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BiriBiri Art Series: Bear Paper Painting Wall Art

This “BiriBiri (Chigiri-e) Art Series: Bear Paper Painting Wall Art” is a sponsored post on behalf of U-CAN (Japanese Creations). I was sent samples of BiriBiri products to review and was compensated for my time to write this post. All opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

Woot! So excited to share my second project from this BiriBiri (Chigiri-e) Art Series. Seriously, how cool is this Japanese new technique? I made this cute bear paper painting with a homemade gold polka dot frame. When I saw this kit I immediately imagined it on my girl’s bed wall. When I was done and hung it, I was so excited that couldn’t wait for my girl to get home and see it!

BiriBiri Art Series: Cute Bear Paper Painting Wall Art

BiriBiri Art Series: Cute Bear Paper Painting Wall Art cover

She loved it! I so love creating things for her. This project was challenging since it was barely my second time doing paper painting but I love how it turned out. It got easier as I kept doing it.

For those of you who didn’t see the first project: BiriBiri (Chigiri-e) Art Series: Paper Painting Iris Wall Art and don’t know what BiriBiri (Chigiri-e) is, BiriBiri (Chigiri-e) is a new art style from Japan and it consists of cutting and pasting colorful Japanese washi to create images that look like paintings. It was created by U-CAN (Japanese Creations). U-CAN (Japanese Creations) has aided their customers through each individual’s life-long learning process over the last 60 years. The U-CAN Learning Method (ULM) is a learning platform for BiriBiri (Chigiri-e) techniques to help you develop your artistic style and process. You can watch video tutorials, read easy how-to guides, and ask any questions to BiriBiri teachers online. ULM is available to those who purchase any BiriBiri (Chigiri-e) Project, which includes the ULM and Kit.

So… without further ado, are you ready to get to make one of these Cute Bear Paper Painting Wall Art?

Let’s go…

What you need:

  • Bear BiriBiri (Chigiri-e) Collage Kit
  • A starter Kit
  • Wood board
  • Wood Sticks
  • 45º Set Square
  • White and gold acrylic paint.
  • Red Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Blue coloring pencil and sharpener
  • Brush
  • Rounded foam brush.
  • Wood hand saw {with blade for delicate cut or you can ask on a hardware store to cut them for you on 45 degrees.}
  • Glue, nails and hammer.

Check out this video tutorial so you have an idea of how this works.

So… Just like with the previous project, the first step is transferring the design to the given board. For this you need to use the blue transfer paper with the waxy side facing your board. Use the Clips to hold the design and board in place and draw all the design.

redrawing the bear draw

You will get your design drawn in blue like this:

transferred bear drawing

Each design has some circles with patterns and number and that the design also has those patterns. That is your reference as for what washi to use on each part of the design.

showing the pattern
showing more pattern

Then start picking the right paper for each piece of the design and using a slight sharp tool {screwdriver, emboss tool and even the tweezers do} and transfer the design through embossing to the paper. This will leave a mark on the paper that we use to tear the paper.

I started with the whole brown bear texture as it’s directed in the design sheet.

showing the bear in biribiri paper

With a brush spread the given glue {diluted 1:1 with water as it’s directed} and place the washi in place tapping with fingers and making air flow away.

applying glue to the bear drawing
placing the paper on the bear

Then I worked my way to the upper pieces. Like the belly, paws, ears, eyes, nose, etc. Then I worked on the heart balloon. First added a strip of black washi and then tore the red heart from the red washi.

showing the finished bear
image of biribiri paper fibers

The bow on the bear’s neck was also on red washi but I wanted to add something else. The basic technique was all done but I love adding my own touch to things so I made the bow with red ribbon.

close view of red bow

I also made a ribbon bow for the balloon with some cute swirly strips.

placing the red bow on the biribiri bear

I glued with hot gun the ribbon strip folded in half on the bottom of the heart. Then glued the bows in place. Then I swirled with few loops both ribbon ends and glued it to the board.

showing tie details
closer view of Bear Paper Painting Wall Art

There you go.!!!

BiriBiri Art Series: Bear Paper Painting Wall Art ready

The basic design is done but it still wasn’t enough for me. It needed a little something more. You see, I’m a graphic designer. My brain needs logic and a purpose. So my brain was screaming for a floor for my bear something where the bear would be sitting on and not floating on the board. The easiest way to do that was by painting it.

I used a blue coloring pencil because the background was light blue. I sharpened it to get some blue graphite and with my fingers I spread it creating a line behind the bear {not over the bear, I just made the illusion as if the floor would go a bit further back}. Coloring 1/3 of the board where the bear is sitting gives the feeling that he’s actually sitting there and that the lighter part is a wall.

BiriBiri Art Series: Bear Paper Painting Wall Art with graphite chips
spreading the chips with finger image
BiriBiri Art Series: Bear Paper Painting Wall Art done

Of course as you might already notice this still was not enough LOL. So I thought of another cute frame for the cute bear and I made it myself.

Now Let’s see how to make a cute frame.

frame supplies image

First made some marks on the wood board to know where the bear paper painting board will be and then marking where the frame would be too. I traced with a pencil both shapes: bear board and frame.

This is to know exactly the inner measures. Once you know the inner measures you can draw a line using the 45 set square and cut the wood sticks with a 45 degrees angle.

image of cutting the wood at a 45 angle

Once you cut all 4 pieces you should have something like this:

all cut wood pieces

Remember that these measures will depend on each project, how much white space you want to leave and the frame itself size.

The sand the ends just a bit to remove imperfections.

image of sanding the edges of the wood

Make sure everything fits as it should.

placing the frame pieces on the base

Glue all 4 pieces together and apply pressure so they stick quickly. I used UHU glue because it dries faster.

gluing the frame

Then I also put some nails on each corner to make sure it holds the bear board.

putting nails in the ends

Once done, I painted all in white acrylic paint: board and frame.

view of painted base
view of painted frame

Then using rounded foam brush I made gold polka dots all over the frame. Let it dry.

applying dots on the frame

Next step is nailing the board to the frame.

nailing the base and frame together

Glue the bear paper painting board to your new frame, and TADAAAAA!!!!

image of frame ready
placing the Bear Paper Painting Wall Art inside the frame

You got a beautiful and cute Bear Paper Painting wall art for you kids!

BiriBiri Art Series Bear Paper Painting Wall Art on wall
closer view of BiriBiri Art Series Bear Paper Painting
close up BiriBiri Art Series Bear Paper
general view of BiriBiri Art Series Bear Paper Painting Wall Art

Hope you enjoyed this Bear Paper Painting project and that it motivates you to try yourself. Believe me, it’s not that hard. It seems that way when you are starting but it gets easier as you keep doing it. They send enough paper to fix pieces that don’t go right. All it takes is a bit of patience and joy! Leave me your thought in comments!

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Til' next time...

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