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DIY 3-Pieces Envelope Pillowcase for Christmas

If you want to try something new or just want a simple sewing project to enjoy, then this step-by-step tutorial on how to make an envelope pillowcase is right for you! Simple to make, wash, and re-use, these 3-piece envelope pillowcases are easy to make. Could there be anything better?

I’ve been excited for weeks about this post. It’s been torture having to wait until today but here we are Yayyyy.

I’m being silly, I know. But the thing is I loved so much how these red and white Christmas pillows turned out that I was dying to share it.

Why didn’t I share this before, you may ask? Well, I’m a part of an awesome group Called Silhouette Challenge and we have a monthly challenge that goes live on the second Monday of each month. This was my project for it so now you see why I had to wait.

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DIY 3-Pieces Envelope Pillowcase for Christmas

3-Pieces Envelope Pillowcase for Christmas Tutorial

The problem was not the waiting itself, the problem is that I was so excited about this month’s challenge that I was ready like over two weeks ago LOL.

Yes, I know I got a little carried away…

But hey! It’s Christmas and Christmas makes me too happy and inspired!

I recently shared our Christmas Decoration Home Tour 2015 where you can see all the decorations we made. These pillows turned out to be the perfect addition and I can’t be happier. Hope you like these too!

Pillows are one of the easiest ways to add coziness and style to your home decor. I’m obsessed with them!

In today’s post, I’m going to show you how to make the second most basic and easiest pillow cover you’ll find on the internet: a 3-pieces envelope pillowcase.

You can edit and vary this from here in several different ways, as I have.

I’ve made quite a few pillows with different decorations and styles already and I’ll give you some ideas to start with. You will learn how to make this super easy envelope pillow cover, then stay tuned for more pillow cases tutorials where I will show you all the ways I have made them.

For this project, I used the 3-pieces technique to make the pillowcases and two techniques for the decoration.

On some, I used Heat transfer vinyl and on the other, I used stencil, paint, and glitter. I used basically for our home decoration 3 colors: red, white and gold.

Without decorating the pillowcases, making them takes about 20 minutes to put together. If you want to add decoration then it will take a little longer, but don’t let this scares you, you can have quite a few pillows done in one day.

What Are Envelope Pillowcases?

Recently, envelope pillowcases have become very popular. An envelope pillowcase differs from other pillowcases in that it has a special envelope closure at the back that resembles a real envelope instead of the traditional open or zipper closure. In this way, the pillow will remain hidden, creating a more finished aesthetic when decorating your couch or bed.

A Few Common Questions About Pillowcases


What Is The Sewing Level Needed To Make Envelope Pillowcase?

This sewing tutorial is great for all levels. It’s easy enough for beginners and super fun and quick to make if you’re already an expert!

What Type And Size Of Pillows This Envelope Pillowcase Is Good For?

Envelope pillowcases are perfect for square pillows of any size, But it works on rectangular or even circular pillows by adjusting the size and shape of the fabric based on the size of your specific pillow form.

Are These Envelope Pillowcases Washable?

Absolutely! As long as the fabric you choose is washable, your pillow cover will be totally washable. If you decorated them then follow washing instructions from the material used.

How To Make An Envelope Pillowcase.

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  • 1 yard of your favorite fabrics or more depending on the size of your pillows {I used red with stars and a buffalo check plaid white and red}
  • Stencil material {I confess I used contact paper}
  • White heat transfer vinyl
  • Gold fabric paint
  • Gold glitter
  • Fabric Glitter glue.
  • Matching thread
  • Pillow insert
  • Measuring tape, plastic ruler, scissors or rotary cutter.


  • Sewing Machine
  • Cutting machine *optional if you want to decorate the pillows.

Envelope Pillowcase pieces

Like I said this project involves only 3 fabric pieces. so first, cut the pieces of your fabric. In my case, my pillows were squared which made the job easier.

I also decided I wanted to make them with a french seam finish which means I need to add the extra seam allowance to create it.

Or course the first thing to do is define the size of your pillow.

For a pillow’s size 46X46 cm (18×18 Inches), cut:

  • Front 1 piece 50×50 cm (19.5×19.5 Inches).
  • Back panels 2 pieces 50x 35 cm (19.5×14 Inches).

These measurements include 1/8 inch seam allowance and the french seam.

Laying out the 3 pieces needed for the envelope pillowcases I'm making

Once the pieces of all your pillows are cut, it’s time to decorate them before sewing the pieces together.

Envelope Pillowcase Design

This is a totally optional step. If you are not planning on decorating your pillows, you can skip this step and move on to the assembling part.

Also, if you want to decorate your pillow but don’t have a cutting machine that’s cool too. You can find numerous designs on the internet to purchase or in craft stores. Some are heat transfer vinyl and others are stencils for you to paint on the fabric.

