halloween and Carnaval here the weather is still cool so it’s a good fit. Also, felt is stiffer so it keeps the shape.

you can also use:

  • Fleece, if you need it warmer.
  • Cotton or knit for warmer weather.

Can this costume be a Poppy adult costume too?

Absolutely! You will just need a sleeveless dress of your own size and follow the same instructions. Maybe You might need to tweak a bit on the back or side so you can put it on more easily. You could add velcro or a zipper.

Poppy Troll Costume Tutorial

Let’s do this!


  • A sleeveless dress {that you might already have}
  • Blue and light blue Felt {how much? That will depend on your kid’s size}
  • Tulle skirt {any size will do just make sure is really thick}
  • A small piece of white yarn {Thick}
  • Headband
  • Teal Foam
  • Hot glue gun
  • Needle and thread {white or light blue}
  • Large cup {those really large}
  • Pen or pencil, ruler, and scissors.
  • Pins
  • Lots of Love!


  • Pink Sweater and pink tights {for Poppy skin}.


Poppy’s Dress

I created this quick video tutorial to make it easy for you! However, if you are more of a photo step-by-step kind of person just scroll down and keep reading!

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Take your pretty dress and fold it in half lengthwise.

Fold your blue felt enough so your folded dress will fit fold with the fold.

Creating the Poppy's dress

Draw your dress shape on the felt.

Then hand-draw the shoulder flap. Just extend one of the shoulders giving kind of a drop shape.

Cut the felt and cut off on the shoulder’s flap. If you see it in front of you should cut off the left shoulder flap.

This would be your back part of the dress.

Repeat the process using your already cut piece but without any flaps. This will be your front part. Here I suggest cutting off a bit of the neck so it’s a bit more open.

Then place your light blue felt at the bottom of the front part of the dress. It should take a maximum 1/4 of the height of the dress.

Creating the decoration for the Poppy's costume

Draw onto the light blue felt the shape of your dress.

Then using your cup draw the waves about over an inch from the bottom edge. Try to have at least 4 peaks.

Cut and set aside.

Now let’s practice a bit more hand-drawn. Draw One large drop about 1,5 Inches long {more or less depending on your dress size} and one smaller drop, 1 inch or so. It should look like shown below.

Cut your drops and then use them as a pattern to make 1 large and 2 smaller for each peak.

Once you have them all cut, place your light blue piece on top of the front part of the dress and place your drops following the following pattern.

Pin them in place.

Hand-sew each piece to the dress. It doesn’t have to be perfect stitches.

I made them as invisible as I could by inserting the needle on the blue felt but as close as I can from the light blue piece and pushing it back through the light blue piece and so on.

Stitching the decorations to the front side of the Poppy troll dress

When you are done sewing you should have something like this.

You can repeat this process on the back if you would like. As I said I was short on time so I left it blank.

Now put your front and back pieces right side together and stitch the right and left side and only the non-flapped shoulder.

Finally, stitch the flap. You should still have your shoulder line drawn so what I did was putting the cut shoulder end right on that line but as if it continued the felt. Hope this makes sense. {Check the video where you can see better what I mean}.

Then cross stitch along the shoulder line as follows.

The last touch is the white stitch on the flap. Using a thick yarn and a yarn needle, make a large stitch making sure both ends meet on the wrong side of the flap. Tie with a knot on the back.

There you go! Your Poppy Troll Dress is ready!

SIDE NOTE: Since each body is different you might consider adding a zipper on one side. My girl is silly skinny so I didn’t need but some of the other moms added it and it looked great.

Poppy’s Wig

This is the final touch to make this Poppy Troll Costume awesome!

Poppy troll pink wig made out of a tulle skirt

The wig is only explained in the video. So feel free to watch it and let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions.

Here you go your Poppy Troll Costume is ready to rock!!!!

Not bad for a last-minute costume right?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, I would love to know!

This awesome Halloween Poppo Troll Costume all ready to go!
The girl showing off her troll costume!
Poppy's dress details
Poppy's ouftit details on the bottom
The girl wearing the Pink Poppy wig

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Til' next time...

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  1. Thank you so much for this! My daughter is almost 2 and OBESSSED with Trolls so I wanted to make something for her to be Poppy this year. I am not very crafty but can follow directions so I am going to give this a try! Will let you know how it turns out :) Thanks!

    1. Hi Kayla, I’m SO glad you like this tutorial and hope you girl gets really happy once you finish. Yes please, let me know how it goes and if you have any problems or any suggestions or improvements, please let me know!!!! I would also love to see a photo if you would share it with me!!!

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