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⁘ 25 January ⁘
Individual Frozen Oreo Strawberry Pies

Oreo Strawberry Pie, cute little no-bake pies made with the most delicious creamy filling, crunchy Oreo crust and fresh strawberries that will have your entire family hooked and craving for more! These individual frozen Oreo strawberry pies are absolutely the most delicious dessert you might ever try. Making these...
⁘ 24 September ⁘
Mini Oreo Cheesecake

I’m really a fan of cheesecakes, you can tell by my Snickes Bars chunks cheesecake and my White Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake I made a while ago. Any variation or addition to a cheesecake is a GO GO for me LOL and this Mini Oreo Cheesecake turned out so yummy...
⁘ 27 March ⁘
25 Mouthwatering Oreo Recipes {The Weekly Round Up}

Hello everyone!… I have a question: Who doesn’t like Oreos??? I would dare to bet that the answer is EVERYONE! LOL {at least almost everyone}.  This time I made a collection of some delicious and mouthwatering Oreo recipes to inspire you as much as I am. 25 Mouthwatering Oreo...