Homemade Roses Bath Salts (+ Free Printable)

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you finish your day and it was full of up and downs, a lot of work, stressing moments and so so long? Let me guess! A warm and relaxing bath… Am I right? I bet I am, and what is better than warm bath? A delicious tub with warm water and homemade roses bath salts to make you feel renewed and relaxed.

Homemade Roses Bath Salts + Free Printable

Homemade Roses Bath Salts + Free Printable #bathsaltsdiy #homemadebathsalts #rosesessentialoils

I absolutely LOVE bath salts. The best part is that they are so easy to make and the possibilities are endless when it comes to scent. And besides bath salts going beyond looking beautiful and smelling great, bath salts are far-reaching, and after using it you’ll feel the difference in your skin, your mood, and so much more.

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19 Comments at Homemade Roses Bath Salts (+ Free Printable)

  1. Camila

    I only take baths when I’m feeling bad, but I bet this would make me feel better, and smell so good. Would make great gifts! I love the cute jars and pretty labels. Thanks for sharing! Pinning!

    1. Camila

      I love taking bath with salts at least once a month… It’s so relaxing and renewing! and Roses is my favorite scent! so I usually go for it! Glad you like this one!
      Hugs and XOXO

  2. Camila

    I’m not sure if you noticed, but your photos showing the label for the bath salts says “bath SATS” and not “salts.” I’m not sure if the printable version has that typo in it or not, because when I clicked, it didn’t show the printable.
    Anyway, I’ve never made my own bath salts. Not yet. I have a bunch of DIYs pinned, though. Yours looks awesome! I love the printable you made to go along with it. It fits it perfectly.

    1. Camila

      I hadn’t noticed that and I’m so grateful that you let me know this… I’ll fix that and fix why the downloadable is not showing up! Again I can’t thank you enough for letting me know!!! Darn typos!!!
      Hugs and lost of XOXO

  3. Camila

    Man, after the week I’ve had, these bath salts are much needed! I’ve never tried these before either so I will have to give it a shot. Love it!

  4. Camila

    Just in time for DIY Christmas gifts, I’ll be adding this to my to-make list! Thanks!

    1. Camila

      Hey Victoria, how good to have you visiting! Thank you so much, I’m really excited about it… Hope yours turned out great, would love to see it when you do!
      XOXO and hugs

  5. Camila

    I love homemade gifts, these bath salts look fun to make and give!

    1. Camila

      Hey Jillian, Thanks so much for your sweet visit. These salts are totally easy, fun and great to give and to use!


  6. Camila

    I have actually never tried bath salts before!! I know, it’s crazy right?! I love bath bombs and bath bubbles, but just never got around to trying bath salts. Maybe I will use your tutorial to make some :-)

    1. Camila

      Thank you, I will love to see yours, I’m so sure you will give it a twist that I’ll die to make LOL. I’m sure you will get addict to it! It’s so nice and relaxing!

  7. Camila

    I bet this smells amazing! What a great gift idea, I especially love the printable tags. :)

  8. Camila

    This is such a lovely gift idea!! Beautiful!

    1. Camila

      Thank you lots Kristi! I bet anyone would love to get bath salts… such a thoughtful and relaxing gift!

  9. Camila

    Homemade bath salts are the best! They make great gifts.

    1. Camila

      Thank you so much Melanie! So glad you like my bath salts!!!

  10. Camila

    What a great group project this would be. I don’t often indulge in a bath, but when I do, I love one that smells great! Pinning :)

  11. Camila

    I’ve been wanting to make my own bath salts! Thanks for sharing this info!

    1. Camila

      You will love it… You can add the essential oil of your choosing and you will feel so good!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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