Easy Rustic Christmas Pillowcases with Freezer Paper (+ Free Cut Files)

Aren’t you super excited about Christmas? I know I am. Even though things have been hectic and crazy lately I still get this special excitement just by seeing the Christmas tree and all the decor in and outside my home. Also because my house it’s so looking like a HOME now with so much effort and making myself many of my furniture pieces and buying others second handed. Now I feel comfy and so happy. Part of this cozy feeling is because I love making pillows and today I’m so excited to share with you these Freezer Paper Reindeers Easy Rustic Christmas Pillowcases I’ve made.

Easy Rustic Christmas Pillowcases with Freezer Paper

Easy Rustic Christmas Pillowcases with Freezer Paper

I had shared a couple Christmas ago how to make envelope Christmas Pillowcases and today I’m sharing how to make them with a zipper. Super easy too.

Every time I see a pretty fabric I automatically think about pillowcases, for sofa, for bedrooms for anything LOL. I just have a thing for Pillowcases, what can I say.

But enough about me…

Let’s make some cute and Easy Rustic Christmas Pillowcases with Freezer Paper shall we?


  • 2 rustic fabric squares per pillow, 2 inches larger than your pillow
  • Freezer paper
  • 1 zipper per pillow larger than your pillows
  • Silver and gold fabric paint
  • Foam brush
  • 2 Red Rhinestones {size totally up to you, it’s for the nose}
  • Fabric glue
  • Ribbon bows {optional}
  • Iron
  • Scissors, needle, thread and sewing machine {this last is optional you can always hand-sew}

For this project I painted the reindeer first and then sew the pillowcases. I thought it would be easier but you can do it after making the pillowcase if you prefer.

So I designed my reindeer on my cutting machine’s software, in this case I have a Silhouette Cameo. Any machine goes and even if you are patient enough you can cut it yourself.

Once the design was done I mirrored the design for one of the pillows since I need to use the freezer paper with the sticky side up. The other one I left it without mirroring it since both reindeers are supposed to be facing each other.

Placed a 20”x20″ piece of freezer paper on the cutting matt with waxed side up.

Send design to cut using the normal paper settings.

Once cut, remove the internal pieces leaving only the hollow shape of the reindeer {A TIP: you can keep the reindeer silhouette you remove from the matt to make another project!}

Position your design on the right side of the fabric to have a idea of where to place it. Because I wanted the reindeers on the bottom of the pillow you have a straight cut line as a reference. I placed that cut line 1 inch from the bottom edge.

Then remove it from the mat and place the design with waxed-side facing down where you decided it to be.

Iron it on high for a few seconds until you see it doesn’t come off easily.

Now let’s PAINT!!!!

I try my best to always brush from the edges of the freezer paper to the fabric to avoid those ugly edges. At places it’s not that easy but it’s something I like to do whenever I can.

Fill the whole reindeer and even add a second coat if you see fit. With the silver I didn’t need it but with the Gold it was a pain. It was not a Gold Gold color so I gave a second coat and still didn’t get the colour but I liked the overall look.

Let it dry for a couple hours {just to be sure because most fabric paints dry really quick}.

Once dry carefully remove all the freezer paper.

Pour a drop of fabric glue on the tip of the nose and place your rhinestone.

There you go, a cute red nose!

I played with 2 bows imagining one reindeer is a girl and the other a boy.

I put the bow on the horns of the silver reindeer to make it a girl. And I put the other bow on the neck of the gold reindeer as the boy.

Stitch each bow in place with your needle and thread.

Now the sewing part. Believe it’s super easy.

Fold the bottom edge inwards {where you reindeer is} and place your zipper making sure the zipper teeth are slightly showing above the folded edge. Pin in Place.

When you are done on one side, do the same on the other side making sure both sides match position with the zipper.

Using your zipper foot on your sewing machine, they are narrow in size and have a notch on the left for the needle and a notch on the right.  This is so that the presser foot can butt up right next to the zipper, making a seam really close to that zipper.

I usually start at the bottom of the zipper and work my way to the top.

So first, position your needle all the way over to the left (so you don’t break your needle) and now you’re ready to begin sewing along the right side of the seam.  Slide your fabric (right side up) underneath the presser foot and find the pin you used to mark the bottom of the zipper.  Remember that every zipper teeth width is different, so feel how far out your zipper teeth come and sew just to the right of them, not ON them.  Whatever distance away from the teeth you use, just make it consistent as you sew along the zipper.  Back stitch a time or two and then start sewing.

Keep sewing all the way down the zipper until you are about 2 inches from the end. Repeat on the other side.

Then leaving the zipper opened, place both right sides together and stitch the 3 other edges leaving 1/2 inch seam allowance. You can see a more detailed tutorial about this part of the Pillowcase HEREhttps://thecraftingnook.com/2015/12/diy-easy-red-and-white-christmas-pillows/envelope Christmas Pillowcases

Turn it inside out and then stitch again along the edges {except the zipper one} leaving about other 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Yo are all done!

Tuck in your favourite pillow, close your zipper and let’s make your sofa rock!

Hope you like how my Rustic Christmas Pillowcases with Freezer Paper turned out!

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Till Next time!


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    Free Embroidery Patterns
    Thank you for a great explanation. I was looking online for a similar idea and really appreciate it

  2. Camila

    I love these pillows! I never knew you could use freezer paper in this way. I love learning new techniques in crafting and sewing. Thanks for sharing.

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