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DIY Pallet Photo Backdrop

There’s no secret I love wood. One of my very favorite backgrounds to take photos is definitely wood. After making my beautiful Pallet Headboard, I got some leftover wood boards and I knew right away what I was going to make. An awesome pallet photo backdrop was on the way. It literally cost me $0 because I had everything from headboard and also some extra pieces in my parent’s tool box LOL.

DIY Pallet Photo Backdrop

DIY Pallet Photo Backdrop cover

Sadly, for me, I gave it to my mom when I moved to Spain, so now she gets to take pretty photos with the backdrop {Sad face =( }. She also kept my headboard {double sad face =( =( }

It didn’t take long to make. In just a few hours I had all done but just to be sure I let it dry well. I had a fun time making it so I plan on making a new one here. I’m so in love with how photos look using this type of backdrops. It’s so much better when it’s real although I have used printed backdrops too.

If you like to take pretty food photos or product photos, you definitely will love this easy pallet photo backdrop. You can make it buying wood, using reclaimed wood, leftovers, pretty much any wood you can find and can turn into boards.

So, if you love working with wood as much as I do, you will find this project fun and so useful as you can use it as a base for photos or as a background. I have used mine many times and I always love how it looks!

view of two pics

Now, it’s time for the full tutorial, wanna learn?

Let’s go!


  • Wood boards {the size will depend on your liking and design you wish}
  • 3 wood planks for the back. {the size would be a couple inches shorter than your whole backdrop}
  • White paint
  • Transparent Finishing Spray
  • Nails and screws
  • Flat joints
  • Screwdriver and hammer
  • White mate indoors and outdoors paint.
  • Transparent mate sealant spray.
  • Thick brush.
  • A Towel {one that you can dispose later}
  • Wood sandpaper.

Firstly, I started by cutting the wood boards I had left in half lengthwise. what I wanted was more lines in the design. I also got some short pieces that I gave them use placing them in between.

top view of wooden slats in different sizes

Once I got them all as I wanted, it was time to sand each piece. Hubby took over here. The idea is to sand down the edges and corners of each board so it won’t be so sharp and it kind of gives a small rustic look.

view of sanding the wooden slats

As each board was done, I clean them well using a damp towel to remove all the dust.

Then, just like I did for the headboard, I wanted the wood marks to be visible and yet a white look. You can create this effect by watering down the paint. I made it 1:1 proportion of paint and water.

I started painting each board. To get the look I wanted it took 3 coats of paint letting each coat to dry for a few minutes.

view of painting the pieces of wood

I applied so many coats because the paint as they come is really thick and it would cover completely the wood in one coat. When you water it down, the wood absorbs slowly the paint and water in each coat and reveals the wood marks. Also you measure how much you want the white to show up.

closer view of painting the pieces of wood

Let the paint dry for a couple hours.

view of some pieces painted
closeup of view of some pieces painted

Then with a damp towel rub lightly each board. This makes the paint more even and allows you to reveal more some wood marks in specific places that might have too much paint.

superior view of view of all pieces painted
view of a wet towel rubbing each piece

Let it dry again completely and spray the transparent sealant. It dries really quickly so this is an easy process. Just to be sure let it dry for about 30 min so the smell goes away a bit too.

image of all the boards drying in the sun
image of applying spray sealant

Finally, it was time to add the photo backdrop support pieces.

Lay all the boards together in the order you want them. I made it 2 full boards and then in-line 3 short ones, 2 full, 3 in-line shorts, 2 full.

view of all the tables together

Place the 3 planks on the back. It should be one in the center and one on each end. If everything looks as it should then put the planks aside.

placing three boards on the form to hold them together

Place and screw the joints on the in-line woods so they stay together. At first you will notice that the ones that are ends will bend up a little. That’s fine, you will fix it with the planks.

view of joints and screws
view of the bolted joints

Nail in place the planks. If you don’t want nails to be visible, then I would suggest nailing from the back. And use as many as you think it’s best. I end up also adding a few screws too just to make sure everything stays in place.

I started with the center plank and then the side ones.

nailing the wooden slats
view of the three nailed wooden slats

Our pallet photo backdrop is almost done!

Because I knew avoiding scratching any surfaces in the house was really important, I placed some felt foams on the back planks.

closer view of  felt foams
view of felt foams on back board
view of rear pallet photo backdrop done

I know my mom and dad would KILL me if I scratched any of their tables or wood flooring. So this was my best solution to stay alive!

Now, there you go!

front view of pallet photo backdrop

The pallet photo backdrop is done and ready to rock some photos!

view of pallet photo backdrop
detail of pallet photo backdrop
closer view of pallet photo backdrop

closeup of pallet photo backdrop
view of pallet photo backdrop
view of my daughter smiling with pallet photo backdrop

Here are some photos I have taken using my backdrop!

Sparkling Love Valentines Day Letter on pallet photo backdrop
Stormtrooper Sharpie Mug Design on pallet photo backdrop
desert on pallet photo backdrop

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Til' next time...

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