25 Kids Reading Nook Ideas for Girls

Are you looking for ideas to make a special reading nook in your home? Planning the perfect kids reading nook is the perfect way to encourage your child to read. Get inspired by these 25 kids reading nook ideas.

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If you have been around for a while, you probably know I’ve recently moved and I’m all about decoration ideas. I especially look for ideas for my girl’s bedroom and ideas for our master bedroom.

One thing that I definitely would love to create in my girl’s bedroom is a reading nook as cozy as I can so she will feel happy to spend time reading. I found some really sweet reading nook ideas on the internet and Pinterest and wanted to share them with you in case you would like to create one for your kids.

25 Kids Reading Nook Ideas for Girls

I didn’t grow up appreciating books. I was not taught the love for books and reading. I got that love already grown up and I would have loved to be pushed more to read ever since I was a kid.

You see…

I remember years back when I went to study English in Canada, the kid from the house I was living in was always reading something. She was 8 or maybe 9 YO and she was always reading. I was shocked.

Then I understand that her school, and I think all schools, had a reading program with some restaurants. So, in her case, she would read a specific book and then teachers would ask questions to make sure she had read it and she would earn stars. The stars were placed on a Pin and once she collected all the stars on the pin, she could go to Pizza Hut and have a junior pizza for free.

That’s what I call incentive. Not sure if it’s the best incentive but it worked.

But here’s the kicker:

I used to watch her while she was reading and I could see that she actually enjoyed reading. It was not only because of the prize. Sometimes she was laughing while reading and told us what she found funny.

In my opinion, pushing kids to read with whatever incentive is a good thing because reading is fun once you start reading. The problem is that when you see as a kid a 300-pages book you get scared and walk away. Better see the movie, right?

I want my daughter to learn the love of books and that’s why my mom and I bought her lots of them. And I try telling her to read them every day, to tell what she sees in the pages. It’s so beautiful when she does!

That’s why I want to create a beautiful reading nook for her. What better way than gathering lots of reading nook ideas and inspiration, right?

Come and join me!

Again, this is super sweet the twinkle light is something super sweet to add.

Tent Reading Nook by Path Through the Narrow Gate

By Path Through the Narrow Gate

Can this reading nook be cuter? Look at the fabric windows? I’m sure my girl would love this! I also love that the books are closed to the reading nook so it’s easier to keep the reading flowing!

pink canopy corner for read By Goat & Lulu

By Goat & Lulu

Ok, there’s no tent or canopy here but I could still spend hours reading here. Love that corner among the shelves, window and lots of books. Clean and fresh. Perfect for reading!

LAELIA’S BIG GIRL ROOM by Visual Vocabularie

By Visual Vocabularie

How cool is this one? It’s almost like a hiding place which kids love! Love the way the tent is made.

diy kids' reading nook by View Along the Way

By View Along the Way

This is absolutely gorgeous. The tree with shelves and lots of pillows to be comfy while reading! LOVE this.

Reading Corner by HANNAHDAMIANI


This reading nook is one of my very favorite. It’s absolutely sweet, cozy and beautiful. The only thing I would add is a shelf with books close by!

Pink canopy by Style me pretty

By Style Me Pretty

See what I’m talking about? maybe it’s not a shelf but how cute is that crate with the books and that huge teddy bear inside the canopy? My girl would definitely enjoy some reading here!

Diy whimsy reading nook by the story of five

By The Story of five

Love that huge pillow! I actually love the whole bedroom but let’s focus on the reading nook. It’s super cute and I would only add a basket or something with the books!

kid's room by Life as a mood Board

By Life as a mood Board

No words to describe how sweet this is.

Kids' Reading Nooks by House of Hire

By House of Hire

Love this tent!

By Target (not available)

Absolutely adorable!!!!

raw fabric canopy with different design cushions

By Houzz

This has been in my list for years! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

canopy, rug, bean bag and book case

By How Does She?


classic spool chair and pair it with a white Moroccan pouffe

By Monika Hibbs

I’m in LOVE!!!!

slightly illuminated heather tent - a perfect corner for reading books

By hohonie

I can see my girl sitting there right now!!! That polka dot puff would be her favorite spot ever!!!!

image of pink polka dot puff

By Project Junior

No words needed for this reading nook!

da cozy corner with different pillows, mattresses and canopies on top.

By Elinolchalva

Again, can you handle this much cuteness? LOVE it!

Found on Instagram by @sandrahnoren

SO cute!!!!

via Etsy {but it went out of stock =(}

This is exactly how I picture my girl!!!! Isn’t it sweet and cute?

Original Source not Found*

Hope these reading nook Ideas gave you some inspiration too. It’s been lots of fun visiting these ideas and letting my imagination fly!

If you need tips on how to make Reading Nooks to Encourage Everyone to ReadTina Gleisner from Home Tips for Woman has some really good ones!!! Go check her out!

 *My round ups are only for inspiration ideas. Just like I do for all my round ups, I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. If you are at all familiar with that platform you know there are tons of pictures with no direct links to the original source. Some pictures featured here I found no source or it might have the wrong for but if you know the source, contact me and I will update this post immediately, thank you so much!

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