DIY Farmhouse style Window Frames Tutorial

Farmhouse style window frames are a great way to decorate our home, fun to style and so easy to make it. learn how to make yours right here!

I’ve been wanting to make this window frames tutorial for a long, long time. I’ve always loved how easy it is to switch decorations using window frames and I had that huge wall behind the sofa screaming for something there. 

DIY Farmhouse style Window Frames Tutorial

DIY Farmhouse style Window Frames

So before you say or think anything, I know the frame doesn’t stand out very much, almost white on white but the actual intention was very different and I intend to fix it soon.

When I started creating the window frame I had decided to paint the wall behind the sofa in grey. So I worked confidently that the farmhouse style window frame would look amazing, well, still does, I love it, but more amazing. 

The thing is that the grey end up being a lot lighter than I anticipated and the frame was already done. So I embraced it for now. My plan now is eventually sand it more until reveals more of the base color so it will stand out more from the wall.

But for the purposes of this tutorial, I will stick with it as is. Creating from scratch a simple window frame like this is so freakin’ easy. It takes some time but it’s super easy.

I’m not a carpenter, I don’t have all the tools, as you might notice on the photos, I work in my living room so if I can make it anyone can. I don’t think this is THE way to build it, it probably has tons of ways but this is what I could manage with what I had which is great. I didn’t spend much either so yayyy!

Here we go!

Farmhouse style Window Frames Supplies:

Window Frames Wood boards supplies

Pinewood boards:

Large Window Frame.

  • 2X – 18mm x 34mm x 800mm
  • 2X – 18mm x 34mm x 632mm
  • 1X – 18mm x 18mm x632mm
  • 4X – 18mm x 18mm x 357mm

Small Window Frames.

  • 4X – 18mm x 34mm x 600mm
  • 4X – 18mm x 34mm x 332mm
  • 2X – 18mm x 18mm x332mm
  • 4X – 18mm x 18mm x 257mm
  • Flat straight braces.
  • Wood glue
  • Flat corner braces (optional)
  • Screws (size depends on the boards you use)
  • Wood Stain (I used diluted latex paint 50-50)
  • White latex paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Cotton cloth
  • Brushes
  • Plastic or paper plates
  • Plastic sheet for protection
  • Measuring tape 


  • Drill
  • Ruler 
  • Kreg-Jig pocket holes tool

How to Make Farmhouse style Window Frames

I made this video tutorial for you of my process. But if you are more of a step-by-step written detailed tutorial, just scroll down a little bit and keep reading.

Firstly prepare your working space and sand slightly your wood boards to remove any imperfections and possible splinters.

Present pieces to make sure all the pieces fit as planned.

Draw your marks for pocket holes as holes and center marks as simple lines as follow:

Window Frames guide

All lines should meet when you present the pieces. This will ensure that when you drill the screws everything will fit.

Using your keg-jug or your favorite pocket hole tool, make the pocket holes that you marked. Make sure you drill in the same direction as your arrow guides.