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⁘ 2 December ⁘
Frozen Themed Birthday Party

My girl has been a fan of Frozen movie for over a year now even though It came out in theatres over 2 years ago LOL. It’s crazy how that movie has kept its audience so fiercely attached. For that reason my girl had decided about 6 months ago...
⁘ 25 November ⁘
Frozen DIY Elsa’s Braid

It’s been 2 years since Frozen was released and I can’t believe my girl is still so crazy about that movie. She literally wants to wear her dress, shoes and crown every day. And let me tell you, she has both Elsa’s and Anna’s dresses. When she told me...
⁘ 17 June ⁘
5 Games to Play at Your Kid’s Party

Throwing a kid’s party may sound like an easy task, but it can be quite difficult to keep a group of children engaged, occupied and entertained. A considerable amount of thought and preparation must go into any successful party, and a kid’s one is no exception. That’s why I’m...