3D Butterfly Spring Frame Printable  

Isn’t Spring the most colorful and joyful season ever?… I love Spring! When can you see so many different color flowers, so green grass and of course the magnificent scent of freshness? Inspired by that memory and the desire to be in it already I have created this cute spring frame printable with a pretty 3d butterfly in it!

3D Butterfly Spring Frame Printable

3D Butterfly Spring Frame Art + Free Printable

Mom bought some pretty flowers so I thought it would be such a cute decoration placing the flowers and the frame together. =D

Seems like Spring has a deep effect on us. With Spring comes the necessity of a change, clean, refresh, and of course something new. Spring seems to reveal the best in us because the optimism and happiness flourish everywhere!

Hope you like this little cute project!

What you Need:

  • This free Printable
  • White cardstock
  • Patterned cardstock
  • A 3D frame
  • Glue or double-sided tape.


First of all I designed the printable based on the measures of the frame. Since it was a little bigger than a regular paper, I made a frame like a mat board so I could print it home. For he design, I used some cute flowers and stems from the creative guys of freepik.com.

I left a big space in the center of the design to place there the 3D butterfly. I wrote, “I’m so ready for you Spring”. Once was ready, I Printed it.

Remember that each printer is different. In my case, I use Epson L355. I set my design page for a 21.5×21.5 cm {8.5×8.5 In} but my actual visible design is 19.5×19.5 cm {7.6×7.6 In}. I set up my page in printer so it would leave only 0.2 cm {0.08 In} margin on every side and didn’t check “fit to page”.

Then on my Silhouette Studio, I cut this pretty butterfly from the silhouette store in the same measures as the space I let in the printable.



Then based on my print measures and using as a reference the layout that comes with the frame {that paper with a design that comes in the frames} I cut a square of white cardstock and then cut out another square from the center of 19.5×19.5 cm {7.6×7.6 In}.   Put them together and with tape, I secure them on the back.


Then I placed some pieces of double sided tape on the back of the butterfly, only on those places that will be touching the paper.


Decided the perfect place and secure it. Tadaaaa!!! Cute right?



Ok the was the moment to put the design in the frame. I placed it facing down and then I placed the paper that came with the frame too. And finally, I closed it with the backing.


Readyyyy! How cute is it???