A Life as Immigrants

Today I’m going a little too personal. I always try to share my creations and fun experiences with you all because my main purpose is to share happiness and inspiration. But the truth is that I’m as human as any of you, with lots of success and failures in my path to find my perfect life {the one that feels perfect to me}. The reason I decided to share this part of my life today is because I know I’m not the only immigrant in this world and there might be more people out there feeling the same way I do living a life as immigrants. Maybe I can be of help and maybe some other people’s experience can help us too.

A Life as Immigrants

 A Life as Immigrants

Maybe many of you know I’m Latin-American. I was born in Brazil and raised in Venezuela. Ever since I was in High School, I had my life planned out. I was determined to have a bachelor degree and get my independency. I always dreamed of having my job and my apartment and really far in the future, a family. That would be kind of my graduation in life.

I got most of what I had planned for my life: I graduated with honors, I got a good job and I moved out when my parents decided to leave the country and I decided to stay. Then I moved to another city, to the capital. There I got a really nice job as a professional. I felt like my career was taking off. I met my hubby and I felt like things were going my way, except for one thing. Even having a good job with a decent salary, I still needed my parent’s financial support because life there was too expensive.

I must clarify that I lived in a tiny apartment in the suburbs that usually took me about hour and half with luck to get to my job every day. Minimum expenses, and almost no entertainment budget. I didn’t want to depend on my parents for the rest of my life. Every year I got like a 20% salary raise and the cost of life raised like 30% above. It was ridiculous. It was like I was making less money than the past year.

Life doesn’t always go as planned and I soon realized that my country wasn’t going to give me that kind of independency and quality of life I was craving for. That was so sad for me.


Thinking about leaving your country is always a sad and hard decision. It means leaving behind friends, family, material goods that often have an emotional value and start from scratch in a new and unknown place.

Seriously! It’s never, never easy.


Our first intention was applying for a qualified working Visa to Australia. We started the process, we invested a good amount of money and somewhere in the process our profession was removed from the required jobs list.

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