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⁘ 3 August ⁘
DIY Baby Doll Crib Bedding set

Does your girl love playing with baby dolls? Mine certainly does. She loves changing clothes, feeding the baby and all. She would even use her toy containers as the baby’s crib. That gave me the idea of making her somehow a crib but my mom wanted to give her...
⁘ 24 December ⁘
DIY Turning Onesies into T-Shirts

Turning onesies into T-Shirts is one of the easiest refashion we could possibly make and quickly solve the problem of onesies not fitting or never used because of situations like potty training. Probably most of you mommies have had this situation or might have in the future. I’ve got...
⁘ 15 December ⁘
Girls Cross Front Top with Shorts

Hello guys! Today I brought another cute sewing project. I made a cute cross front top with shorts for my little girl while we were in the Middle East. It’s perfect for spring and summer. I hadn’t had the chance to share it before but here it is.  Girls...
⁘ 5 November ⁘
Flowers & Denim Hat for Little Girls

I’ve always had a think for hats even though I haven’t been brave enough to wear them as often as I would like. I love them specially those cute hats they used to wear back in the 20s and 30s. Oh yeah I love them! Ha! So since I...
⁘ 29 October ⁘
Flowers & Denim Dress for Little Girls

Hello Everyone! Today I brought another sewing project. I made this cute little denim dress for my little girl and I’m so proud of how it turned out. =D After making my cute Pillowcase Dress I knew I had to make some more dresses! Flowers & Denim Dress for...
⁘ 21 July ⁘
DIY Easy Camera Strap

Hello lovely friends! Today I’m sharing a cute, useful and EASY camera strap I made to match with my Camera pouch and it turned out super comfy and so pretty, My camera looks so different now! DIY Easy Camera Strap This camera strap is so easy you won’t believe...
⁘ 8 July ⁘
DIY DSLR Camera Pouch

Hi lovely readers, don’t worry! this Camera Pouch post is only temporarily unavailable… It’s currently under revision. If you are interested in Camera accessories check out my DIY Camera Strap!  Be back soon!
⁘ 5 June ⁘
10 Cute & Girly Sewing Tutorials

Hi, I’m Brenna a stay-at-home mom and the writer/ creator of Life After Laundry. Today I’m sharing these 10 cute and girly sewing tutorials that I just love!I love to share all things craft and frugal. Yes, the two can go together, being frugal in some areas is necessary for helping with...