12 DIY Kids Halloween Animals Costumes. The Weekly Round Up

Yayyy Halloween is just a week away, are you ready yet???. I am!!! LOL. I found these amazingly cute DIY animals costumes throughout the link party and Pinterest and I just can’t get enough of them. I had to make a round up with them. I just loooove them.

12 DIY Kids Halloween Animals Costumes. The Weekly Round Up

12 DIY Kids Halloween Animals Costumes cover

Isn’t Halloween super exciting??? Parties, trick, treats, friends, costumes, jokes, scary movie nights… I love it! But can I tell you a secret I haven’t enjoyed halloween as much as I have this year. Mabybe because of all of you my readers, maybe also because my girl is growing so I have a doll now LOL. I remember that I made Long ago, back in university time, a Grim Reaper costume with all the accessories LOL. It was so much fun. Apart from that I don’t remember having actually made a costume or wore for that matter before. Weird huh? Where was I during my childhood???.

Aaaaanyway, this is the costume I made for Emma and I. I worked so hard on it because I’m not even a sewer and I didn’t even hat the patterns LOL. But I can assure you I had a lot of fun putting it together and it turned out super cute. Hope you like it

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Mommy and Me Halloween Owl Costume by…. well me LOL.

DIY Kitty Costume by The Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Scrappy Unicorn Costume by Twin Dragonfly Designs

No-Sew Tutu by Exploring Domesticity

Care Bears DIY Costumes by See Vanessa Crafts

Homemade Angry Birds Costume for under $7 by I’m the crazy lady with all the babies.

 Bunny Hat and Paw Mittens by Molly’s Sketchebook

Last Minute Kids Owl Costume by Alpha Mom

Sock Monkey Baby Costume by Grosgrain Fabulous

A Moose Costume by House of Paint

 Bonus: 2 No-Animal Costumes I LOVED!

I couldn’t leave these out of this Round up because they are so cute!

No Sew Elmo Costume by Girl Loves Glam

The Incredible Hulk Baby by Kadydid Designs

What do you think my lovely readers??? Aren’t them gorgeous and Spooky cute????

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Til' next time...

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  1. I followed your costume instructions for my daughter’s Poppy costume and it came out beautifully. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity!

    1. Hello Christine, You just put a huge smile on my face! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and sharing it with me!!! I’m really glad it worked and that you liked it!
      Sending hugs your way!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my no-sew tut Cami! I just finished my little guy’s homemade monster costume, which I started at the same time. So fun!

    Hope you’re having a great week!