DIY Paint Splattered Patriotic Tote Bag

Hello everyone! I’m happy to be sharing with you this super fun painted splattered Patriotic Tote Bag that I made for my June Silhouette Challenge woot! It was fun indeed to make. I love painting fabric, remember my Em’s and Mommy Coordinated Aprons? It was fun painting Chef and Sous Chef =D.

DIY Paint Splattered Patriotic Tote Bag

DIY Paint Splattered Patriotic Tote Bag Tutorial cover

This patriotic tote bag is easy to make but it takes some time to be ready. The result is pretty good though! The funny thing is that I end up making an American patriotic project because I didn’t’ read the whole instructions LOL. I could have done something from Venezuela where I lived most of my life of Brazil where I actually was born Haha.
Aaaaniway I enjoy lots making this patriotic tote bag and I actually use it often hope you like it too.

So, Ready to check this Patriotic Tote Bag out???

What you need:

  • Fabric paint {I used red and blue}
  • White fabric {2 pieces 40 x 60 cm}
  • White fabric {1 piece 80 x 16 cm}
  • Patterned fabric {2 Pieces 40 x 60 cm}
  • Patterned fabric {1 piece 30 x 15 cm}
  • White felt {2 Pieces 40 x 60 cm}
  • Old toothbrush
  • Vinyl or freezer paper stars.
  • 1 white small button
  • 1 Big button {I used blue}
  •  About 10 cm of elastic cord.
pieces of fabrics view

I made some starts on my Silhouette studio {app} and filled the whole area {did you know that now you set one image and it can fill horizontally and vertically? wow}. Then I cut it on my Cameo using freezer paper. I remove all the paper leaving only the stars and using one of the 40 x 60 white fabric I placed and ironed the stars on it.

collage of images with the screenshot, the cutting machine, the freezer paper and the ironing process

Then I protected a table with paper and using a plastic surface I placed the star masked fabric there and secure it with small pieces of tape. I deluded the paint with some water, just a few drops to make it a bit thin. With the toothbrush I started splatting the paint on half of the fabric with blue and the other half with red.

collage of images with the process of splashing with painting the fabric on the patriotic design

 I left it dry for a couple of hours and then removed the stars carefully. Tadaaa! The paint is done!

the fabric already painted with the star design

Now to the tote bag.

I put together one piece of 40 x 60 white fabric with one piece of felt. Then I put them together with white fabric {including painted one} facing each other. I stitched around 2 long sides and one short side leaving one short side open.

Then I pinched bottom corner together as in image bellow {step 11-12}. I measured 6 cm from the corner and marked on both sides and stitched. I cut the triangle leaving a seam allowance of 1 cm. Turned it over.

collage of images with the process of sewing the bag

Folded the 80 x 16 cm fabric in half longwise, stitched the long side and turned it inside out. I placed and pinned in place each end of the strip to the sides of the tote bag on the right side. To make inside pockets I hemmed one long side of the 30 x 15 patterned fabric and placed it on top of the right side of one of the 40 x 60 cm patterned fabric. Stitched it around the sides and bottom. I also stitched about 10 cm from one edge to make a phone pocket. Repeated steps 9 to 12 with the patterned fabric.

continue of process of sewing the bag and handdle

I sewed the white and patterned fabric together. I placed white fabric {with felt} inside the patterned fabric right sides together. I stitched around the top bag leaving a 1 cm seam allowance leaving a 6-8 cm opening for turning the bag. Turned the bag inside out and pushed the patterned side inside the bag. Stitched all the way around the top of the bag. This closed up the opening I used to turn. At this point, the bag is almost done.  Then on the back of the bag, I stitched a button with the elastic cord. I just folded the elastic in half, made a knot on the end and in the middle.

collage of images with the process of sewing  second layer of fabric inside the bag
collage of images of DIY Paint Splattered Patriotic Tote Bag

On the front side of the bag {the painted one}, I stitched the big blue button and placed it around the elastic. 

Tadaaaaaaaaa =D The patriotic tote bag is ready to rock… I just love it!!!! My dad even helped me with some awesome pictures while using it! Fun, fun, fun and hot, hot, hot… the temperature was almost 40 degrees Celsius. Check them out!

closer view of DIY Paint Splattered Patriotic Tote Bag modeling
view of DIY Paint Splattered Patriotic Tote Bag modeling
second closer view DIY Paint Splattered Patriotic Tote Bag modeling
view DIY Paint Splattered Patriotic Tote Bag on grass
me and my DIY Paint Splattered Patriotic Tote Bag modeling
general view of me drinking water and with DIY Paint Splattered Patriotic Tote Bag

What do you think guys??? Do you like this cute and fun patriotic tote bag??? Have you painted something with a toothbrush????

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Til' next time...

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    1. Awwww thanks so much for including me on the compliment =D!!! I’m glad you like my bag it was so much fun to make and to take pictures LOL!!!

  1. I love it! I was looking for some “do it yourself” bags to make to use for grocery shopping and other such things! This is a project the whole family could get a piece of. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Woot! That would be so much fun if everyone get involved! Would love to see your bag!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. That is so pretty. I love the splatter look. Very cool .Thanks for linking up to Snickerdoodle Sunday.

  3. Totally awesome! Love this bag and love the technique (toothbrush!) you used to make it. Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Cami,
    I love your bag with splatters of red and blue.. The stars are cute but the attention to detail making the bag and lining is very well done.
    SC Love,,
    Karen Marie
    Dragonfly & lily Pads

    1. Yayyy Thanks so much Jessi! HAha that button was a touch at the last minute but I really love it… glad you like it too!

  5. You thought of everything!! Not only am I digging the splattered star look, but those pockets and the patterned fabric on the inside are absolutely perfectl!!

    Hopping through all the drool-worthy silhouette projects is totally my favorite part of Silhouette Challenge day!! Off to go pin away!!