25+ Farmhouse Inspired Christmas Decor Ideas

I’m so crazy excited about getting closer and closer to Christmas!  I already started gathering all the inspiration I can get! Rustic and Farmhouse style is in and it’s so stealing my heart. It’s hard to believe all the gorgeous, amazing and creative things we can make with wood, especially OLD wood and even with simple twigs! This year Farmhouse Inspired Christmas Decor Ideas seem to be stealing not only mine but everyone’s hearts. So, I decided to make this inspiring Roundup about it to complete last year’s Rustic Christmas Decor one! Hope you get as inspired as I am!

25+ Farmhouse Inspired Christmas Decor Ideas

25+ Farmhouse Inspired Christmas Decor Ideas

Just a quick note as I’ve got so many emails and comments asking where to buy stuff. I’M NOT A SELLER nor make advertising to any shop. Those shops I might feature here are just because I LOVE their idea and give credits back to them but I’m not saying it’s always in stock or that they are perfect or that I can make possible the purchase. These ideas are ONLY FOR INSPIRATION. Ideas I see on Pinterest and other social and I love so much I want to feature here and keep them as kind of a journal {shareable} to try to follow the ideas.

Anyways, I love sharing my findings with my readers in hopes to inspire you. We might not make an exact copy since we never fin the exact same things {it would be boring even} but it gives us ideas on how to use styles and products. It’s fun to see how people come up with ways to decor with a limited budget or when money is not an issue but they keep it simple and thrifty.

I’m completely in love with all these ideas, gives me so many ideas and so much hope to get my home pretty and festive!

So Let’s check these Farmhouse Inspired Christmas Decor Ideas, shall wee?

Disclaimer: *Just like I do for all my round ups, I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. If you are at all familiar with that platform you know there are tons of pictures with no direct links to the original source. Some pictures featured here I found no source for or directed to the wrong one but if you know the source, contact me and I will update this post immediately, thank you so much!

By Antique Farm House.

This is a shop and these cuties are currently sold out. The reason I still share it here is that they are so cute and if you think about it and if you are a DIYer like me, it’s not that hard to make some!! Love them!

By I Kathy K on Pinterest

I’m loving all the elements in this decor. It can be a centerpiece or a definitely cute addition to a kitchen.

By Craftberry Bush

I absolutely adore that staircase decoration. Have you noticed that next to each letter of JOY there are books and candles? How cute is that? Of course, I would never light up those candles LOL. I Love the look and feel of the whole picture. Makes me wish I had stairs but Hey! I could use the main idea still somehow! I’ll have to figure it out!

Easy DIY Rustic Blanket Ladder

By Finding Home Farms

And how about this stair decoration idea? It’s too darn cute. I’m not sure if I would be able to remove it when Christmas is over. Although the idea makes it easy to switch seasons but looks so cute with pines and lights!

By Ann Drake… Life on Sutton Place

This porch looks so cute! The white against the brick wall makes it look fresh and rustic at the same time! A perfect place to wait for kids to come home from school!

By Nina Hendrick

This piece of decoration as small as it is makes a whole difference. Love the trunks with the pines branches and lights. I seriously need to find some trunks and get started!


By House of Jason on Etsy

This sign along with the burlap and lights are perfect for a mantel or your entrance table! I SO love it! It belongs to a shop on Etsy, so eventually will get sold out. But the idea still remains for those DIYers like me!

By Nina Hendrick.

Ok, Nina is getting me on my Christmas mood so badly I want to have my whole house decorated NOW! This kitchen decor is so simple and yet so pretty and festive. Love Love Love!!!

Our Neutral Rustic Christmas Tree


White Rustic Christmas Tree

White Rustic Christmas Tree

By The Everyday home

This decor got me thinking. Besides being SO darn cute it makes a great option for mantels. Those like me without a mantel can arrange something like this and hang the stockings! I’m planning on making a faux mantel though but if I can get it done this would be my go to option!

via Home Remedies

This spot right here, among many other in that post looks so adorable. Love the idea of that tree inside a bucket and on an old stool is so cute! The whole composition has something I’m so attarted to!


I’ve been following Yvonne decoration steps for a long time. She has a great taste and I’m always in love with her ideas. This Mantel decoration is so delicate and yet rustic. Looks awesome!


By Little House of Four.

What’s there not to like? I love every single piece and detail in this decoration. I can see this as my entryway so easily! One thing I said I wanted to make this year is my advent calendar and this is such a cute idea, also easy for my girl to scratch as days pass! Love this!

By Between You & Me Signs on Etsy (this item is unavailable)

I’m loving this whole decoration. The image itself is from Pinterest but The “Merry Christmas” Sign is from Etsy {keep in mind that since it’s a shop it might get sold out. I’m not a seller}. I love the rustic shelves with old pottery and of course those details that makes the whole place so Christmasy. It’s a rustic yet lovely decor.

By Ribbons and Glue.

Isn’t this a great way to welcome people to our house? Love the ladder with all the pinecones and other rustic decor. The sign oooh the sign is one of my favorites! Such a creative way to decor your porch!

By The Kim Six Fix

This is another front porch decoration that caught my attention. I don’t have a porch itself but I have a space on my door that could easily be used for decorations like this one! Simple, not so big but SO pretty and rustically perfect!

By Create Craft Love

This is a piece of decoration that could be used anywhere. From a Mantel to a entry way and even on your front door! It’s so creative and clever. Also SO easy to put together. Its rustic and yet so cute! This is one must make this year!

By Dimples & Tangles

These wooden lanterns filled with Chirstmas Balls are so super cute! Love the mix between the rustic old wood from the lanterns and the bright and glittery Christmas balls! Also, the top decor with green and bow makes the final touch even better! Love it!

By Funky Junk.

What a great way to reuse those old and damaged wood planks! I wish I had a pace near by to get some and make a reclaimed wood Christmas tree like this to add to my front door decor! It’s magical even despite being old wood. Love the look of the whole thing!

By Liz Marie Blog

There are 2 main things that I absolutely LOVE about this decor. The JOY sign and the branch Christmas Tree next to it. So cool!

By The Lily Pad Cottage

I’m so loving this mantel. Specially the sign and the Burlap Stockings!  Looks so cozy and homey! Love it so much!

By Tried and True

This is such a creative and simple way to add some rustic touch to a door or a gallery wall! Love how she brought some old look by adding chestnut wood stain. So cute and rustic!

By Bless’er House

Here is complicated… You see… I love everything… absolutely everything. The pallet backdrop, the Noel Letters, the pine, the nativity, even the books! My perfect kind of Mantel!

By Worthington Court

I’m so loving this gorgeous centerpiece! It’s rustic and yet so fancy and full of style. Love the use of wood lanterns in this centerpiece. So cute! I’m always in Love with every decoration Suxy comes up with using Farmhouse/rustic style!

Hope these Gorgeous Farmhouse Inspired Christmas Decor Ideas give you some serious inspiration too. It’s been lots of fun dreaming with these ideas and letting my imagination go far! I would love to know what’s your favorite!

 *My round ups are only for inspiration ideas. Just like I do for all my round ups, I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. If you are at all familiar with that platform you know there are tons of pictures with no direct links to the original source. Some pictures featured here I found no source or it might have the wrong  for but if you know the source, contact me and I will update this post immediately, thank you so much!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing Plum Pretty Decor and Designs staircase the with JOY letters! The candles are battery powered so no fear of a fire! :)

    With love, Kayla

    1. I’m crazy in Love with your staircase JOY decoration! It doesn’t look like battery bowered candles, look so real in the photo. I was thinking that I could light up candles until they have that look and then use them as decor like yours. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!