Themed Lego’s Hero Factory Birthday Party

Lego’s Hero Factory Themed Birthday Party is a fun and creative way to celebrate a party and put all the kids in a gaming mood. Check out these Hero Factory Themed Birthday Party features I created to make the best party ever!

Themed  Lego’s Hero Factory Birthday Party cover with text overlay

DIY Themed Lego’s Hero Factory Birthday Party

When my brother turned 11 he was obsessed with Lego’s Hero Factory toys. He has always been a huge fan of Lego and we celebrated it with a Sleepover Themed Lego’s Hero Factory Birthday Party woot!

My brother had the option to choose between a big party and a small gift or a small-simple party and having money birthday gift. The answer was kind of easy for him. He chose the money LOL. My mom offered him a sleepover party with no more than 5 friends and a cake so he could have fun all night long {it was a long night for me too since I heard them playing and laughing the whole night LOL}.

JD is crazy about Lego, he is always playing with it. He buys Techno Legos and stuff and he is so proud of his collection. Is that common for his age???.

Anyway, my mom took the chance to buy some small Lego treats for the guests at a Lego Store in Miami because in Oman was very expensive. So my brother chose Lego Hero Factory as his party theme which sadly was a limited edition.

image of Lego Hero factory toy

I Google it to find images of that theme and I found many great ones so, I started working on the invitations. Since that theme was about kind of a war, I treated the party as soldier missions. That was fun!.

The first thing I created was a Logo for the Theme Birthday Party. Then I also created a variation of the Logo for other purposes.

Hero Factory Birthday Party Invitations

view of printable and envelope

I designed everything on Photoshop and Illustrator but you can easily make them in your preferred software. So, I designed the invitations in half A4 size paper. It was actually a bit smaller because of the margin of the printer.

I made sure the invitation had the front and back designs, being the back kind of the brand of the party.

Themed Lego’s Hero Factory Birthday Party Invite printable image

The inside was designed to have the look of a mission file to make the invitation even more intriguing.

Themed Lego’s Hero Factory Birthday Party Invite Inside image

When the design was completely done, I made sure I could print at least 2 cards per sheet.

screenshot of printables

I printed them on both sides of a cardstock sheet so I had to be very careful centering the images.

Once printed, I cut them all out fold them in half.

invitations printed inside view
invitations printed cover view

Hero Factory Birthday Party Envelopes

For the envelopes I wanted them to have the name of each guest with the HF logo like a metal stamp.

So, I used a textured image to crop out the Logo and added some bevel and emboss effect to make it look like a piece of metal.

Then signed with my brother’s name, date and the place where he celebrated it.

I printed each envelope on regular paper.

I created the envelope pattern to fit perfectly the invitations. So I printed the pattern on one side of the sheet and then the logo on the other with the guest on top.

If you like the envelope design you can download the pattern HERE.

While cutting the envelopes with a cutter and a ruler it crossed my mind “why didn’t I use the Silhouette Cameo for this LOL?, UGH so dumb”. But truth be told, it got easier with cutter.

I cut them and glued the sides flaps.


envelope with personalized name
view od invitations

They were good to go!

closer view of Themed Lego’s Hero Factory Birthday Party cover
inside closer view of Themed Lego’s Hero Factory Birthday Party

Hero Factory Birthday Party Favor Boxes.

Being such a small birthday party, we could be really special with each guest and that includes personalizing the favor boxes as well.

I design each favor box lid cover with a different Lego’s Hero Factory Character and the name of each guest.

My mom had these cute recycled boxes that came in perfectly for the Lego treats. We bought some snacks, candies, and a few other items.

Fun and easy!.

personalized printable screenshot
general view of personalized boxes
detal view of box

And then my mom wanted to make a small booklet so the guest could sign and leave a comment to JD. So I designed the cover and the pages inside, then I printed them and cut the white leftovers. Then to keep it together I sewed it. It was the cleaner, easier and perfect way to do it.

image of small booklet open
view of memory book cover
view of memory book open
view of memory book open
view of memory book reverse side

Also, my mom needed a sign to lead the guests from the front door to the back door. So I made it to look like a mission accomplishment leading to the next one!

Sadly I didn’t have enough time to take photos once things were in place. Everything happened too fast but at least I have the Files.

image of card

“Party Rules” page was also needed. Having 5 Pre-Teens boys over is not an easy task. So here is what I did to make them fun!

image of party rules

So that was it! One simple but fun Themed Lego’s Hero Factory Birthday Party made sleepover. Lots of games and laughter which is the whole point, right? I enjoyed every step of the way of making the pary stationery and it was fun to see the boys enjoying the party. So it’s a win-win for me.

So what do you think??? Like it??? Do your kids like Lego??? What’s their favorites???

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Til' next time...

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