Mini Valentine’s Day Cards (Free Printable)

Print and cut these mini Valentine’s Day cards! They’re super cute and are an excellent way to tell someone you love them. Snag these cute mini cards here.

One of the first things that come to mind when we think about Valentine’s Day is “ways to tell the loved ones how much we love them” and one of the nicest ways is sending cards and notes.

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Short Valentine’s Day stories

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At least I love giving cards and notes and LOVE to receive them too LOL. For that reason, I’ve created these cute Mini Valentine’s Day Cards and I’m also sharing the FREE printable just in case you would like to have it too!

I remember this Valentine’s Day back when I was in High-school. Can’t remember why but that day I was so busy doing so many things. I hadn’t set a date with my boyfriend and it was getting late. The day wasn’t good and I was getting a bit sad thinking that I wasn’t going to see him.

When I came home and entered the house, there he was! Sitting on the sofa in the living room with such a look on his face that I will never forget.

He had a mixture of expressions between nervous and excited. I couldn’t help but smile with so much excitement and when I came closer to him he pulled a gift bag from behind him and said Happy Valentine Cami!

I wasn’t really expecting anything since I thought I wasn’t gonna see him at all.

That was such a memorable Valentine’s Day.

After that my next best memory was with my now-husband. It was a weekday. I used to live out of the city so I lived far away from him. With our full-time jobs and the daily craziness, I thought I wasn’t gonna see him, thus no gift exchange either.

To my surprise, he showed up to my house that night and hugged me, and pulled out of his bag a small black box. When I opened it was a Baby-G watch that I had seen in a store a few weeks earlier.

I was so excited and at the same time feeling bad because I knew that it had been a huge expense for him and yet he wanted to make me happy! I so love that man!

What made it special was not the watch itself, was the fact that he noticed I had loved it back in the store and made an effort to make me happy.

To be honest, just the fact that he came all the way to my house was already a huge happiness. If he had brought a simple hand-written note would probably have had the same excitement effect LOL.

Bottom line…

In my opinion, Love is not about the gifts themselves but the thought and intention we put into the gift whether it’s handmade or purchased!

Free Printable Mini Valentine’s Day Cards

I think I’m stuck in that time when the loveliest way to let people know how much we love them was by sending Valentine’s cards, letters, and notes. With all this new era of technology, people have stopped doing that {except for us crafters LOL}.

I still love to write letters, make cards, and leave cute notes to those loved friends, family, and of course my husband!

Hope you find these cuties helpful and that you snag these printable cards to show your loved one how much you care.

Nothing like a lovely message to make anyone feel loved, especially family members and dear friends.

The Cute Free Mini Card Printables

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Now to the fun part!

Get the Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards HERE

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How to use these cute Mini Cards Free Printables:

  • The zipped file contains A4 and letter jpg and PDF files of the printable valentine’s day cards.
  • Each file contains 4 different designs.
  • Once you snag the File, unzip it and Print it.
  • Cut each Mini Valentine’s Day Card and Fold them through the fold lines.
  • Write your lovely messages of love and leave it for your loved one to discover it!

Printing Tips

  • Use high-quality cardstock. To achieve a store-bought quality card, we recommend printing out your card onto quality thick paper, matte photo paper, or cardstock.
  • The file is set up to be printed on white paper or white cardstock. It will not print correctly on colored paper.
  • Use printer settings to be high-quality.
  • Make your mini cards look fancy by adding some glitter or shiny pens. A small sparkle can make your cards stand out.
  • Make your mini cards more than just paper. Consider adding tiny envelopes or pockets to tuck in a sweet treat or a heartfelt note. It’s like a love letter in a pocket-sized package!
  • Turn them into small surprises in unexpected places – like in a lunchbox, under a pillow, or in a jacket pocket.
  • Make a Valentine’s Day decoration by hanging them up as a cute garland.
  • Choose the design you like, put it in a small frame, and you’ll have a nice piece of Valentine’s Day decoration.

These printable files are for personal use only, they are digital files, and no physical items or physical products will be sent.

printed and assembled mini valentines cards
closer view of printed and assembled mini valentines card
Valentine's Day Mini Cards general view

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the printable mini Valentine’s Day cards?

Easy peasy! Simply click the download link provided in the blog post. It’s usually a button or a hyperlink.

What type of paper should I use for printing?

I recommend opting for a slightly thicker paper – something around 200gsm will give your mini cards a sturdy and professional feel.

What should I do once the mini cards are printed?

Get ready to spread the love! Leave them in unexpected places, create a DIY garland, or frame your favorites for instant Valentine’s Day art.

Can I share the printable file with friends?

While the designs are free for personal use, it’s always awesome to direct friends to this blog to download their own copy. Share the love and spread the creativity!

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Now it’s your turn, what’s the best memory you have of Valentine’s Day? What’s the best detail you’ve got this day? 

Til’ next time…


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