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⁘ 7 July ⁘
20 Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

So, I’m finally in the new apartment and also in a new country. As I mentioned in my previous decor post with 20 more girl’s bedroom decor ideas, I was moving to Spain and of course, my first instinct was gathering inspiration for my girl’s bedroom. Now here I...
⁘ 8 June ⁘
20+ More Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas

My family and I are finally moving to our own home and I can’t help start dreaming about how to decorate my girl’s bedroom. It’s been my dream ever since she was born and I can’t wait to start. Since I still have some time ahead before being able...
⁘ 8 February ⁘
DIY Painted Pallet Headboard

I wanted to make this project for so long and I finally made it. To be honest I hate the look of simple bed with no headboards and most of my life that’s I had. Ever time I saw those gorgeous beds I was like “Oh I want that...