DIY Farmhouse Spring Styled Tray (super easy)

This Farmhouse Spring Styled Tray is the perfect touch for your dining table or coffee table. It’s easy to put together and will make a great decoration adding farmhouse style to the home!

I’ve been craving for the farmhouse. The more I see, the more I want. The thing is, I live in a really small apartment and it’s rented, so I can’t do as much as I would love to. However, I’ll manage to create and adapt things around so I get that incredibly gorgeous farmhouse look I so love.

DIY Farmhouse Spring Styled Tray

DIY Farmhouse Spring Styled Tray

Today I’m excited to share how my Farmhouse Spring Styled Tray turned out. Using Spring as my excuse I created this pretty decor transforming that simple tray into a more rustic and pretty one.

I bought that tray last year and I really liked how it looked. But, you know, I need change and I needed it to look more rustic. My dining table is brown and a little dark so I wanted to create a white aged and distressed look to contrast against the table.

It was a simple project that put together in a few hours. I should have waited longer since I was staining and painting, I know. But I just wanted to have it done. I’m not much of a patient person lol.

I was aiming for a more vignette look inside the tray so I gathered a few things I had already at home and bout the flower vase and the moss. It had to have a pretty Spring look too.

I absolutely love my candle holder so it was an easy one, then I bought a fake plant and put in a painted metal pot. You probably might be asking, why fake? Well, I tend to kill plants. At least that kind of plants. I do good with succulents, cactus, Aloe and lucky Bambu, other than that would be dead in no time.

I believe in vibes and I definitely have a connection with those plants. My Aloe Vera is gorgeous and has gotten huge and all main ribs are strong and pointing up instead that to the sides. My Bambu plants keep getting prettier and prettier each day.

Anyway, I wanted to bring more green to my home but I preferred fake so I don’t have that extra stress. With the few alive plants I have I’m more than happy but needed a few more spots of green and the Farmhouse Spring Styled Tray was one of them.

On my pretty vase, I put some (also fake) tulips. Up close you can definitely tell they are fake but when you enter my living room and look at the dining table they look so pretty.

I filled the tray with fresh moss. Who would have thought about it, right? LOL. Yeah, I know! Added a few pinecones. I know it’s not the season but I can’t help it. I Love pinecones so let’s call that my personal touch, shall we?

Then my last touch was my Reversible Rustic Spring to Easter Sign. For easter will be filled with cute eggs and then go back to the Spring sign.