DIY Painted Pallet Headboard

I wanted to make this project for so long and I finally made it. To be honest I hate the look of simple bed with no headboards and most of my life that’s I had. Every time I saw those gorgeous beds I was like “Oh I want that bed”. I’ve always loved pallets so after I made my round up about DIY headboards on a budget, I knew I had to make my own. I made a gorgeous painted pallet headboard of my own.

DIY Painted Pallet Headboard

DIY Painted Pallet Headboard

I need to say this. I wasn’t alone in this. The final push I needed to make up my mind and make my Pallet headboard was Lisa’s tutorial from Recreated Designs. She had this amazing and creative way to make one and that was it! I was hooked! Also, my dear hubby helped me all the way. It was such a fun time together.


I knew I wanted something on a budget, something simple, something pretty and something WHITE! I’m obsessed with white lately.

I need to be honest here. I don’t know if I did everything the right way. I only know I had a tight budget. I asked a carpenter that has made a few things for us, and he said it was ok. I’m sure there must be many other better ways to make this but I’m showing you the way I made it.

I also wanted to be able to easily dissemble it when I had to move out.

I have near home a home improvement store similar to Home Depot. They sell wood in long strips of wood about 3.9 mt. {156 In.} with a really good price. You can also choose the width and thickness. What Love the most is that they have cutting area where they will cut the wood to the correct length we desire for a small fee. I knew that was the place.

SO, this is how I made my pretty painted Pallet headboard.


  • 6 wood boards 150 X 14 cm X 2 cm {59 X 5.5 X 0.8 In.} {I used pinewood because I love the wood marks and holes}.
  • 2 pieces of wood 5 cm X 5 cm X 90 cm {2 x 2 x 35 In.} for supports on the back
  • 6 sets of bed brackets {I used the screw type not the hook one. Also, the store only had 4 so I had to improvise with corners}
  • Wood Screws {Lots of them. Usually, corners and bed brackets bring their owns but just in case}
  • Screwdriver
  • White mate indoors and outdoors paint.
  • Transparent mate sealant spray.
  • Thick brush.
  • A Towel {one that you can dispose later}
  • Wood sandpaper.

I got the wood cut at the home improvement store all in the measures I needed them.

*If you a more rustic look, you can check Lisa’s tutorial, she gives you great tips to achieve it. Mine is not so rustic.

The first step is to sand down the edges and corners of each board so it won’t be so sharp and it kind of give a small rustic look.


Once each piece has been sanded up, clean each strip to remove all the dust.

I wanted for the wood marks to be visible and yet a white look. You can create this effect by watering down the paint. I made it 1:1 proportion of paint and water.


Start painting each board. To get the look I wanted it took 3 coats letting each coat to dry for a few minutes.


You might ask why watering the paint down if I’m applying so many coats. Well, the paint as they come is really thick and it would cover completely the wood in one coat. When you water it down, the wood absorbs slowly the paint and water in each coat and reveals the marks. Also, you measure how much you want the white to show up.

Let the paint dry for a couple hours.


Then with a damp towel rub lightly each board. This makes the paint more even and allows you to reveal more some wood marks in specific places that might have too much paint.


Let it dry again completely and spray the transparent sealant. It dries really quick so this is an easy process. Just to be sure let it dry for about 30 min so the smell goes away a bit too.


The final step is adding the support pieces.

Lay all the boards together back side up in the order you want them.


Measure about 20 cm {8 to 10 In.} from the edges toward the center and draw a line along all the boards. This helps to have a guide to keep boards in place and then to place the support piece.


As I said I wanted the pallet headboard to be easy to dissemble, so we used bed brackets. I also didn’t want screw heads visible and this was the best option. But you can just screw them together. This part is totally up to you. I’ll explain how we did it with the bed brackets.

Place the support piece in place following the line but the line should be visible on the end side.

Place the bed brackets between 2 boards. With a pencil, mark borders and holes on both: boards and support piece. For better results do this process with all the brackets and corners.


Start screwing on all the pieces.


This is how I wanted it to be:


But this how I had to make it because I couldn’t find any more bed brackets anywhere near home. I’m so control freak and paranoid that I even added those flat joints just in case LOL. My hubby was like “UGH”.