Let’s work on the design.

Technique #1: Heat Transfer Vinyl design

The design for the pillocases made on Silhouette Studio App

I made a design for heat transfer using the words Joy and Noel using my own fonts for it and a cute winter design from the Silhouette store.

Then I weld them together to make one single design ready to cut.

It’s also important that you make sure you have you define the size of the pillow decorating area so you set the right width and height on the cutting machine app.

For cutting, since I’ll be using heat transfer, I mirrored the image and set the knife according to Silhouette settings.

Send to cut.

Showing how the cutting machine is cutting the design for the heat transfer designed envelope pillowcase

Once cut, use the hook tool to remove all the unwanted pieces. Including all the surrounding HTV.


Place the Image centered on your fabric front panel, right side up and laid a t-shirt piece of fabric on top of the design.

Iron in cotton settings pressing down firmly for about 40-60 seconds {it might vary between irons} until you make sure the image is really stuck to the fabric. If you peel away the plastic and the vinyl is not set, continue ironing for a few more seconds.

Showing how to place the material to iron on the design onto the fabric

I let it cool for a few seconds and started peeling away the plastic very carefully.

To wash it you can just machine wash and dry inside out {the lower the heat the better}.

There you go, your pillow design is ready!

I did this with the other pillow.

Envelope pillowcase designs finished

Technique #2: The Stencil painted design

I used a reindeer design from the silhouette store for the painted pillow. In this case, there is no need to mirror it.

Just send to cut and set the knife to the suggested settings.

Protect with plastic the surface where you are going to work.


Place your fabric over the plastic, right side up.

Place your design stencil centered in the fabric.


Start painting. In my case seems like the type of fabric rejected the contact paper. But didn’t let this stop me.

I just had to be extra careful to paint it. Using a sponge I painted only tapping over the design. I applied 2 layers of paint. Let it dry a bit. I waited about 20 minutes.


Protect the surroundings of your design and applied carefully the glitter glue for fabric with a clean sponge and spread the glitter all over the design.

Then, wait at least 25 minutes before removing the excess of glitter.


After removing the glitter you will still have some glitter around, leave it and take it outside {if your weather allows it} or close to a window to let it completely dry. It would take a couple of hours.


After a couple of hours had passed, it was completely dry and with the help of a brush, I remove any remaining glitter from the design leaving only the stuck glitter.

Importantly, I suggest doing this outdoors or over a protected surface so you don’t get glitter all over your house!

Sewing the pillows cases.

Firstly, start making the hems on the back panels.

Double fold over one of the long edges of your back pieces about 1/8 inch each and stitch. Do this for both back pieces.

Hemming the reaw edges of the back pannels of the envelope pillowcase

Then, with your front piece facing up, place both back pieces facing down (right sides together) on top of it as shown. Make sure they overlap correctly.


Pin all the way around and stitch all the way around the edges respecting the seam allowance.

I love to zig-zag stitch after stitching to avoid fraying on the raw edges. This is more than enough and you don’t a serger for this.

The sewing machine stitching along the edges of the fabric respecting the seam allowance
The cute envelope pillowcase design seen through the opening of the cover

For best results, Iron your pillowcase to flatten the edges and remove wrinkles.


Flip your pillow cover inside out (wrong sides together) and straight stitch all the way around the edges again leaving 1/4 inch to create the french seam.

Stitching on the right side of the pillow case along the edges to create the frensh seam.

That’s it! How easy right?

The pillowcase ready to be stuffed!

Making these pillow covers without any design should take you no more than 20 minutes each. I made all 4 pillow covers in about 3 hours including designs and photos LOL.

Finally, insert your pillows inside your covers and voila!


Of course, do the same with the rest of the covers you might want to make.

All three pillowcase designs ready!

Decorate your Couch!

I SO crazily love how these red and white Christmas pillows turned out!

The living room looks so festive and bright! I’m really happy with the results.

We already had these yellow pillows that went perfect with the color combo!

The look of the pillows using the envelope pillowcases on the sofa
3-Pieces Envelope Pillowcase for Christmas on the sofa
Sofa all styled up with the Envelope Pillowcase for Christmas

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3-Pieces Envelope Pillowcase for Christmas Tutorial

If you want to check out our Christmas Decoration Home Tour 2015, feel free to visit! I’ll be more than happy to have you a while longer!

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Til' next time...

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    1. These pillows covers as seriously so easy to make. And can be done super quick!!!! I’m glad these got you some inspiration, I’m sure yours would be so gorgeous!!!

  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! I am not very crafty, but I would really love to try to make these for my house next year. They look so great with your living room too. I can’t wait to try this!

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