Jord Wood Watches perfect for Spring Style

This is a super fun Sponsored Review made on behalf of Jord Wood Watches. All opinions are 100% my own.

As a woman, I’ve always had a thing for shoes, bags, and watches. Shocking right? LOL. Ever since I was a little girl I was always looking for cute watches. As I grew up, I started buying those I loved the most. Now, I had this great opportunity and I received this awesome watch from Jord Wood Watches to review it and guess what??? they are actually made out all of real wood, so cool right? And guess what??? Keep reading until the end and you might have a chance to win one for yourself!!!

Jord Wood Watches perfect for Spring Style

Jord Wood Watches perfect for Spring Style  #jordwoodwatches#jordwatch #woodwatches

I have to be honest I didn’t know this kind of watches existed. It was quite surprising. When it arrived at home and I opened the package, I was really, greatly surprised by all the details they took into consideration. The whole presentation was spotless. The box is made of wood with a sliding lid. When you open it, there is the watch supported by a cute tiny pillow, some spare pieces in case you need it larger and your warranty card.


I was soooo excited. You can imagine, most watches are kind of heavy, so when I took it from the box, OMG it’s so light! You wouldn’t believe it! I think the only thing that has some weight there is the mechanism itself. Every JORD Wood Watch have been handcrafted from 100% natural wood – Maple, Bamboo, Koa, Zebrawood, and Sandalwood among them, and the glass in this watch is scratch proof. The watches are created from all untreated wood with the exception of the clasp of course, which is stainless steel. Who would have imagined that?


I requested and received the Fieldcrest Black watch. I kind of love big watches and since I’m so white I chose one darker to have a lovely contrast when I’m wearing it.

The Fieldcrest Series is produced in a classic midsize. The monochromatic wood face, bezel, and strap serve to showcase the intricacy of the wood grain. Designed to be androgynous, the attitude of the wearer is the final elemental design to this timepiece.

 Fieldcrest Black Features

  • Deployment Buckle with Push Button
  • Scratch Resistant Mineral
  • Citizen Miyota Quartz Movement (2035)
  • Case Width: 39mm
  • Case Thickness: 11mm
  • Lug Ends: 49mm
  • Band Length: 205mm
  • Band Thickness: 20mm


I’ve been using the watch for about 3 weeks and I really love it, love that it’s comfortable, light and you can match it almost with anything. What I love the most is the uniqueness that represents these timepieces!

You could say that here where I live is mostly Spring/cool weather so it was fun to take some shots wearing the watch when I’ve been out!



These watches are delicate pieces. Since they are made of real wood I got curious about care and maintenance. So I read all their advices and I realized these watches need some love if we want them to last a long life. Just a few tips that would ensure wellness of the wood and you will have a watch for a long long time!. I would definitely suggest to keep it away from water. Even though this watch is designed to be splash proof, it’s not intended for complete submergence in water. Wood and water have never gotten along too well LOL. Also they suggest using some kind of oils that would keep the wood from cracking and always bright.


You have a lot of options in their store. It was so hard to choose. There are a couple other watches that I’m crazy about and can’t wait to be able to have them on my wrist. There are different colors, all natural and different styles for men and women if you want to check them out!

They have a great warranty and return/exchange policy. As long as you treat it well and no alterations are made, if there is any defect you have up to 12 months to return them and have a new one and they would even reimburse the returning shipping costs up to $20. As far as I have used it I don’t think that will be needed though.

There is so much I can say about this watch. I’m loving it. It’s the kind of watch that I could use every day and goes well with any outfit {except for a wedding dress I guess LOL} But you get the idea!

The Jord Guys are amzing, they provide an awesome customer service and they are so committed to providing a 100% quality product and service.

Here I have some more Pics from a couple of days out, some days sunny some not so much but that’s how it is here!



Go check them out at I’m sure you are going love more than one!

You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+ and Vine to keep you updated on new releases!

Now it’s your turn lovely friends, Have you seen these Jord Wood Watches before? Did you know that you could have a real wood watch on your wrist? Check them out and tell me in comments which one you would like to have!

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  1. Camila

    I have one and like it a lot.

    1. Camila

      I’m so loving my Heather!!! =D

  2. Camila

    Love the Fieldcrest!

  3. Camila

    I like how it goes with every style. Thanks for linking up to Thursday Favorite Things. Can’t wait to see which three links you will share next week ;)

  4. Camila

    What a beauties these watches are!!, I love more than one the Cora Zebrawood and turquoise an d the Sydney Maple and rose gold. Thanks

  5. Camila

    I have a Jord wood watch and it is beautiful. Each piece is like a work of art. Great review!

  6. Camila

    I love the 746 SERIES Black… of course, i’m a men

  7. Camila

    This watch is awesome! Thanks for the review!

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