Halloween Black Cat Softie Pattern (and Video Tutorial)

 Meet Cleo and Cloe. A Free Halloween Black Cat Softie Pattern to enjoy with kids. A Perfect Beginner Sewing Project to teach your kids how to sew and have lots of fun together. Because Halloween does not always need to be scary how about this cute Halloween Black Cat Softie?

DIY Free Halloween Black Cat Softie Pattern

How to Make Halloween Black Cat Softies?

Sew a Softie for Halloween was an idea that was born last year by Trixi from Colored Buttons while was looking for Halloween softies. She noticed there wasn’t a huge range of free softie tutorials around so she decided to run a Sew a Softie for Halloween tutorial hop.

The hop starts on October 1st and lasts for 3 weeks. I can assure you, you’ll have tons of Halloween softie tutorials to keep you busy until way past Halloween. I’m just in love with all the ideas! Make sure you visit Trixi’s Instagram to see all the amazing ideas and cute softies from this Hop!

This project was my perfect opportunity to involve my girl. She’s always up for new things and I’m lucky enough that she always wants to get involved in things blog related. This was her first time sewing and we had fun (and stressed moments LOL) while practicing stitches.

You see, my girl (and probably most kids) sometimes have a hard time accepting that learning new things doesn’t mean you do it right the first time. It needs practice and to hear constructive criticism like, try smaller stitches or larger stitches. Or even her own mind saying I don’t do it right.

Thankfully, she listens and when we explained, things take time and practice and that when we correct her is not to make her feel bad, but to show her how to improve, she seemed to understand and accept it better to the point to finish her practice subject in a blink.

Needless to say, she was so proud when she made her first stitches all by herself and even more proud when we finished her Kitty Cat.

Free Halloween Black Cat Softie Pattern

This project fairly easy but as we got through we find out it was a little tricky in some parts. We both being a bit perfectionists (bad combo) we had to find easier ways to make this cute Halloween Black Cat Softie. One way we found was to glue the details, like eyes, nose and years instead of sewing them.

Other than that it was fun.

Halloween Black Cat Softie Supplies:

  • Halloween Black Cat Softie Pattern
  • Black felt
  • Yellow/orang{ish} felt
  • White felt
  • Light pink felt
  • Wire (any gauge that you can easily bend)
  • Black thread, needle (there are needles for kids) and scissors.
  • Hot glue gun or a quick-dry glue of your choice.
  • Synthetic filling.
  • Wire cutter (pliers)

Halloween Black Cat Softie Directions

I made a video tutorial for you to make it easier to see the process, however, if you are more of a step-by-step photo kind of person, just scroll a bit and keep reading!

First, print your Black Cat Softie Pattern and cut each piece. You will find extra pieces (really small) that are optional like whiskers and show marks. I only used the essentials, body, eyes, tail, ears, hand nose.

Then lay your pattern pieces on the correct felt color and cut your pieces. I always cut on the fold so I get both pieces at once.

Assemble your kitty eyes gluing them with your hot fur of favorite glue.

The basic kitty is done by now so it’s time to sew.