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⁘ 4 March ⁘
Cilantro-Lime Chicken

I don’t know about you but I love chicken but I only eat chicken breast. Sounds silly but I really don’t like the rest LOL. The thing with chicken breast is that it get really dry and sometimes hard to really give them taste. But I love it anyway....
⁘ 25 February ⁘
Fresh Coconut Limeade

Don’t you love Limeades? I know I do. What I didn’t know is all the variations and delicious mix you can do with it. I recently went to a restaurant and they had this yummy and fresh Coconut Limeade and I went for it right away and so did...
⁘ 28 January ⁘
Bacon and Green Peas Soup

Hello lovely friends. Today I brought a delicious recipe perfect for cold days. I know in many places is still winter and here where I live is cold most of the year so a soup is always welcome! Mom and I made this delicious Bacon and green peas soup...