T-Shirt to Pj Refashion

Hi all! MammaNene from Serger Pepper here! As you may know, I have a deep passion for refashion and tutorials, so today I’d like to show you how to transform two t-shirts from the Thrifty Shop (or from Hubby’s drawer) into the cutest pajama your daughter’s will ever have, with a smart touch: re-use some original feature to save your precious time and some headaches too!

T-Shirt to Pj Refashion

Serger Pepper - Guest Post on TitiCrafty - Refashion T-Shirts to PJ


Let’s talk about materials you need:

2 t-shirts, the bigger the better (I went with two contrasting colors/patterns because I love colorblocking!)
Serger Pepper - Guest Post on TitiCrafty - Refashion T-Shirts to PJ
Other things you’ll need:
  • an old pj (right size or small/short)
  • 2,5 cm height elastic for the waistband (long as your model’s waist, mine was 50 cm)
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • pins
  • thread
  • paper
  • pen
  • serger (optional)

Consider that I made this pj for my daughter, who is 5 years old. If you need to make a bigger one, you should consider: a) find Very Big T-shirts b) sew together fabrics from different t-shirts to have bigger fabric pieces to work with! Start trying to figure out how to lay your pj’s pieces on t-shirts, to have less leftovers. I decided to reuse the neckline and shoulder seam from the dark blue one (it was small for an adult head, then perfect size for a girl) and the hem from the pink one: this will save me a lot of time and worries! Maybe your T-shirts aren’t exactly the same as mine, but this is the what I love in refashioning: no twin clothes! Leave your imagination fly, no patterns here!

One more thing: seeing we’re sewing with knits, remember you’ll need to use a ballpoint needle and, if you like, check some more tips (my 30 best ones) in one of my latest posts about this topic! If you have T-shirts similar to the ones I used, or you’re a beginner in refashions, I’m showing you step-by-step what I did: feel free to ask me for help or suggestion if you’re stuck! Cut out sleeves (and set aside) from the t-shirt you want to keep the neckline and cut horizontally a couple of inches below the neckline on both front and back. Don’t do like me that I forgot to cut sleeves first (as you can see in this picture and the others to come!), it’s better if you cut them out now!



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  1. Camila

    What an adorable pj set! And I love the color blocked effect! Nice work, Irene! :) Lisa

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