Silver Owls Jewelry Set

I’m so into crafty jewelry! I love making them as much as I enjoy seeing them on Pinterest or on other blogs. Most of you know well how much I love owls, right??? So, I really love how this Silver Owls Jewelry Set turned out.

Silver Owls Jewelry Set

Silver Owls Jewelry Set DIY Tutorial

I found these cute owls pendants and flower connectors and I just could not resist buying them and making something cute.

I love how it turned out and I use it very often!!!… The best part, It’s super easy to make, let me show you =D

You are going to need, pendants, connectors, jump rings, small beads, clasp, separators, eye pins, earring fishhooks and needle nosed pliers.

For the bracelet, I started joining the connectors with jump rings until I reached the length I needed.

Then I added the clasp. I usually use 2 jump ring for this because it makes more difficult to break.

An finally I added the pendants hanging them with jump rings.


Now for the earrings, I started with the eye pins. I made another eye on the other end with a needle nose pliers.

Then I inserted 3 beads and one owl pendant to a jump ring. For the last I inserted the eye pin.

Then I inserted the separator in the eye pin and the last was adding the earring fishhooks. Tadaaaaaa!


Ready to use. I literally spend like 20 minutes making them. Ok maybe a bit more because I had to take these pictures LOL But really it didn’t take more than that.

Cute, isn’t it?

How do I look??? I looooove it!!!! How about you??? Do you like owls jewelry?

Till Next time!

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