How to Revamp and Refashion Kids Old Pants

If you have been around long enough you probably know by now that I love to re-everything: reuse, refashion, revamp and also recycling and upcycling lol Remember my post DIY Revamping Kids Pants to Extend Their Life??? So yeah, one of my favorite goals is to extend my girl’s clothes life and I’m sure most of you like this idea too! So that’s why I’m sharing today this idea to refashion kids old pants that run short and have pants a little longer for kids that tend to develop height faster than body mass volume as they grow, like mine does!

How to Revamp and Refashion Kids Old Pants that Run Short

How to Revamp and Refashion Kids Old Pants that Run Short #tutorial #closherefashion #kidsclotherefashion

This is one of the easiest refashion EVER! You only need a few decorating supplies {ribbon and buttons in my case}, thread and needle and the best part is that you get to save money in clothing budget! Not bad huh?

So choose the pants you have around that no longer fit the length on your kid’s legs. In my case, I had these denim ones!


Double fold your hem of the pants. You can cut the actual hem if you want but I chose just to fold them.


Do some stitches on both sides of the leg along with the side seam so it won’t unfold when washing.


Cute a strip of ribbon, fold one end, place it on the outer side of the leg side seam, and stitch it to the folded hem on wrong side of the fabric:


Fold the ribbon so it would get to the outside of the pants and then fold the other end of the ribbon like an arrow. Pin in place.


Place some cute buttons over the ribbon close to the end and stitch everything together.


Then on the back I applied the same cute buttons but different color to the pockets.




That’s it, you have some cute capri pants that will probably last a lot longer!


Just take a look at my girl, she loves it and she’s been using those same pants since she is 18 months with different looks! Cool right?

Another great thing about this, is that you can do this to your own pants and have an unique look!!! Awesome right?

What do you think??? Do you have old pants around that could use some refashion? Are you pro refashion kids old pants? Or your pants?????

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How to Revamp and Refashion Kids Old Pants that Run Short #tutorial #closherefashion #kidsclotherefashion
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