Lego’s Hero Factory Birthday PartyLego’s Hero Factory Birthday Party

Last Wednesday 9/11 was my little brother’s birthday party. He turned 11, Wow! how fast time flies!. We celebrated it with a Lego’s Hero Factory Sleepover Birthday Party woot!

Lego’s Hero Factory Birthday Party

Lego’s Hero Factory Birthday Party
 Fiesta de Cumpleaños de Lego’s Hero Factory
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My brother had the option to choose between a big party and a gift or a small-simple one and have the money of the party and the gift. The answer was kind of easy for him. He chose the money LOL. My mom offered him a sleepover party with no more that 5 friends and a cake so he could have fun all night long {it was a long night for me too since I heard them playing and laughing the whole night LOL}.

JD is crazy about Lego, he is always playing with it. He buys Techno Legos and stuff and he is so proud of his collection. Is that common for his age???. Anyway, my mom took the chance to buy some small Lego treats for the guests at a Lego Store in Miami because here in Oman is very expensive. So my brother chose Lego Hero Factory as his party theme.

I Google it to find images of that theme and I found many great ones so, I started working on the invitations. Since that theme was about kind of a war, I treated the party as soldier missions. That was fun!.

I worked everything on Photoshop and Illustrator, so I designed the invitations in half A4 size paper. It was actually a bit smaller because of the margin of the printer. I printed them on both sides of a cardstock so I had to be very careful centering the images. Once printed, I cut all the leftover white cardstock and fold them.

For the envelopes I wanted them to have the name of each guest with the HF logo so I had to print on a regular paper the envelope pattern on one side and then the logo on the other (have no idea why I didn’t use the Silhouette Cameo for this LOL, so dumb). I cut them and glued the sides.

They were good to go!

Then for the favor box, my mom had these cute recycled boxes that came perfect for the Lego treat bags. We bought some snacks and candies and I designed a personalized Tag that covered the whole top of the lid. Fun and easy!.

And then my mom wanted to make a small booklet so the guest could sign and leave a comment to JD. So I designed the cover and the pages inside, then I printed them and cut the white leftovers. Then to keep it together I sewed it. It was the cleaner, easier and perfect way to do it.

Also she needed it a sign to lead the guests to the back door and a “Party Rules” page. So here is what I did to make them fun!

So what do you think??? Like it??? Do your kids like Lego??? What’s their favorites???
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7 Comments on Lego’s Hero Factory Birthday Party

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    Sandra amaral Blanchard says:
    September 14, 2014

    Hi love these ideas, ,, i cant find anything out there with this theme!!!!,,,
    And my son rreally wants it to be his theme for his birthday, ,,,
    I would attempt to talk him into something else, however i have been fighting breast cancer and he has been SO PATIENT,, even when he has to sit at the doctors appointments with me for over 4 hours, so i really want to do this for him,,, do you know of a place that will print this out??
    …we dont have a computer anymore,,
    Thank you ,, for this ,
    , sincerely Sandra and little jayden

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    BugLuv says:
    January 5, 2014

    I was just wondering where you found all the images? I love this! great job!

  3. avatar
    October 10, 2013

    Legos is such a perfect little boy party! My little guy loves them! Thanks for sharing at All Things Pretty friend!

  4. avatar
    September 16, 2013

    Love this! You are soooooooooo talented. I’m very impressed, my little guy would love this.

  5. avatar
    September 16, 2013

    my niece loves the lego friends, they are like girl lego sets. what a great party you’ve created!

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