Double Mother’s Day Super Special Gifts!

I made these frame arts and favor boxes as double Mother’s Day super special gifts with lots and lots of love, my mom and my mom in law =P they are both awesome moms and grannies! They have done so much for us, they have been there always and unconditionally. They definitely deserve a lot more than this but it is my cute way to tell them how much I love them both!… and I love them HUGE!!!!

Double Mother’s Day Super Special Gifts!

Double Mother's Day Super Special Gifts

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I managed to come up with some extra cute gifts for my mom and for my hubby’s mom. I could literally say this is last minute {not so easy} Mother’s Day gifts LOL, But I enjoyed a lot making them and to be honest, motivation and inspiration were not an issue here hahaha.
Mañana es el Día de las Madres y me las ingenié para hacer unos regalos extras para mi mamá y para la mamá de mi esposito!. Podría decirse que literalmente son regalos {no muy fáciles} de última hora jajaja!. Pero disfruté tanto haciendolos, y para ser honesta, motivación e inspiración es lo que sobra aquí. jajaja!.

Double Mothers Day Special Gifts-02Double Mothers Day Special Gifts-05
So I hope you like it as much as I love making them {As much as I love our moms}!!! =D
Así que, esperio que les guste tanto como amé hacerlos {Tanto como las amo a nuestras mamás}!!! =D

For My mommy!

For my hubby’s Mommy!

A little bit of the process making them. I used my own version of Mod-Podge (I don’t have Mod-Podge here) lol and the good part is that the glue stripes doesn’t show yayyyy!.
Un poco de mi porceso haciendolos. Isé mi propia versión del Mod-Podge (aquí no lo tenemos, es una pega Americana) jajaja y lo mejor es que las marcas de brocha no se ven yupiiiiii!!!

What do you think? Cute, is it? 


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6 Comments on " Double Mother’s Day Super Special Gifts! "

  1. Camila

    The boxes look wonderful. I really like the one with the pink and brown. And a handmade gift always lets someone know how much you love them. Have a wonderful day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

    1. Camila

      Yeeesss I always feel like that, there is nothing better than a handmade gift!… Lots of love on it!

      Thank so much for stopping by


    1. Camila

      yayyy Thank so much Diana! So Glad you like it


  2. Camila

    This is lovely!

    With A Blast

    1. Camila

      Thank so much Linda!!! Glad you like it


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