We placed all the joint pieces in the inside of the back of the headboard so on the sides nothing would be visible.


There you go!!!! The painted pallet headboard is ready!!!


… well almost ready. I didn’t want to damage the wall so I added some felt pads to the back of the support.


Tadaaaaa… Now the headboard is ready to ROCK!!!!!

I so LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out! It was an awesome addition to our bedroom!!!


I would like to know your thoughts in comments!

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Til' next time...

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  1. Thanks for the amazingly detailed tutorial! I love you made something beautiful and stayed in budget. And seems easy enough to do I think. I picked up a couple pallets and have been looking for a cool way to use them and I think I’m going to do this. Do you think it would be more difficult with the pallets verses purchased wood?

    1. Hi Kelly,
      To be hones I wouldn’t really know… I wet directly for the new wood and I loved it. I guess it will really depend on what you really like. Also you can always get a vintage/old look following the tutorial of my friend Lisa. The link is in this tutorial.

      I have never worked with actual pallet, although I’m crazy about doing it. As soon as I have my own home, I’ll start woking with pallets for sure!

      The other side of the story is budget. Where I live some types of wood are not expensive {like the one I used} and since here currency changes I can’t really know how much it could cost with new wood. So I guess you would have to compare where you live.

      Not sure if this helps or if I even made sense but I hope so!!!

      Thank you so so much for stopping by!!!

  2. I love that you decided to get creative and work with what was in your budget. The white-washed effect on the boards looks fantastic as well! Would you share you project with us at our weekly furniture-themed link party, Friday’s Furniture Fix? I would love to see you there!

  3. This is really beautiful and it gives the room a kind of coastal vibe because of the blue on the beds. Very nice. To be clear though, this is made from new wood, not an actual palette right – it’s just meant to have that planked look?

    1. Thank you so much. So glad you like it!… Yes that’s right! I didn’t use actual palettes but I definitely wanted a palette-like look or planked look. Find or buying palettes here is not as easy. I would LOVE to have some furniture pieces made with real old palettes. My husband and I love all the things we can make with them.

      1. I just did my first project with a real palette, I will tell you it was a PIA and I don’t relish doing it again. The nails had rusted and fused to the wood and each piece had to be cut off with a circular saw. If you have a timber or lumber store near you, I’ve learned these are places that often have piles of old palettes that have reached the end of their “life” for the store. If you ask around you might be surprised by what is hidden behind a wharehouse.

    1. I’m trying to convince my mom to make one for her and hubby and I want to make hers kind of tinted with darker wood color to match her bedroom furniture. I think that it depends on your overall style… If you have some natural wood furniture then you should definitely go for that on your headboard as well, but if most of your furniture is painted then I think that would be the way to go!
      Thank you so much for stopping by and I’m so glad you like this project. It was on my to-do list for years LOL.

  4. Your headboard is lovely, I also had the same issue, I went years without a headboard and I hated the bare look and one day hubby and me just went went for it, we drew up our plans spent less than $50 on materials and got to building! Best build ever, we’ve had our headboard for a few years now and even built a platform bed for it a few years after, it’s still our favorite furniture piece in the house. I love it! Enjoy finally having a headboard, it really makes the room!

    1. Thank you so much Carmen, It does make the room and I can’t tell you how much I love it!!!! Thank you for sharing your story and telling me I wasn’t the only one loving the idea of a headboard!!!
      Loved having you visiting!!!

  5. This is absolutely beautiful and I love how it came out! And to think, if you purchased a headboard like that, it would have cost you a small fortune!

    1. Oh yeah… At least here, it would have cost me about 4 times more! And besides when you buy, you buy what you can find not what you want… And that’s what I love the most about mine. That exactly how I wanted it!
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. It turned out beautifully! I have 2 beds with no headboards and I always want to make one for them. I just never get around to it. I need to do something simple like this!

  7. That turned out to be a fantastic project! We don’t have a headboard either and it looks like college students sleep in our bed (except I make our every morning, ha!) PS I love your manicure! It’s perfect for the season :)